Title: Discussing the Measuring Stick of Wrestle UTA
Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 12/30/15
Location: Houston, Texas
Show: Wrestleshow 51

“And here we….go”

The words of Heath Ledger’s Joker is heard as the beginning guitar riffs of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica begins to fill the airwaves. After listening to arguably Metallica’s most iconic  song to lead us into the “Greatest show in the history of the known universe” The Blitz on ESPN 97.5. We go inside the Gow Media Studios that host the Houston sports radio station, ESPN 97.5. We see the hosts, Fred Faour and A.J. Hoffman chitchatting back and forth with one another while it they are on commercial break. The chubby one with the bad comb over to conceal his balding head is Fred Faour and he looking over some papers and shuffling them in an order to his liking. His partner in crime, A.J. Hoffman, is the one in with the backwards baseball cap and the University of Texas Longhorns horns t-shirt.

After the Fan Duel commercial begins to conclude, Fred sees his executive producer, a bald, little Asian man, Jong Lee give him the signal that they are about to go back on the air in three…..two…..

“And we are back ladies and gentlemen to The Blitz. You can follow us and send comments on the Facebook page or on our Twitter accounts. The Blitz @Degenerates975, AJ Hoffman, the role model, @AJisTheReal, Jong Lee, excutive producer extraordinaire, @JongSmash, and me, The Falcon, @FredFaour. That’s Fred F-A-O-U-R.”

As Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman return to their show, Stevens makes his way into the studio with the UTA Wildfire championship in tow. The Texan is wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie with a large white, “UH” emblem on the front. Stevens takes a seat and places his headphones over his ears and adjusts his microphone and waits to be introduced by the hosts. AJ talks about the shellacking LSU did to Texas Tech courtesy of Leonard Fournette and how he will be the top Heisman candidate the following. As AJ continues to talk about the Texas Bowl game last night, Fred motions for Stevens to get ready.

“Now we’ve been saying since Monday that we had a big surprise for our listeners and that surprise is with us today. One of our favorite guests to have on our show is now joining us now live in the studio brought to you by Bud Light is none other than the current reigning HOW World and Wrestle UTA Wildfire champion himself, Scott Stevens.” he informs the listeners.

“Good to be back. How you guys doing today this afternoon?”

Stevens asks as he looks around the table.

“Looking forward to getting home so me and my boy can pop our ten tons of fireworks.”

AJ informs the listeners as Stevens nods his head.

“Just makes sure you don’t pull a Jason Pierre-Paul now AJ.”

Stevens says with a chuckle.

“Too soon man. Too soon.”

Fred says quickly.

“Never too soon Fred. It’s a valuable safety lessons that you don’t hold fireworks in your hand.”

“I’ll agree to that.”

AJ says in agreement as Stevens takes a sip of water.

“I see you’re wearing a University of Houston hoodie and the Cougars play the Florida State Seminoles tomorrow in the Peach Bowl which emanates from Atlanta live on ESPN at eleven in the morning. What do you think of our Coogs chances against the Seminoles?”

Fred asks and Stevens leans back in his chair and thinks for a moment before responding.

“To be honest, I think we are going to win.”

Stevens says which causes AJ to raise and eyebrow.

“You do know Florida State is favored right?”


“Just checking.”

“Look, I know Florida State is favored to win by seven, and it was more than that before Everett Golson announced he wasn’t making the trip due to a family matter, but I think people are overlooking them just like they did when they faced Penn State, and they blew Penn State out of the water in the Ticket City Bowl. I’m not saying U of H is going to blow out Florida State, but I think it’s going to be close and we will pull out the victory. Look what Tom Herman has done in his first year as the head coach after three horrible years under Tony Levine. Herman brings credibility to this football program and after tomorrow a lot of eyes in the so-called Power Five Conferences will take notice of the AAC champions, maybe it will finally get them into the Big Twelve.”

Stevens informs the hosts and the listeners.

“The Big Twelve not having a conference championship and the way they schedule their games has almost cost themselves a spot in the college playoff again, but lucked out with Oklahoma getting in.”

Fred states and AJ chimes in.

“It’s their own doing with their constant refusal to put twelve teams into the conference. You want to have “one true champion” than have a conference championship just like everyone else. You lose creditability when your sitting at home while the rest of the big conference battle it out to have a champion of their conference.”

“My thoughts exactly. I find it hilarious that they made a conference wide mandate that all of their teams going forward had to face someone from the other Power Five Conferences, Notre Dame, or one of the conference champions that was ranked in the Top Twenty-Five. Guess Baylor and TCU are going to have to nut up and face real challenges instead of padding their win column by beating little sisters of the poor like Jacksonville State.”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“And I’m just afraid that the teams in the Big Twelve won’t be ready for the bigger and stronger defenses the other conferences possess.”

Fred replies and Stevens nods.

“Well this isn’t Madden Fred. Baylor can throw for five hundred yards a game and put up fifty points, but when they get punched in the mouth by the Alabamas of the college world and they get decimated than they shouldn’t be in the College Playoff.”

AJ chimes in.

“I agree AJ. If the Big Twelve wants to get back to where it was it needs a conference championship, so I say add U of H and Memphis and that problem is solved. Secondly, you need to have better defenses if you want to compete with the top tier schools, take Ohio State and Oregon last year.”

Stevens replies before taking another sip from his Figi water bottle.

“Speaking of championships, I see you’ve brought one with you into the studio with you today.”

Fred says as he points to the Wildfire championship.

“Thought you would like to see my first championship I won in Wrestle UTA.”

Stevens says as he hands the championship to Fred to look at.

“It’s a beaut, and heavy…..”

Fred says as he passes it to AJ.

“Jong, make sure the web cam gets a good shot of this championship.”

AJ says to his producer who is controlling the live internet feed as well before handing the championship back to Stevens.

“Thanks fellas. 2015 has been a big year for me to be honest. I became HOW world champion for the first time after being with them for four years, but I trumped that by ending the year strong by defeating long time rival, Mike Best to claim my second world title, but also defeating Colton Thorpe for the very championship that I have with me.”

Stevens says proudly as he pats his championship.

“Thorpe was arguably one of, if not, the most dominate champion of the year, am I correct?”

Fred asks curiously.

“I’d say so. The man was a fighting champion, and he defeated everyone that challenged him until he faced me at Seasons Beatings.”

“Impressive as that is, I’m sure a lot of people on the UTA roster is thinking you may have got lucky.”

AJ says as Stevens flicks his tongue over his teeth.

“There are people in the locker room who feel that way. Some, in particular, who have had multiple opportunities at this championship have taken to social media and podcasts to beg me for a title opportunity when they aren’t worthy of it. I earned my shot at this title, and I did what they couldn’t and that was beat Colton Thorpe. Now if you want to call what I accomplished a fluke when I did something they couldn’t that’s fine because it just stings them to know I’m better than them.”

Stevens tells Fred and AJ, and informs the UTA wrestlers begging for an opportunity at the Wildfire championship.

“However, I can put all doubt to rest this upcoming Monday when I face Sean Jackson.”


AJ asks confused.


“Didn’t he lose to a midget who dresses as a frog a few weeks back?”

AJ asks which causes Fred to laugh a little.

“And didn’t he also lose to a woman as well?”

“Yes he did. What’s your point?”

Stevens asks sternly.

“Well, if I’m facing a guy who lost to a frog and a chick I wouldn’t be too worried about your chances.”

AJ says as Fred nods in agreement.

“I’d be more worried if he defeated the midget and took his frog powers like Mario did in the Mushroom Kingdom back in the day.”

Fred quips which causes AJ to laugh hysterically.

“Look, I understand it’s hard to take Jackson seriously with his recent string of losses, but the man is a wounded animal right now and you know what they say about wounded animals don’t you?”

Stevens asks as he looks at the two hosts.

“They are dangerous.”

Fred replies and Stevens snaps his fingers and points at him.

“Exactly! People tend to forget the year Sean Jackson has had. He won his second UTA world championship by outlasting thirty-down other individuals in a hellacious over the top rope battle royal at All or Nothing. After he lost the championship to La Flama Blanca by the skin of his teeth at Black Horizon, he bounced back by winning the Ace in the Hole briefcase at Ring King which guarantees him a shot at the world title anytime, anywhere. Even though he has had his setbacks in recent weeks you can never count him out. People counted him out at All or Nothing and he won the world title. He wasn’t the favorite in the Ace in the Hole match, but he walked out victorious anyways because that’s what he does.

Sean Jackson has been successful because he isn’t the biggest man in the ring or the strongest, no. He’s been successful throughout his wrestling career because he is one of the most manipulative and conniving people there is. He uses his smarts to dissect you like a surgeon inside the ring, and feeds your ego or breathes in doubt as you prepare for him, and that is why this is my biggest test to date in Wrestle UTA.”

Stevens statement draws a raised eyebrow from AJ.

“What about your matches with CBR or Colton Thorpe.”

“They were both great tests for me AJ, but they don’t compare to Sean Jackson. Sean Jackson is the one constant in UTA that will never change. It doesn’t matter where on the card he is competing one week because every champion fears his name when they learn they will be facing him. You don’t think Eric Dane is constantly looking over his shoulder with the threat of Jackson cashing in on him each week? Sean Jackson will patiently wait for a golden opportunity when Eric Dane is wounded and then he will strike and pick the bones clean like the jackal he is as he successfully wins a record third championship in UTA. Sean Jackson is the constant Main Eventer. Sean Jackson is the constant challenger to the world title. He’s the measuring stick of Wrestle UTA.”

Stevens boasts affectionately of his fellow Texan and opponent.

“He’s looking to use me as a stepping stone to steer himself back to his usual winning ways, and I’m looking this as not only as an opportunity to prove my victory over Colton Thorpe wasn’t a fluke, but also prove that I should be in the conversation and consideration when it comes to the world title because outside of Will Haynes, and Perfection, the number one contender is Sean Jackson.”

Stevens informs the hosts.

“One thing at a time now Scott. Don’t want to get to carried away now.”

Fred reminds Stevens.

“Oh I’m not Fred, but if you think I plan on being contempt with just being Wildfire champion you’re gravely mistaken. I came to Wrestle UTA to compete against the best in the wrestling industry, and I’ve proven I belong by becoming the Wildfire champion, and I will continue to proudly defend my championship as long as it’s around my waist until the time comes where I take that next step to where the elite are and hopefully become the thing only a handful of competitors have been able to do in UTA. A victory over Sean Jackson opens a lot of doors, but also a loss opens a lot of doors as well. This match with Jackson will show if I’m capable of competing with the elite of UTA. If I win it shows I’m close to taking that next step, but if I lose it shows I’m not ready and I have a lot of things to work on. Either way this match is the biggest match of my UTA career because if there is one person who you want to emulate based on their success record it’s Sean Jackson. I’m the Wildfire champion, but I want to be more than just a stat in the record book, I want to be a prominent and dominant force like Jackson is, and the only way to become it is by beating him.”

Stevens says sternly.

“Sounds like we are going to see the proverbial irresistible force meeting the immovable object this upcoming Monday.”

Fred says as Stevens nods.

“Yes we are. Monday night at Wrestleshow 51 in Cleveland, Ohio will be a huge night for both of us. It’s not just for Texas bragging rights, but it’s also to see who takes that next step in the new year.”

Stevens boasts firmly.

“Well I like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and chat since I know 2016 is going to be a huge year for you.”

“Anytime, and I hope so.”

Stevens says as he begins to take off his headphones.

“Make sure you tune in this Monday night as Scott Stevens clashes with Sean Jackson on Wrestleshow 51.”

Fred hypes up Wrestleshow before going to commercial.

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