Title: A Good Match?
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: January 6th
Location: Atlantic City
Show: Victory XLIV

The scene starts with Marie Van Claudio walking along the Atlantic City boardwalk by herself. She had a thought that just came across in her head.

“I thought Christmas was over?”

Those were the thoughts that Marie had going on in her head. Coming off a beautiful outing against Jeff Andrews that gained the respect from him towards her, she was in question about her upcoming match this week against Santa Claus.

Van Claudio: You know, I’m not going to lie. I look forward to facing off against Santa this week on Victory, and hope to have a good match against him.

She said that as she walked along the boardwalk in Atlantic City. It was cold there unlike last week where it was warm for a Christmas and hopefully Santa didn’t faint out.

Van Claudio: Considering that it was Christmas last week and he did have a match against that inhumane person in Mikey Unlikely, I think he would be happy facing off against me.

Would he? Santa hasn’t been on his “game” in a long time.

Van Claudio: And I don’t mean that in a matter where Mrs. Claus could be pissed off at him, I meant to say that in a match perspective.

She lets out a small smile across her face as she keeps on walking on the boardwalk. A small chill has blown across her face, making her cheeks a little bit rosy.

Van Claudio, smiling: When you came back to the UTA, everybody really didn’t give that much of a chance to show that you’re not just about handing out the gifts for everyone….

She shakes her

Van Claudio: But you were just like us. That’s what I thought about when I first saw you come back after a long hiatus.

Her smile goes into a frown as she goes to sit on the bench

Van Claudio: I guess I was wrong.

She moves her scarf out of her face.

Van Claudio: I guess we won’t probably see the “Santa Claus” that’s known for kicking ass in a wrestling ring, not someone that’s known for handing out gifts and defending himself against the one’s that doubting his abilities!

Marie sits on the cold bench and keeps warm. It was obvious she was freezing.

Van Claudio: You see, every Christmas a child would be disappointed if they didn’t get a gift. They would throw a tantrum, tell their mother they would hate them, and so forth.

OK, well not all kids. Thank god she wasn’t like that.

Van Claudio: That’s what their disappointment would end up like. Sure, I would be disappointed in some Christmas presents that I received, but thanked my mother. I wasn’t disappointed at all this year.

Marie stands up from the cold bench.

Van Claudio: The disappointment I have is in you. That’s what I’m disappointed with.

She bows her head down and takes time to thought.

Van Claudio: All this year, we saw the Santa Claus that was having his peers push him around, we saw the Santa Claus that seemed he didn’t want to be here, and we saw the Santa Claus that was embarrassed all the time.

She puts her head up.

Van Claudio: Where was the Santa Claus that was on the poster choking out Jade Justice? Where was the Santa Claus that was in a rivalry with the “Good Friends”, and where was the Santa Claus that didn’t take shit from anyone?

Everyone wanted to know that. Everyone wanted to see THAT Santa Claus.

Van Claudio, with a smile: That’s what I want to see with our match this week! I want to see THAT Santa Claus.

Marie moves her head to the left to see what’s going on before going back to speak again.

Van Claudio: Deep down, I know I can’t get a match of the year candidate out of you.

She turns her head again to the right side.

Van Claudio: But in my heart, I know that we could have a good match. You’re lucky to be going against someone like me despite everything that has happened in the past, but don’t expect me to go down without a fight.

She smiles again with confidence.

Van Claudio: I told Jeff when we faced off to don’t take me lightly and he didn’t. And now, I’m going to tell you the same thing as well, don’t take me lightly! I’m just like everyone else that goes in this ring…

Well not all of them. There was one particular person that she had to make a shot about.  

Van Claudio: Unless your name begins with A.H. and doesn’t care about being here, but you know what I mean…

Marie goes back walking down the boardwalk and heading back to her hotel room.

Van Claudio: Well Santa Claus, Victory will be coming up around the corner and I hope you’re ready to have a good match with each other.

She keeps on going down before turning back around.

Van Claudio: Happy New Year to you!

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