Title: Don't tell me who to bring!
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: January 7th, 2016
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Show: Victory XLIV

Amy is sitting in her hotel room, watching footage of the last Victory show she was in, watching her interference attempt and what she did to Marie Van Claudio after the match. She laughs at the beatdown before turning the TV off.

Harrison: Oh, Marie, Marie, Marie.

Amy keeps on shaking her head with a snicker.

Harrison: When will you learn? I keep trying to tell you exactly what you need to hear, but you just don’t want to listen, do you?

She keeps her eyes focused and points a finger up.

Harrison: I keep telling you time and time again that you’re time is over here, and that it’s my time to shine here, but you don’t want to hear it.

She waves her finger.

Harrison: I keep telling you it and I even show it to you first hand, but still, you blink those puppy eyes of yours and you get what you want?

Amy mocks Marie’s expression with the puppy dog eyes.

Harrison: Why else do you think they stopped me from interfering in your match last time?

She stands up and flips something over in anger.

Harrison: I am SICK that time after time that you get beat down verbally and physically by me, you get everyone’s sympathy because they don’t want to believe what I’m saying!

Amy calms down. She doesn’t want to get herself worked up.

Harrison: Everytime I speak the truth, it seems like everyone just walks up to me, pats me on the head like a pet dog and goes “That’s a good girl” and that’s it!

Amy keeps on shaking her head with shrugging her shoulders.

Harrison:  Seriously, what is up with this place?

She doesn’t know why she’s not getting her way.

Harrison: Anyways, I’ll get back to you later, I have more urgent things in hand, and that is my match at the next Victory against Cayle Murray.

Cayle Murray was someone that respected Marie, unlike Amy.

Harrison: I heard what you had to say about Marie, and I will agree that when you faced her, she was tied up with her own failings, but guess what, she still IS tied up in her own failings!

She smirks at that comment. Of course, it had to be a pot shot.

Harrison: And it was nice of you to say that I looked good. At least that’s what I hope you’re saying, however if you’re using it to say that it’s my only layer, you need to open your eyes a bit more.

She bats her eyes at the comment, hoping Cayle seeing how much of a women she is.

Harrison: I like that a lot of people like how I look, I mean come on! Who wouldn't want to get with this? But to say that’s all I’ve got is insulting to me!

She once gets angry

Harrison: If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, I took 2015 by storm!

She makes a “Let it rain” gesture, signalling the storm.

Harrison: Nobody thought I would be any good, I kept being kicked down, until I took the bull by the horns, took out big names here and became champion, and I know in 2016, it’s just going to be better.

She licks her lips.

Harrison: You on the other hand? You’ve now been relegated to jobbing to me, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I don’t think you’re going to be able to recover after the beatdown that I will give you this coming Victory.

Amy keeps on licking her chops. but stops.

Harrison: You said you want to face the Amy Harrison that shocked Bobby Dean?

She looks around, checks herself before going back to speak.

Harrison: Er, since when am I NOT that Amy Harrison? It’s the same Amy Harrison that shocked Ron Hall, it’s the same Amy Harrison that shocked everyone in UTA by winning the Prodigy Championship!

Amy gets another smirk on her face. This time eviler than the first one.

Harrison: You say that you would be disappointed if you got anything less from me?

Again, eye rolling goes down.

Harrison: How bad will you feel if you got that very person that you were longing for, only to realise that you’re not good enough to keep up.

Amy goes back to the devilish smirk.

Harrison: You’re going to get the Amy Harrison that you want, but you’re going to find out that you really don’t want that, because you know that you are nowhere near my league.

Amy points down “low”

Harrison: You don’t even deserve a second of my attention, but since it’s part of my job, I’ll have to.

Amy rubs her hands.

Harrison: But at least I know you’re going to be easy work for me, and I can deal with you in no time, and then I can get back to something that I actually want to spend my time on.

She’s obviously making shot at Marie.

Harrison: Oh, by the way Marie? I’ve noticed you eyeing up Cayle. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

She lets out another smirk.

Harrison: And another thing. I wouldn’t get too close with him, I’m going to destroy your little crush before you even get a chance!

Amy laughs and walks away

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