Title: Whatever happened to your heroes?
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 1st January 2016
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Show: Wrestleshow 51

The scene fades in as we see a pigeon dabbing his beak onto the frosty grass beside a marble headstone situated to the right of our screen. The camera is situated a few yards to the side of the headstone, unable to pick out who it belongs to. Tilted up slightly, the lens picks out further rows of headstones in the background before the pigeon suddenly flies out of shot as two timberland boots step into view. A bouquet of flowers is laid neatly in front of the headstone. Only the chirping of birds breaks the deafening silence, however, the silence is broken upon hearing this person exaggeratingly clear his throat before uttering a familiar greeting;

Alllrriiigghhhttt maaattteee?!

Tapping the top of the headstone Kendrix sits down cross legged facing the camera, wearing black jeans and a long green Parker jacket zipped up to his neck. Removing his shades he carefully places them down by the headstone beside him. He  acknowledges the lens, looking down upon it’s tilted position, in what seems to be jovial spirits;

Kendrix: Beautiful Sunny winter's morning innit?! What better morning could you wish for to begin 2016, to take a moment to visit a lost loved one to catch up, reminisce on old times and...reflect.

Opening his arms out wide he clasps his hands, covered in leather gloves, together;

Kendrix: Now, seeing as this is the very first morning of 2016, the majority of the low lifes that occupy this stupid country are nursing hangovers and feeling like death, swearing to all and sundry...that they’ll never drink again.

He rolls his eyes and chuckles dismissively;

Kendrix: These “people”...

Using his first two fingers on each hand to sarcastically indicate quotation marks, he continues;

Kendrix: Would think JFK was “crazy”, spending the first morning of the year LITERALLY... amongst death! Either that or they’d think JFK is trying to manipulate favour amongst the UTAverse by telling a sob story about a long lost loved one…

Arching his back straight, holding his hand to his heart, his eyes widen at the shock of such an accusation;

Kendrix: C’mon, you know JFK, that’s not his style. In fact, that’s sick! As always, you’re all horrendously wrong...sickos!

Shaking his head, in disgust at the apparent accusations, he looks over at the headstone and taps the top of it;

Kendrix: JFK would never sink so low as to use his good friend here, as a pawn in order to win favour, to win the hearts of the UTAverse or to win sympathy from the UTA in order to further his career.

Leaving his hand flat atop the headstone he turns his focus to the lens;

Kendrix: JFK would never stoop so...LOW! Ooop!

Doubling over in hysterics he arches his back up straight, wiping away an apparent tear from his eye;

Kendrix: No pun intended towards his opponent on 4th January, at Wrestleshow 51...obvs! However, JFK is reflect. JFK is here to reflect on a ground-breaking first year in the business. A ground-breaking 2015 which saw JFK begin the year as a rough diamond before deservedly ending it with UTA Gold.

Unzipping his jacket he reveals his ‘Get Over It’ t-shirt but more importantly, he reveals the Prodigy Title wrapped around his waist;

Kendrix: The Prodigy Title. A title that was seen as a joke, put to bed halfway through the year. And soon after returning, has found a man who has already elevated it’s standing in the company.

Looking down at the belt he looks back up at the lens;

Kendrix: Don’t get JFK wrong, El Trebol. He doesn’t think you’re a joke. Far from it. Sure, you look kind of funny in your little green onesie costume and your stupid looking mask...oh and you’re seriously vertically challenged...

JFK lifts his hand just by his shoulder;

Kendrix: But despite the physical differences, despite the fact that behind that mask you’re one ugly, freckled, Ginger, Irish pikey! Despite all that, when it comes down to it Mr and JFK are very much alike.

He takes off the Prodigy Title and drapes it over the headstone. He pauses, closing his eyes for a moment in an apparent mark of respect, before returning his attention back on the lens;

Kendrix: The facts are, like JFK, YOU...have taken the UTA by storm in your first five matches. Sure, nobody cares about what you did on Proving Grounds and After Hours...and quite honestly, despite being a veteran...beating a delusional rock star like Chance Von Crank didn’t exactly raise any eyebrows.

Raising his eyebrows he strokes his beard before pointing down at the lens;

Kendrix: But what did raise eyebrows was your huge win over Sean Jackson. JFK holds his hands up, when you came into the UTA, JFK thought you WERE...a joke, just like this title was;

Pointing over at the belt, his eyes remain focused on the lens;

Kendrix: It was an easy trap to fall into. A trap JFK’s opponents fell into when he first arrived in the UTA and everyone saw him as the brash young English guy with the cocky mouth. Little did they know, this cocky Englishman was to become the future of the UTA, the single hottest property in the business today!

He points his index finger down to the ground before raising his head and slapping his forehead with the palm of his hand;

Kendrix: JFK actually thought you were a child. Let’s face it, who else but children, would wear that cheap looking onesie everywhere they go? Who else but a child would have an imagination so vivid...that he thought he was the owner of After Hours?

Arms out wide and shoulders shrugged Kendrix looks around his immediate vicinity for an answer, before tapping the side of his head with his index finger, smirking at the lens;

Kendrix: Who else but you, Finn.

He slowly and sarcastically claps his hands together;

Kendrix: Bravo, bruv...bravo! JFK has to say, he’s incredibly impressed. You see, you’ve fooled everyone into labeling you as a joke character, a bit of fun.

Holding his thumbs up in front of him with a mockingly huge grin. He removes the Prodigy Title from the headstone and holds it toward the lens;

Kendrix: And here we are. So early in your UTA career, you’ve been afforded the greatest opportunity you’re ever likely to get in your career...with a biased referee installed, hell bent on extracting revenge against JFK for simply having the ring awareness, as he always win this…

Aggressively patting down the belt with the palm of his hand, he drapes it over his shoulder;

Kendrix: Take a look at it Finn. Take a good long look at the opportunity that’s been handed to you on a silver platter, bruv...all because you used this, to get into the position you find yourself in;

He jabs his index finger onto the side of his head a couple of times;

Kendrix: Because Finn, you’ve said it yourself, you don’t have the look to get you very far in this game. Ability, which you have in abundance, is all well and good but we all know that gets you only so far and unfortunately, nowhere fast in this business. So JFK respects what you did. You went to Mexico to make a name for yourself, the only place in the world where a man like you can hide his fucked up face behind a mask and get noticed.

Lifting the title in front of his face, checking out his well groomed beard before draping it over his shoulder, his eyes narrow intently on the lens;

Kendrix: JFK wondered why the UTA hired a guy who wears a basic, poor, green onesie. A man, who plays video games to escape real life, a man who even his own mother...still looks down upon a child, like Peter Pan...the boy who never grew up.

He rubs his thumb against his fingers by the side of his head;

Kendrix: Money. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re going to earn this company a shit load of dollars in stupid green onesie sales, Finn.

He slowly and sarcastically claps his hands together once more;

Kendrix: That’s right, you’ve done incredibly well to get to this point in such a short space of time. Much like JFK took advantage of Dynasty, using them to jump from show opener to main eventer...discarding of them once they had served their purpose…

He modestly holds his palms up by the side of his head;

Kendrix: You Finn, have interestingly taken advantage of those ever popular Dibbins inbreds, manipulating their tiny brains to provide you with some much needed muscle, some much needed protection. But more impressively than that, you have taken advantage of all the little children who think you and those idiots are great...and you say you are here for them?

Chuckling to himself for a moment he shakes his head as his eyes widen and sticks both thumbs up at the lens;

Kendrix: JFK loves your way of thinking. Like JFK, you understand that you need to take advantage of everything and more importantly, get ahead in this game. But what happens when your muscle somehow realise, they are just your pawns? When Dynasty served their purpose to JFK, he had no reason to keep them around. He had no reason to watch CBR’s back...and got out before the fool realised what was happening!

He waves his hand high in the air excitedly mouthing “Hi CBR” silently and clearly before smirking at the camera as he throws his clenched fist “wanker” gesture towards the lens;

Kendrix: How long will it last Finn. By being the kids’ hero, by showing them that despite them having no hope, no futures, that they too can become a hero just like El Trebol Junior...and just like your Dad!

Kendrix, throwing his trademark cocky smirk across his face turns and opens his arm out to present the headstone;

Kendrix: Here lies Braxton Donovan, Husband...Father...Bellend!!!

Swiveling his body around he grabs the camera and focuses it on the front of the headstone, however, it does not reveal that of Finn Donovan’s deceased Father.

Kendrix: C’mon, now, Finn...JFK wouldn’t be caught dead in Massachusetts! Here lies Taylor Todd. Wife. Mother. Sister. Loved and missed by all who knew her. Always in our Hearts.

Turning the camera around, Kendrix’s face fills the screen;

Kendrix: A Nobody!

Standing up, Kendrix holds the camera out bringing the cemetery area into view;

Kendrix: Take a good look around Finn. This is where heroes end up. Amongst hundreds upon hundreds in confined spaces, each the same, just a number...forgotten. Every single one with nice little comments engraved on their headstones. You never see a bad word said about anyone, even your daddy...but where are the visitors?

The camera scans the deserted area before it’s fixed back down into it’s original position, bringing Kendrix into view sat beside the headstone;

Kendrix: You see Finn, you’re a hero like your daddy, innit?! Just like the man who instead of using common sense and staying away when the Twin Towers fell...decided to help those who were trapped the day after...those who already had no hope.

Rolling his eyes he dismissively shakes his head;

Kendrix: Bad decision. Or maybe it was a good decision? Maybe Fireman Daddy just had enough of helping idiots who don’t understand how fire works...or MAYBE...he just had enough of the ugly child he produced?

He silently but clearly mouths “I don’t know, maybe?” with his palms facing out, resting on his crossed legs;

Kendrix: Fact of the matter, Finn, is that being their hero, will be your downfall.

He points out behind him;

Kendrix: Giving the people, the kids...something, cheer on...someone to believe in...DOING IT ALL FOR THEM...will be your downfall...just like it was your Father’s. But, how long will it last...until the kids figure you out?

He grabs his Prodigy Title laid out on the ground and holds it in his hands;

Kendrix: That’s where you and JFK differ. Because you see, JFK doesn’t do anything for them. JFK doesn’t care about them, he never has. JFK is where he is and will continue to achieve more and more because he cares about one thing and one thing only...

Holding the Prodigy Title down in front of the lens he looks at it proudly and smugly;

Kendrix: UTA Gold! what JFK cares about. Nothing else matters. JFK doesn’t care about going home to see his own family at Christmas or spending New Year’s Eve getting drunk with his bruvs…

Facing the lens he continues;

Kendrix: JFK is focused on defending his championship Finn. He knows becoming champion is one thing...staying there is quite another. Everything JFK has worked for in 2015 will mean nothing if he remains content with what he has. While men like you are focused on manipulating children and idiots to further their gains. Men like you who want to drag this title back down the gutter by demanding JFK defends it on shows like After Hours?!

He exaggeratingly shakes his head, his mouth open in apparent shock;

Kendrix: Deary me, bruv! You’re even going into this match relying on your stupid faith in “destiny” win, what will be will be attitude? The problem for you is you don’t actually believe you this. How can everyone you aim to inspire believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself? The belt is bigger than you anyway. It won’t even fit you! For the good of the belt, you WON’T...have this, you WON’T...dictate its future.

He points his free thumb at himself;

Kendrix: Cos’ The Future...of the UTA NEVER...lets his guard down. Unfortunately for you Finn, you’re not coming up against a man whose focus is on cashing in a briefcase for the opportune moment to steal the UTA World Title. On January 4th, Wrestleshow 51, in Cleveland come face to face with the Prodigy Champion who is entirely focused on you!

Holding the title high above his head he points at the lens;

Kendrix: The undefeated El Trebol Junior. Impressive, yes...but you haven’t learned anything yet. How do you think JFK took 2015 by storm? By winning every single match?! Bruv, it’s only in DEFEAT... do you you become...the best!

Looking up at the belt lofted above his head he looks back down at the lens;

Kendrix: Mark JFK’s words Finn. After Wrestleshow 51, he vows that you WILL...become better. But you certainly WON’T...have this.

Bringing the belt back down and holding it out in front of the lens he points in the belt’s direction;

Kendrix: And at the end of the night, JFK promises you, all the little kiddies you go out of your way to impress...will be sent home crying...when JFK not only pounces on your weakness, but forces their other hero, your fail-safe...Lisil raise JFK’s hand high in the air in victory.

He silently and clearly mouths “do your job Jackson”

Kendrix: Because Wrestleshow 51 ain’t gonna be about Lisil Jackson, Wrestleshow 51 ain’t gonna be about El Trebol Junior...Wrestleshow 51 WILL...end as every JFK show will end in 2016...

He raises his title back in the air with his outstretched hand;

Kendrix: And stiiiilllllllllllllll UTA Prodigy Champion… JAYY EFF KAYY...Kendrrriiiiiixxxxx!

Putting his shades back on and draping the belt over his shoulder, he signs off;

Kendrix: The future has spoken!

Scene fades out.


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