Title: True repentance?
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 12/31
Location: Old Stone Church Cleveland Ohio
Show: Wrestleshow 51

It's another cold winter's day in the middle of Public Square in Cleveland Ohio. The brisk wind off the lake is friendly to neither the hustling patrons going about their days or the beast on the ground or predictors in the sky. To some people, it's cold enough to make you lose a grip on your sanity, for others, like a local we see jogging by in shorts and a long sleeve shirt, this is the trade that you make when you call the "City by the Lake" Home. Outside the famous Cleveland institution we find Ron Hall. He's dressed in attire more befitting a local. A black heavyweight jacket that reads "UTA Wrestling" with black and grey workout pants try to hide his body from the cold. An Orange and Brown hat symbolic of the city's football team hides his hair and his head. His face is slowly turning a bright red, not from anger or shock, instead from the elements but he takes it all in stride. Ron looks at the church behind him, a smile of doubt crosses his face and he begins. "CBR... CBR. This Sunday here in Cleveland we meet again. The last time we met in the first round of the Ring King tournament, things were a but different for both of us weren't they? I was looking for a fight, you considered me beneath you. I was some washed up relic of another time and because you had your buddies in Dynasty to save you you weren't all that concerned with me were you?" A quick glance at his watch and he continues. His concentration seemingly protecting him from the cold. His voice letting on in his amusement. "Now, how things have changed. Dynasty left you in its wake and you're on your own. How time and circumstances have humbled you, or at least that's what you want everyone to think. That's what you want everyone to believe. You try to talk how you're not proud of your actions in victory then." Ron pulls his hands out of his pockets. The steam rises and disappears into the air like the smoke from the steel mills. He blows on them and rubs them together before placing them back inside the pockets. He looks around for a moment, this all has some kind of special meaning to him as he continues on. "CBR, you don't have to worry about me being at my best on Monday night. I have my reasons other than my self respect, my professional pride and my commitment to this sport for showing up Monday night and yes helping you tear the house down." He looks almost as if debating something in his mind before he continues. "The question here for you is what are your reasons? Guilt over prior actions? A hope of redemption of some sort? Maybe, just maybe like others who enter this building, you're just going to put on an act with hopes that no one sees the real you? That no one figures out your real motivation? Whatever it is, come ready to prove it on Monday night. The world will be watching." Ron slowly looks around and sees the hustling crowd from mid day business swarming around. You can tell he has something else on his mind. Something else he can't seem to let go of. He waits for a moment as the crowd subsides and looks into the camera again and gives voice to the thoughts in his head. "We have some common ground though CBR. You have Mikey amd Kendrix both looking for you, I have our new Wildfire Champion Scott Stevens looking for me." He stops and you can see him replaying the beating he took two weeks ago in Chicago in his mind. "Scott, I got to admit, you're a step up in class from the goons and thugs I've been dealing with for the last few months. I'm not sure what your motives, or reasons are... don't care either but if you do feel like being brave Monday night here in Cleveland, I'll be happy to oblige you. This time, just have enough to face me yourself, man to man. I'll be waiting."

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