Title: Bar Breaker
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 1/5/2016
Location: The Hotel Room
Show: Victory XLIV

Where the fuck is it!?

I can’t find that Fedora anywhere! I’m sitting here in this hotel room, going through my things for the fifteenth time, while Mary Jane sits on her ass doing nothing. Is this really the woman I’m going to marry?

Unlikely shoves all the clothes back into the suitcase and tries to slam the flap. He walks back into the living room area of the hotel suite and finds his fiancee lying across the couch, reading a magazine.

Unlikely: You’re not even going to help me!?

She rolls her eyes at him.

Mary Jane: You’ve been looking for over an hour. CLEARLY it’s not here!

He glares at her, she simply waves him off.

Unlikely: Well… It didn’t get up and walk away!

The same fight that every set of significant others will undeniably have at some point. Where did you put the __________.

Mary Jane: You probably lost it in that scuffle with security!

Unlikely looks out the window, shaking his head in frustration.

Unlikely: Can you believe it? Kicking ME out of Wrestleshow!? The nerve of those guys! I am a celebrity dammit!

MJ Sighs and pretends to read her magazine. All the while hoping Mikey doesn’t figure out what really happened.

Unlikely: The Gall! Michael Lorenzo sits in his glass tower playing puppet master with our lives! I call bullshit! Just because Dynasty isn’t around to back me up, suddenly the rules change? No. I don’t think so. We’ve had this place by the balls for the last year, and I’m not letting go now!

Pulling out couch cushions he continues his search.

Mary Jane: Don’t you have more important things to worry about than a silly hat?

Ignoring her, she presses on.

Mary Jane: ...Like Jeff Andrews?

Unlikely stops where he is, slowly cocks his head back at her and smiles. He makes his way to the couch and sits down. He nods his head and thinks to himself.

Unlikely: You know, that's why you are here!

He caresses her cheek a bit.

Unlikely: You are a fine example of what a wrestling manager should be, as well as the ideal spouse.

She smiles, warming up to him.

Unlikely: Here I am, running around, looking for an heirloom of the man who won’t stay the hell out of my business… and you bring me right back to where I need to be.

Mikey scoots closer, bringing her in. He slowly wraps his hands around the magazine. Standing up suddenly, he throws the magazine into the wall full force. He stands up, red and angry, his chest heaving.

Unlikely: What the fuck are you thinking? Who cares about Jeff Andrews? Who cares about this one off? Do you not see the big picture? Are you really as thick as you seem.

Mary Jane’s mouth hangs agape. It takes her a second to catch up with what just happened. A tear rolls from her eye, as starts to get up.

Unlikely: Good, Get the hell out of here! And if you see that fedora, bring it the hell back to…

He’s cut off by the slam of the hotel door as she exits.

Unlikely: Me!

He runs his hands through his hair before once again picking up a magazine and throwing it against the wall in frustration. He sits down in a recliner and puts his hands over his face in frustration.

Of course I’m thinking about Jeff Andrews! Of course I’m thinking of my next match! Of course I’m trying to prepare myself. But I can’t show that to M.J. I can’t show that to everyone.

The people who know me, know I am about one thing… Headlines. Whether I am opening the show against Santa Claus, or Main Eventing against Sean Jackson, or some other burnt out age old veteran, only one thing matters.

It’s not winning either… It’s making your mark.

Unlikely breathes heavily trying to relax himself. He picks up a small remote on the table and presses a button, the stereo in the corner comes on with light hip hop playing through its speakers.

Some of my biggest moments in the UTA, were not my matches.Turning on Haynes, Throwing him off the stage, Forming WTFC. No matter what, I always leave my mark on the UTA. Whether winning or losing.

He slides out of the chair, onto the ground. If there is one surefire way to use anger to your advantage, it's when you work out. He gets into the plank position before beginning his push ups.

Making your mark, it gets the headlines, it gets the people's attention, but you know who’s attention it doesn’t get? Upper management. No, in a place like the UTA, justice is never truly served. They only care about winning. Nevermind who got involved in the match, Nor who cheated. Those “small details” don’t matter!

Unlikely isn’t keeping count of his workout. Apparently choosing to go until his anger subsides or his arms grow tired.

So it is… I have to win. I have to win at all costs. Look at my bruv! He is on top of the world! He retired that super douche Chris Hopper. He made history in his first year in the business, and he is now the Prodigy champion.

All because he won… A lot!

Sweat begins to bead up and run down his ridiculously long forehead. His face twists into exertion and frustration.

Look at Will Haynes, All it took was for him to beat me at International Affair, now he is facing Eric Dane for the World Championship. Nevermind the fact that I never quit. Nevermind the fact that Mary Jane cost me the match.

The World’s Greatest Entertainer stops, he sits up breathing deep. leaning against the chair he stretches his sore arms out.

They only care about winning. So it’s time I change my focus. It’s time I got rid of some extra baggage.

Unlikely looks at Mary Janes things. Finally smirking again. He gets off the floor and goes to the desk. His laptop sits open to the image of about 20 tabs open on his internet browser. Everyone of them was a Youtube link, to a different Jeff Andrews match.

And she actually thought I haven’t been doing any work. She is so naive. I know allllllll about Jeff Andrews. I came across his work while going through the Eric Dane catalog. Those days studying with L.F.B. Before he failed everyone one of us by falling to that crazy ass  “champion”. Before he made us kill Dynasty.

Having to carry so many people at once can really wear a guy down. I would know! JFK and I were the only ones worth a damn in that piece of shit stable.

He scrolls through a few. Hits play on a random match and sits back.

This guy…with his David Hightower looking ass, Is a hell of a wrestler. Multiple time World Champion in a multitude of places. His record speaks for itself. I can talk about the way he looks or comes across all day, but it won’t help me. Jeff is a pro.

Grabbing a bottle of water and taking a drink Mikey find his way back in front of the TV.

I’m not going to intimidate the guy with trash talk, like I do each and everyone of these rejects that come through this locker room. Somehow the guy won't be impressed by my music, my movies, my bank account.

He shakes his head.

Even though, all are very impressive!

Laugh out loud.

So it is… I have to win! Win to impress. Win to move up. Win in order for management to look at me as more than just the bar.

Every newcomer, Every “up and comer”, every “Johnny come lately”, they diddle around with the riff raff for a moment, then when Michael Lorenzo thinks someone may be ready to be tested… They put them in the ring with me. The Mikey Scale.

No more.

He readjusts to get more comfortable, and takes another drink of water.

Jeff Andrews is new to the UTA, but he is no newcomer to the business. He knows how to go against anyone, he will adapt in the ring. I have no doubt Jeff will be prepared. If he has any idea what I can do in that ring he will be anyway.

I can’t count on surprising him, so I have to focus on outlasting him. Let’s face it, The man’s on the the other side of the hill, and I’m just reaching my prime, If I have one advantage it’s conditioning. I have to be ready to take some blows, I have to be ready to be outsmarted.

Unlikely knows it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been outsmarted in the ring.

So I will study. I will learn everything I can about what he does out there. So when I see his big moves  coming I will know when to use what I’ve got left. I’ve got to wear him down, chop him down, and outlast. I have to win…

He breaths heavy.

A win against Santa… that’s not saying much. We’ve both done that. Scoop slam or not.

I have my Hollywood Bruv on my side, but I don’t trust M.J. out there. She has cost me enough. JFK can keep his eyes open for that Jamaican idiot, while I take care of Andrews. Nonetheless I HAVE to win. All or Nothing is right around the corner, and it’s not about the past, it’s about getting hot at the right time…

...and it’s Mikey’s time.


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