Title: Ya crazy varments
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 12-31-15
Location: Some New Years Party
Show: Wrestleshow 51

(We open up at what appears to be a giant celebration. Considering the time of year, we would have to assume it is a New Year’s party somewhere. There is a giant mirror ball hanging high from the ceiling. The music is the style that would be associated with a rave. Standing in the middle of it all with a beautiful brunette on each arm, and a cocktail glass in one hand is Dan Benson. He is wearing grey slacks, white button up collar shirt, and a matching well fitted over coat. He couldn't be partying any harder even if he just won the UTA world championship. He spots the camera and with a slick smile approaches the camera crew.)


Dan: Welcome to MY party. Look around after a small withdrawal from my savings account this is what I can afford. And this as you can see is nothing but the best for my friends and myself.


(The camera pans around at Dan’s party. Then focus’s back on him.)


Dan: 2015 is going out with a bang, and 2016 will be a new start. This will be a new start on life, and a new start in the Wrestle UTA. Starting out this year I will be teaming up with Sabrina Baker going against the Dribble Boys.

(Dan shakes his head, and looks into the camera wide eyed.)


Dan: Are you serious? Is this what my lavish career has come to?


(Dan takes a swig from his glass and scrunches up his face.)


Dan: Ok, first of all this drink packs more of a punch than those boys could.


Next I would like to give props to mu opponent Sabrina Baker. The old argument that has gone on and off in this sport for years is this is a man’s sport. I tend to disagree. I look forward teaming up with her, and to you red-necks who are laughing at me, I laugh at you. After all, what good is the Green Arrow without the Black Canary?



Now you Duke.


(Dan looks down and shakes his head.)


So this is what hardcore wrestling has come to? I have seen some of the toughest meanest wrestlers who were truly hardcore. Maybe after you have survived a Japanese pit fight, or perhaps a circle of death I may have some respect for you. Or perhaps defending your championship against the already brass knuckles champion fighting to retain your championship as well as saving your own life in a cage coated with napalm with flames so hot the steel started to sag you can tell me what hardcore is.


First of all Dibbins, you need to spit the damn cock out of your mouth so I can understand what the hell you are talking about. That is one thing you can do to help you present yourself as a proud champion. And your brother… Well, I heard he is a bit jealous of you.


(Dan grins devilishly as he plants the seed of doubt.)


Dan: You think you can trust him? Luke is a former Hardcore champion? And he does have that beer gut that could get in your way. Doesn’t it worry you that he is the weaker jealous link between you two?


I look forward to our new match in the new year. It should ‘Shock The World!’ Happy New Year!


(Scene fades out as the countdown begins)

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