Title: Year Two, Start!
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 07/01/16
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XLIV

It's been a short while since Lew returned back to the US since the holidays. Sitting in a chair looking out the window toward the Atlantic City skyline, he runs through the holiday events for his career before returning home for the break.

The build up towards one of his career's most notable moments is first to shroud his mind. His fatal four way match at the International Affair Pay Per View. Ron Hall, Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison. To which his thoughts to win were again just thoughts. His "endeavours", half-hearted. His version of imagined victory merely a vision. As soon as he saw the hook become detached from the title, his heart didn't drop. He went in to the match not believing he could do it and that's exactly what happened.

Going nearly an entire two weeks since this loss, he displayed...mixed feelings. Saying he was sad that he lost the chance...but he knew he didn't have a chance since he was against some tough competition. A Hall of Famer, a rising star and an established experienced diva.

Light, however, was at the end of the tunnel for Lew. Given the chance to take on the new Prodigy Champion, Amy Harrison, he finally rid himself of these doubts of losing now being in the one on one position. He finally had a chance.

Come the Monday, end of November, Lew was pitted against Amy. She fought hard...harder than anyone he'd experienced defend a title before. But, somehow, Lew's determination put him out on top even though he was in the red. Lew became...the Prodigy Champion. The first gold he "legitimately" earned since the VCW Championship.

A festive period of time ticked over and Lew went against an old friend of his, Santa Claus. Whilst having cheerful feelings after beating Amy Harrison for the title, he had clashing thoughts on whether or not the title boosted his confidence against an old rival or if he would be crushing metaphorical beliefs for what the wrestler represented. However, Jordan put into perspective about what reality was and Lew did what he had to do to bring home the win.

The highest point of this "feel-good" experience came to an end shortly after that at Seasons Beatings. A title defence against a friend, the ex-champion, a respected newcomer and a lost rival. Lisil Jackson, Amy Harrison, Jarvis Valentine and Kendrix. The match was a close one, but Lew knew he was going to lose it to one of these opponents. Whilst he had high hopes it was one of them...the very person he welcomed into the company took it away from him...and instead of smiles and thanks to what this meant for that wrestler...he rubbed it in everyone's faces...Lew knew he'd lose, but...not to HIM!

Since that moment, Lew fell expectingly silent and went back to England for the holiday period. Jordan and Hayley didn't hear back from him until he got back. His feelings unknown, he ponders what to do next, thinking what UTA holds in store for him for his second year.

Lew sits contently at the window, snapping himself out of his thinking. The door knocks and he turns to it. He gets up slowly and stumbles over the room and opens the door.

Lew: Hey, thanks but I didn't order room serv- AH!

Hayley pounces on Lew, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Hayley: I'm back!!!

L: Hey, you sorted your passport.

H: Why didn't you visit whilst you were in England!? We could've travelled together.

L: Heh, I was busy sorting my stuff, I didn't want to lose focus.

H: That's fine, but hey. New year right? UTA is gunna rock this year.

Lew spins Hayley round into the room and puts her down.

Jordan: I'm here too.

Lew turns around and shakes his hand.

L: Hey, glad you could make it.

J: Happy to be here for another year. Fit to be manager.

The two men smile and enter the room, Lew closes the door behind them.

L: So, thank you both for coming to this meeting. I know it's been a while and it must've been real nice getting a message from me to finally meet up for the first time in the new year, especially after Hayley having to sort out her passport, we've lost fifty percent of my moral support since International Affair. But, now that we have you back, things can finally go right this year.

H: It's good to be back, finally I can be a part of this journey again with you two.

J: It is good to be back. We can go from this point on with our heads held high and our minds refreshed from the well deserved break.

L: Agreed. Now, listen. There is something very important we must discuss. A very massive point in time that went slightly downhill for me. Which, if anyone can guess, was losing the Prodigy Championship.

Jordan, upon hearing this, nods and leans back in his chair. Hayley, looks down and breathes in through her nose.

H: It was an unfortunate loss. Watching it live, it was a really entertaining match.

J: But hey, that's how it goes, right? Contender wins title, new champion goes through hell to keep it, when they can't keep it anymore, it leaves their hands. You went through everything every other champion went through. You know this back with Dick Fury with the VCW Championship. Not any new feelings.

L: True that. It was disappointing to see the year go out like that, although it was very iconic to see me bring the new champion into the year and then to see that same man take me out at the end, but it opens the gateways of endless possibilities to this one.

H: Exactly, now that we're all here ready for the new year we can bring it back to the UTA and kick more butt! Another belt is waiting for you!

Lew smiles and shakes his head.

L: Whilst that'd be nice, I'm not aiming to be a champion this year. I just want to continue besting myself. Whether I win or lose I will beat my previous result. If I lose, next match I'll either aim to win or bring it to an extremely close loss. If I win, I'll win even quicker and even better than the last, bringing all the shows to a jawdrop.

J: Not aim to be a champion? Are you not wanting to advance your career? Fame and being talked about is one thing but being a champion is what makes you a competitive, feared wrestler amongst the roster. If you're just here to be a "space-filler" then might aswell turn full retard like Jack Hunter. Lew Hunter! Jack Smith! Thirty, nothing! Come on, man! At least aim to be top contender or something!

H: I agree with Jordan, Lew. Everyone here at the UTA has the reason to become great, to become a feared champion. Whereas you don't seem to care what you are here. Granted, there is a difference between not caring and being accepting but we must cut off the attitude you currently hold on that.

L: All very good points and the very reason I held this meeting to hear your opinions on it. I'll take them into great consideration and we'll plan ahead for the future. Until then, we have immediate issues to deal with my upcoming match.

J: You researched yourself?

H: Yeah? Who do we need to deal with as the first match of this year?

L: Abdul bin Hussain.

J: Indeed. Iraqi beast of a wrestler.

H: Bigging up the competition is not a good first step.

L: No, it's the perfect first step. Making my opponents seem stronger than they seem is good for my mental state for when I actually come toe to toe with him.

Lew stands up.

L: How about we take this discussion elsewhere? Lunch?

Hayley and Jordan look at each other and nod, they rise and they head out the door.

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