Title: Resolutions: To Keep or Lack There Of
Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 12/31/15
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Show: Wrestleshow 51











HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The New Year’s ball finishes it’s descent and what seems to be a thousand explosions going off that would make you think it’s a war as fireworks feel the night sky, and a haze of confetti showers downward towards the thousands packed like sardines on the streets of New York as Time Square is party central for ringing in the new year as P. Diddy and the fam start the party off because who else gonna do it better? As the image slowly backs up we see that it’s a live feed from New York broadcasting on a sixty inch television screen mounted above a roaring fire, and sitting on the mantle is the prestigious UTA Wildfire Championship. The celebration continues on the television but is broken by a familiar southern accent.

“In exactly one hour my time we will be celebrating the new year.”

Stevens says aloud as he comes into view with a beer in hand wearing neon green sunglasses that has blinking lights, and a black top hat with “Happy New Years” written in cursive across the side.

“The New Year is a time where the slate is wiped clean, and people make promises that they try to fulfill, but nine times out of ten they fail at them because it was either to hard, to unrealistic, or they just didn’t have time to complete it.”

Stevens says as he slowly takes his glasses off and folds them up and let’s them hang from his black Nike t-shirt.

“And what are some of the endless resolutions people make?”

Stevens asks as he brings his hand up and starts counting as they come to mind.

“Find a better job, but if they have a job it’s to get that raise they’ve been working towards. Be happy. Be successful, and everyone’s favorite…….lose weight.”

Stevens says before dropping down and doing a quick ten pushups.

“I just did more pushups than most people will do tomorrow because they are still hungover or it’s too early to get out of bed, and that is why New Year’s resolutions are pointless.”

Stevens says as he gets back up to his feet.

“You see, I don’t make ridiculous goals to motivate me because I’m fat and lazy, and quit a month after I lose two pounds and pat myself on the back and tell myself it was a job well done. I make decrees, and every since I stepped foot into Wrestle UTA, I’ve slowly started to fulfill them.”

Stevens says with a smile as he looks over at the Wildfire championship proudly displayed on the wooden mantle above the fireplace.

“When I came to UTA in 2015 it was for the Ring King tournament, and I said I would make an impact when I appeared at Black Horizon and no one believed me. Do I have your attention now?”

Stevens asks in a serious tone.

“Because I’m not going anywhere. Sorry to all the people that thought I was going to go the way of the others that came in and were here to have a sip of coffee, and disappeared because they couldn’t handle some of the best competition in the world. While the others are scared easily, I’m not. I came to UTA prove that I am one of the best in this industry, and this championship I have on my mantle proves it.”

Stevens says as he lifts the Wildfire championship and slings it over his shoulder.

“2015 may have started out slow for me, but it’s not how you start out but how you finish and I finished strong.”

Stevens says as he pats his title.

“I defeated one of the most dominate champions of 2015 when others, namely Cayle Murray, couldn’t get the job done, but I did and now it’s like everyone has taken finally taken notice of what I’ve been saying since day one.”

Stevens says as he folds up his championship and places it back onto his mantle.

“2016 will be no different.”

Stevens says as he turns away from the mantle.

“While everyone is hoping 2016 is a clean slate where they can brush themselves off from the shitty year before I’m going to continue where I left off and it starts Monday night against Sean Jackson.”

Stevens says as he makes his way over to his sofa and takes a seat.

“Now, I know everyone is looking at Sean Jackson and wondering what happened. He’s a former two time world champion. He’s a founding member of Dynasty, and the current Ace in the Hole winner, but lately he’s been losing to women and midgets, and he must have lost a step.”

Stevens shakes his head.

“And to those people that think that are stupid. You see, Sean Jackson has never been more dangerous. I’m actually a little bit scared coming into our match this Monday.”

Stevens says honestly.

“I’m not scared of the man, but I’m a little nervous of what he might do to make sure he wins the match. You see, Jackson is a wounded animal right now and he’s desperate for a win, and he will do what ever is necessary to make sure he walks out victorious. That’s why I have to keep my head on a swivel and watch for Marshall Owens, but most importantly that damn briefcase.”

Stevens says sternly.

“That briefcase is why Sean Jackson is the most dangerous man in Wrestle UTA. That briefcase is a status symbol of what happens when you take the man lightly. At Ring King he was on a bit of a losing streak and no one wasn’t expecting him to win the match, and just like a Mike Tyson right hand he knocked out all disbelievers and walked out with a guaranteed shot at the world heavyweight championship, and going into Monday night it’s like deja-vu all over again for him. Jackson, is at his best when his back is against the wall, and thanks for that Zhalia Fears and El Trebol. You’ve awoken a sleeping dragon, and I have to deal with it.”

Stevens says with a disgusted tone in his voice.

“However, there is a silver lining to this dilemma that has presented itself to me.”

Stevens says as he leans forward in the sofa and places his elbow on his knees and slowly places his hands under his chin.

“You are one of, if not, the top wrestlers in UTA, and defeating you that springboards me to the next level quicker than I could of accomplish in my short time here. I turned heads when I won the Wildfire championship it opened a lot of eyes, but when I defeat you that solidifies myself as being a legit threat to the so-called elite of this company, and I continue my ascension to the top.”

Stevens says as he slowly gets up from the couch.

“Jackson, I know you’re pissed and looking to take my fucking head off Monday night, but I’m not one of these guys that’s written you off, and I’m looking forward to you and I tearing the house down. See you Monday night in the Battle of the Texans.”

Stevens says as the image fades.

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