Title: The Harsh Reality
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: December 30th, 2015
Location: Cleveland
Show: Wrestleshow 51

The scene starts with Sabrina Baker reading the website on her laptop while she was in the living room of her hotel she was staying

Baker: You’ve got to be kidding me……

She said that while looking over the card that was on the website. Really? Just freaking really?

Baker: Instead of facing off against the ones that are talented, I’m going against two of the most idiotic tools that are walking around this place…….

She keeps her focus on the website and looks at their profiles.

Baker: ….That think the tag team championships are going to be coming back because they want them.

Sabrina rolls her eyes at the stuff.

Baker: And on top of that, who in the right mind would put me in a tag team match? After all, everyone thinks I’m crazy all because I freaked out in the past for speaking my mind!

She doesn’t want to go off topic. The key to this match is to focus on what could go down in the match.

Baker: I’m glad that I’ll be teaming up with someone like Dan Benson.

She closes her laptop and stands back up.

Baker: And unlike our opponents, at least he could take this match seriously along with me, and unlike our stupid ass opponents, we want to go far and not be labeled as…..

She puts her hands on her hips.

Baker: JOKES!

Sabrina goes to sit down and crosses her legs like a “classy” person. A term the Dibbons brothers need to understand.

Baker, sitting classy in the chair: Luke and Duke, can you explain to me why in the blue hell are the both of you here? Did you two happen to be “stupid” and walk across the states to find the UTA?

She puts her elbow on the arm of the chair.

Baker: Or did you happen to think this would be a place to collect your welfare checks at considering that the both of you look like you came off the streets!

Sabrina laughs at the cold comment she just said. They look exactly like that! Bums coming off the street.

Baker: And it makes me sick to my stomach that you guys became champion over myself and many others that have been here before the BOTH of you!

Sabrina stands up, tosses something to the side in anger as her face goes red from the fact that she is about to blow up any second.

Baker: The BOTH of you don’t even belong in the UTA, PERIOD! You guys come in here and want everyone to laugh with you over the stupid nonsense that the both of you like to pull!

She stands up and grabs something that is on the table and pulls it out to face it towards the camera.

Baker: You see this? This happens to be a COLLEGE DEGREE! Something that I went to school for and earned my way unlike the both of you since you’re both STUPID!

She puts it back down and looks at the cameras again.

Baker: Your vocabulary every time you speak, makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Every time you make a move in that ring, I close my eyes and shake my head, knowing that the both of you want the attention as everyone wants to laugh with you!

Sabrina moves to the left chair and sits back down.

Baker: It’s not funny, Luke and Duke. It NEVER will be FUNNY and it never has been funny. Everything about you two are TOTAL JOKES!

Sabrina puts another arm on the table.

Baker: Oh, and another thing I should add to this whole thing. Very smart for calling me “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”. Very original and very “creative” at the same time.

She does a sarcastic wink, but goes back to that sinister look that she’s had for the past couple of minutes.

Baker: Do you ASSUME that everyone with the name of “Sabrina” has to be on a Television show, wear the color black and have a pointy hat on their heads HAVE to be witches?

She shakes her head again.

Baker: They could be ANY types of people, morons!

You can tell she’s getting more anger by the moment as she speaks about them! She wants to kill the both of them and send them back to people.

Baker: But if you want me to be a witch, I have no problem being one. Wait, actually scratch that out, I could be a pretty mean BITCH when I want to be and this match will show how MUCH of a bitch I can be!

She lets out another smirk again on her face as she looks at this.

Baker: The both of you don’t scare me! If I wanted to be scared of someone, I would probably be afraid of my sister in law, Amy and the way she’s acting as of late, but with you two, it’s going to be easy facing off against you in the ring.

She stands up again and this time pulls out something again.

Baker: And when I mean “easy”, I mean a good old fashion beat down using this object that I’m about to show you.

The cameras roll to the chain that Sabrina has in her hands.

Baker, while holding the object: You see this? This happens to be a CHAIN I plan on using to choke you guys out! This is going to be the same chain that ENDS your career in the ring and most importantly, this will be the SAME chain that will be broken in half and placed in your coffins that will be buried in an unknown place where families don’t claim the bodies of ones they don’t care about anymore!

She tosses the chain on the side.

Baker: You two want to play jokes? Go right ahead! We will see who will be the one laughing at the end of Wrestleshow!

Sabrina takes one more look at the camera before shutting it down.

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