Title: Words of Wisdom
Featuring: Abdul bin Hussain
Date: 07/01/16
Location: Atlantic City
Show: Victory XLIV

Atlantic City brought a lot to its visitors but with the United Toughness Alliance’s Victory roster in town for the latest Victory show it would have to stay on its toes. The vibrant night life, the birth of the spray tan, the gambling nature of the city had rightly given it the reputation of being the “Cheap Las Vegas” It’s narrow streets were labyrinthine, like the corridors of a vast library, where every brightly painted home told the story of a family or community.
But this wasn’t the glamourous side of the city.
The building stands in a deserted part of the old stockyards; it is the lone survivor of over a square mile of collapsed buildings and empty, gravel-strewn lots. They walk towards it using the old-cattle tunnel, which lets out across the road. It was a journey, through hundreds of yards of low and noisome concrete, which is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.
This monument to the dominance of predator over prey and man over beast, the slaughterhouse has a certain resonance for those walking this path. Sturdy construction and compartmentalized design makes their eerie place wrong on way to many levels.
Cattle would be slaughtered here without first being stunned. The piteous cries carried across the river back to the city, Atlantic City.
Walking through the deserted slaughterhouse are two people. One is UTA’s greatest World Champions even if only he thought that, Abdul bin Hussain. He is dressed in a black Italian designer suit, sunglasses and has his trademark Arabic headscarf upon his head. Walking next to him is his associate, Rafiq. He is dressed in a similar manner and is carrying a cam-corder he was looking about.
“Why are we here Abdul?” Rafiq asked. “This is such a dastardly, arrogant and city of debauchery. You return to action this week in front of such a hostile crowd of Atlantic City’s inbred masses who will try to throw you off of your game by booing you out of the arena. Maybe you should play it safe when you actually return to a UTA ring.”
“Rafiq,” Abdul laughed. “Since when has Abdul bin Hussain played safe? When have I ever played by the rules? I don’t give a damn what those infidels have said we cannot do. When we was here on our first run in the UTA we could basically do what we wanted without fear of reprisals then when my last run happened we were constantly jumped by miscreants and infidels within the roster for no apparent reasons. Now that we are back do you really think we should go corporate so as to get some kind of protection from the masses?”
“No Abdul,” Rafiq muttered. “I know with you coming here it is time for the climb back to greatness too start. We will cause so much chaos for the UTA that it will either make the infidels leave the promotion or they will convert to the movement.”
“I know right,” Abdul said. “I am not here to make friends Rafiq! I think we should start this off by recording some sort of statement for the people to ingest. I got to show those infidels in UTA how it is really done. You got that cam-corder right?”
“Yeah,” Rafiq started by bringing it up and pointing it at Abdul. “Shove it right down their American throats. Okay let us start.”
“So some people say that I should tell them why I have showed up at the UTA after my last run here,” Abdul started as the camera zoomed in on his face. “I should give you a little history lesson but you should just go onto the UTA website and see some of the greatest matches that the UTA has ever seen. They are what could be classed as perfect matches from my point of view but with pathetic excuses for opponents it was the best I could do but I do really think I should let you all know my statement of intent. I am Abdul bin Hussain, the greatest World Heavyweight Champion that the UTA has ever had within its ranks, the real winner of the 2015’s Ring King Tournament if the UTA’s inner circle of wrestlers had not used politics to knock me out because my face did not fit the criteria of a franchise for their company.”
Abdul walked around as Rafiq tried to keep his face in focus.
“I was also the greatest ever UTA Wildfire Champion until I was taken out as I was not right for business but I am not really that bothered about the past as what happens in the future and the future is Abdul bin Hussain,” he said. “I do not really need an introduction but for those of you infidels who have been living under a stone I am the greatest professional wrestler out of Basra, Iraq to grace your presence. Some people have seen what is happening within the confines of the Arab States and have used that garbled information and judged us all by what religion that is my faith. It is pathetic really what we have had to put up with over the years and this is only payback.”
Abdul smirked as he looked around the slaughterhouse.
“The United Toughness Alliance seems to be the place that all the up and coming stars come to make a name for themselves as well as the Old Guard come to keel over and die,” Abdul said. “Old Guard like Sean Jackson and La Flama Blanca who are living on things they may have done in the past shouting loudly now to be seen to be relevant but they should both be taken out back and double tapped in the back of their heads to put them out of their misery. The world’s moved on from when we ran the UTA. You see that Doctor EMO got the message and listened to it now and he sits every Victory behind a desk and repeats the words from some faceless infidel backstage to those tuning in.” 
He crouched down and picked up a pile of dirt and looked around as it feels between his fingers.
“Are you really going to leech off of the rest of the pathetic people in this country to justify your careers within this company?” Abdul asked. “You follow the whims of the crowds trying to get some kind of reaction from them. It is pathetic really. Just think in twenty or so years you could be like another American Icon, Bill Cosby trying to justify himself for his actions back in the day. Will that be you two? Think of your actions and see how they ripple through time.”
Rafiq brought the camera to the left side of Abdul’s profile.
“Then do not let me open up about that other infidel who needs to wake up and sniff the rotting carcass that is his career,” he said. “Eric Dane? You seem to be at the top of your game at the moment having won the coveted UTA World Heavyweight Championship belt from that masked infidel, La Flama Blanca but who would really consider themselves the Champion of a stinking pile of excrement. It is not an excuse or the green eyed monster showing itself but the UTA has gone to the dogs in recent months. I cannot really fault it for that to be honest as they have had to make do with what they have got and inviting back men that are inferior products but have made a name for themselves for all the wrong reasons.”
He straightened the wrinkles in his suit as he stood up.
“Why am I even bothering with the fossils that they brought back in to try and boost the rating?” Abdul asked. “This is not Jurassic World, just take the hint and die. Your time has passed and you guys just need to lie down in your graves and pull the dirt over your wrinkly old bodies. The infidels sitting on their couches in their flea-infested homes do not even take people like Yoshii or Madman serious anymore if they ever did in the first place.”
Abdul turned his back completely on the camera and walked up to one of the walls.
“Before deciding to re-sign with this company I did take a look at those infidels running rampant within UTA’s locker room,” Abdul stated. “What a bunch of ungodly freaks in the UTA locker room. It is a mixed bag to be honest with you. The split between the two shows is so apparent. Wrestleshow supposedly the A show but fails on so many levels. And Victory where as obviously the unofficial top brand due to them originally drafting me but has not survived the loss of someone with the obvious talents of Abdul bin Hussain.”
The graffiti on the wall was not in English but stood out for some reason.
“There are larger issues at hand than those two brands and their juvenile excuses to play themselves off of each other,” he smirked. “Usually I would probably say that those infidels on the Wrestleshow brand show the biggest ego in the world but they have to prove themselves a whole lot more as ratings show Victory is superior even those can be manipulated by those that want to. They think that their constant needs only get stronger, causing a complete denial of reality and a life that exists deep in the mode of denial in fantasy.” 
He turned abruptly back to the camera.
“And this Lew Smith? Does anyone else not see his extreme moral anxiety mixed with neurotic anxiety in some kind of weird cocktail?” he asked. “Does the damn flea bitten infidel think he can hang with someone of my talent? Come on Lew take a hint from all of those wrestlers that came into the company with me that have finally hung up their boots and limped out to the pasture before someone like me takes you to the knacker’s yard.  Do you think I will take it easy on you Pops? I do not and will not take anything easy on you old timer with your constant one foot in the grave. It’s not in my nature bitch.”
Abdul took his sunglasses off and looked at the lenses.
“My thoughts are my own most of the time but sometimes I have to just let them out to the world,” Abdul said. “Sometimes, just sometimes these thoughts get me into trouble. Now that’s nothing new is it? Especially with my Muslim background, I see that the racists of this country lift their anger up thinking that all Muslims are terrorists. Look at one of your favourites to become your next President of this cess-pool of a country. Donald Trump? You surely cannot be serious? That is beyond a joke, right? Everything is a joke here in the United States of Mediocre.”
He pulled out a cloth and proceeded to clean a smudge off of the sunglasses.
“Sometimes I need to be taken serious. I am more than just than the UTA's token Porch Monkey who thinks by saying something controversial it will get me over,” he said. “No, I proved all those naysayers that thought because I was born in the city of Basra in Iraq that I had talent. I proved you all wrong. Did you see my matches? Did you see the list of who’s who that I have defeated in the squared circle?”
When he had finished cleaning the sunglasses he put them on top of his headscarf and put the cloth back in his pocket.
“I will bring legitimacy to this whole infidel ran company as I am the damn really best thing that has not only come out of the Middle East but of the whole of the world even the United States of Mediocre.” 
He smirked into the camera. 
“Oh yes, I did say that,” Abdul said matter-of-factly.
Abdul smirked down the camera.
“So who have they set me up with this show for my return match?” Abdul asked. “Wait, they really have me coming back against that Lew Smith? I thought that was someone in the UTA’s sense of humour. They really have booked me against a nobody? I am Abdul bin Hussain do they not know. Do they know that I am a former UTA World Champion?”
He slapped his waist making the universal sign for belt.
“Smith,” Abdul spat out with utter contempt. “How did I get to face this sub-class talentless hack? Did they not see my matches with the late John Sektor? Did you see when I retired Gentleman Jack? Did they see when I destroyed the likes of Bobby Dean, Pin Smith or Amy Harrison? I should really be getting a match for MY UTA Wildfire Championship belt.”
Abdul slowly smiled before he abruptly stopped.
“After beating this Lew Smith infidel I will march through United Toughness Alliance destroying all those that are thrown under my boots,” he said. “Smith may be not obviously insane but he will realise that I do not have any of the morals you infidels have that hold me back. And he will need to rationalise his entire existence if he is to exist within this company’s realm.”
He nodded as if trying to put his thoughts in some kind of order.
“So this was it,” he started. “This was to be my rise to greatness on the biggest stage of them all. This match will be me getting my shot back to the top of this promotion where I belong. It all has to start somewhere right? We cannot all wake up on day and be signed to a six figure salary and main eventing pay per views like I did back in time, way back in time. Even though some of the roster think they are better than their skill set lets on we all have a humble beginning. A point in our life when we decided we wanted to be a professional wrestler.”
Abdul takes hold of the camera and looked straight down the lens.
“Who else here in UTA have I had problems with?” Abdul asked as he smirked. “Oh do you think I forgot about you Mister Jackson? How could I forget about you I hear you ask. Former UTA World Champion after cheating with the rest of his former Dynasty members to take me out of the business. Did you really think that I would not be back again? Sean you may have changed within your situation within the promotion but do not think that I will ever forgive you or your sins against me. You and that Madman Szalinski must have made some unholy pact to take me out of the equation. ”
He shuddered at the thought of that.
“It is the only thing that I can actually explain about the whole situation,” he said. “How did that work out for the two of you? Mister Jackson lost all that is precious to him and Mister Szalinski what happened to him is interesting…….”
Abdul shrugged slightly.
“But you will have to wait,” Abdul paused. “You will have to wait until I have got past this British Infidel that they have put in front of me. His whole world will be transformed when he sees the light. The world is shifting; it is about time you got on-board before it pushes you off. We are not going anywhere.”
Rafiq walked around him trying to pick up the graffiti in the background,
“Do you think we should conform?” Abdul looked surprised. “Do I look like someone that conforms to the Great Satan’s ways? I am not that easy to corrupt. I am not American!”
Abdul put two thumbs up to the camera and smirked.
“There must be someone else for me to rant about on this little camera?” he asked into the camera. “La Flama Blanca? Who gives a damn about this random masked infidel? Come on Mister Blanca, might be time for you to give up thinking that you can be anything in pro wrestling Mister former champ I think you might have a heart attack after losing that belt of yours.”
He made the motions of someone crying at the camera.
“Anyway that is enough ranting from me for now”, he asked. “Need to leave space on the show for some of the talentless, godless whores to spread their wares all over the screen. For there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger. And I am Mohammed's messenger to you!”
Rafiq put down the camera and looked at Abdul, “Do you think that will work?”
“It will be like putting a bull in a china shop,” chuckled Abdul. “It is about time they injected some new blood within to the ranks of these wrestling promotions Rafiq. Every wrestling promotion I see has the same old names holding on for dear life with their entire grip. People do not want to see the likes of Mister Jackson or Mister Blanca at the top anymore. They may have been good in their day but they should now be taken out the back of the shed and shot.”
“And the current champion?” Rafiq asked.
“He is not relevant to this conversation,” Abdul started. “Until I look that infidel in the eyes I cannot judge him for what he is or is not as I am not like Donald Trump.”
“True,” Rafiq said. “But that belt he has around his waist is yours by right as you were never pinned for it. But you must get passed the British infidel first.”
“Yeah Lew Smith does not want any of this,” Abdul smirked. “It is time to put the English infidel out of his misery. This is the sort of place it should happen Rafiq. Imagine that he had been brought here and never to leave again. United Toughness Alliance does not know what it has let itself in for with the bringing back of Abdul bin Hussain. It is going to be a real blast, for sure.”
Rafiq looked down at his phone. “Oh did you hear what has happened to Wrestleshow?”

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