Title: Just Like Last Year
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: December 31, 2015
Location: Dallas, Texas
Show: Wrestleshow 51

December 31, 2015

Dallas, Texas


"This is why I hate that sports crap in Houston."

Everyone should.

"They are biased, totally against anyone not associated with the city."

Of course they are, its Houston.

"But like always, those are the people Scott Stevens caters to."

A city littered with sports talk shock jocks and wrestling marks, people who believe they have a finger on the pulse of professional wrestling.

When it is obvious they don't.

"Because they have no problem stroking his ego while on the radio."

I can't really blame him for the appearance. After all, nobody thought he could beat Colton Thorpe for the Wildfire Championship.

Thorpe was on fire, a budding superstar with everything going his way. While Scott Stevens was simply looking for respect, trying to find his way on this star-studded roster. So it made sense to have his ego stroked after pulling off one of the greatest upsets in UTA history. Did he deserve it? of course he did. But there was no way I could give it to him, not after that radio show.

"But there is such a thing as overkill, and the way Fred and AJ droned on made me sick. Their words told me they knew nothing about professional wrestling..."


"Because in trying to tear Zhalia and Trebol down, they did nothing but cheapen two tremendous wins by two accomplished stars. Which is exactly the reason you didn't bail when their garbage talk started."

Of course Stevens didn't bail. He decided to stick around because deep down, the new Wildfire Champion believed every vile thing being said.

He hoped it would take me off my game, forcing me to re-live the same garbage from last year.

Yeah, I remember that crap storm from last year. I remember feeling hurt that the wrestling world had written me off, convinced I was nothing more than a third wheel for Dynasty, with nothing more to offer. But I showed them how wrong they were didn't I?

Yeah, I showed them all.

But just like last year, once again there is criticism over a few losses. The whispers quiet at first, have started getting louder, just because of a woman and a man shorter than me.

You want me to doubt myself, I get that. If I am questioning myself, second guessing my every movement, then a mistake can happen and you get to reap the benefits. However, it isn't going to be that easy because just like last year, a major event is coming up next month. A major event that I know how to win, because I've done it before.

"Well Scott, make sure to tell your ESPN buddies that I appreciate the wake-up call."

Yeah the two pencil necked geeks pissed me off. They crapped on what I did for a living and that is unacceptable. But I will deal with them soon enough.

Now don't get me wrong, I can't stand Ms. Fears or Trebol. But they are accomplished wrestlers and deserve better than being bad-mouthed by two shock jocks who wouldn't last fifteen seconds in the ring.

But that is how they do things in Houston, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

"Because obviously winning All or Nothing wasn't good enough in their eyes."

Because I hadn't wrestled Mr. Thorpe.

"Neither was winning the Ace in the hole briefcase..."

Because the former Wildfire Champion wasn't in it either.

"So to step up my game, I need something better than winning All or Nothing for a second time..."

I crack that million dollar smile.

"Or cashing in my winning briefcase..."

Let me see if I can dumb this down enough for the idiots in Houston.

"Because beating Colton Thorpe is more important."

I know that came out sarcastic, but it wasn't intended that way. Colton Thorpe was a tremendous talent, which was the reason Dane brought him into the Pantheon...

And if you stood next to Dane in the ring, it meant you had arrived in this business.

"But how do I do that? considering he is no longer employed in this company."

I bet they could figure it out, if they really tried. But just in case...

"I know, I will just have to do the next best thing..."

This is going to be good, it is going to be oh so good. An entire year of pinned up frustration, pin-pointed to one specific date, in one specific location, to one specific target.

"And what is that you ask?"

The two ESPN idiots might not get what I'm about to say, but I can promise that Stevens will understand it word for word.

"Exactly, I take out the last man who beat Colton Thorpe."

I am really enjoy this, allowing the pause to linger while letting the words fester in the air around me. Scott simply doesn't understand the trouble that Fred and AJ has gotten him into.

"Because of your elitist friends, I now have to defend the honor of this sport. I have to prove that Zhalia and Trebol belong here by turning Fred and AJ's argument against them."

I bet Scott is regretting that interview now.

If not now, he will on January 4th.

"I have to prove them wrong by defeating you in Cleveland. I have to make them eat their words, to force them to change their way of thinking."

Psychology, you have to love it.

"And I can do that, by being the man who not only lost to a woman and a midget, but by defeating the man who beat Colton Thorpe."

I told you I was going to love this.

Now granted, Scott Stevens went into that interview with a plan. He wanted to be the good guy, the man who understood what I was going through. But to make that plan work, he needed Fred and AJ to tear me down...

To tear down my enemies.

To challenge my resolve.

"That's right Scott, you should have thought this plan out a bit further before going into execution mode. Instead of causing self-doubt, you made my resolve that much stronger and now, now I'm ready to prove the critics wrong again..."

Damn right I'm smiling...

"Just like last year."

Because I'm about to climb into his head.

"When I silenced everyone by walking through thirty-nine other stars to become the UTA Champion. Instead of sulking over the losses to Doozer and Will Haynes, I read the dirt sheets and listened to the internet shows, drawing all the motivation I would ever need to shock the world..."

Turning his world upside down.

Once again I pause, preparing the words to once again connect the events from last year to now.

"And none that compared to the crap spewed during your interview. Now granted, you did put on a great front during the show, I will give you that. But if you believe for one second that I bought any of that crap, then you are sadly mistaken."

Like he tried to do with mine.

"Because I can't let you win..."

Just like I told Rhys Townsend.

"I won't let you win..."

Like I told John Sektor.

"And you can blame it all on those idiots who doubted me. Just like last year."



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