Title: The Words Of Lisil: Perfection
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 1/7/2016
Location: Kingston Jamaica
Show: Victory XLIV

The scene opens in what appears to be a vacant lot with a wooden fence around it. In this lot are many tents set up along with multiple wooden sheds colored in bright cheery colors. The camera backs up to the entrance revealing the words "Sanctuary" painted on it. Standing in the entrance is Lisil Jackson himself dressed in a white tank top, some black track pants, and his fedora. 

"Eyyyyyyy mon!" 

Lisil smiles cheerily as he opens his arms. 

"Welcome ta dee Sanctuary! Dis be dee sanctuary I assembled fo me people! Dee people dat be livin on dee streets! Dee people who have nowhere ta go! Dee people dat need help..." 

Lisil looks back and sighs happily. 

"Ya see I bought dis plot o' vacant land... I coulda done whateva I wanted wit it! I coulda opened up a convenience store... Or I coulda built some big expensive property! But I built dis.... Cuz many years ago I didn't have a place ta go..." 

The Jamaican Inspiration sighs thinking about the years he lived on the streets of Kingston. 

"And if it weren't fo ma trainin in dee art o' combat I would prolly still be on dee streets... Or even worse.... Dead..." 

Jackson says with a grim tone in his voice. 

"But ya see I feel dat dis week it be a good time ta show what I do wit me charity.... Cuz I be facin a brudda who tinks bout nothin but himself...." 

Lisil clears his throat and lets out a sly grin. 

"So dis week I be facin Perfe........ Okay I be sorry bruddas but I can't do dis..." 
He sighs with a withered look on his face. 
"I can not lie to me people... I can not call someone a name he not be! I be facin a brudda named James Withahold!"

Lisil Jackson lets out a hearty laugh after the name is revealed. 

"So James... Ya got a long history in dee UTA... Ya hold dee top championship twice... Ya even assembled one o' dee most dominant groups in UTA history!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior's face turns from that of a jovial Jamaican to that of one with pure disgust. 

"Ya know James... Ya be dee kinda mon dat I dislike... Ya fight wit no hona! Ya couldn't even beat Yoshii witout dee help o' ya fella minions ta do ya biddin! Dee difference tween us mon is dat I beat Yoshii wit no help at all! What does dat say bout ya huh?" 

The Jamaican nods his head as he twists off the cap to a bottle of D&G Jamaican pineapple cola. 

"James... I look at ya and tink o' a frog... What happens when ya put a frog in hot wata? It has dee bility ta adapt and adjust ta dee temperature.... But what happens when dee temperature gets too high? It dies... But dee ting dat ya gotta tink bout... It coulda gotten outta dee wata any chance it wanted but it didn't...."

Lisil takes a drink of his soda before he continues. 

"In otha words ya had all dee chances ta change ya way.... But ya continue down dis long dark lonely path. Even now dat ya no longa be part o' dee Dynasty... Look at CBR... He opened his eyes and realized dat he was in dee wrong..." 

Jackson shakes his head sighing. 

"Why can't ya? Ya don't respect anyone... But dee one ting dat be most insufferable is how ya act like ya be witout flaw... I mean what is perfection one may ask?"

He ponders the question for a second before he shrugs. 

"I tell ya what perfection is! It be somethin that don't exist! Perfection means ta be witout flaw... Well brudda I hate ta break dis ta ya! But everyting has flaw.... Whetha it be so small dat most people won't notice... But even den Mista Withahold... Ya not be flawless..." 

The Jamaican Inspiration shakes his head. 

"Ya show weakness plenty o' times befo James... Like fo example ya lost ta Pin Smith in what seemed like an unlikely scenario. Or what bout ya last match at Season Beatin? Losin dat big match gainst Eric Dane..." 

Lisil Jackson laughs taking another drink from his bottle of soda. 

"Ya know what I find slightly amusin... Dane beat ya cleanly. But yet when I faced him? I seen dee desperation in his eyes as he realized I was not goin down... He had ta resort ta cheatin ta beat Lisil Jackson..." 

Jackson smiles  amused over the whole thing. 

"He seen through dee facade James... And I see through it as well... I see a sad lil mon who won't know what ta do afta he loses ta dee brudda dat no one believed in... Dee one dat everyone laughed at cuz he had a funny accent. Dee one dat people told should just hang it up while he was ahead."

The Jamaican looks down at the ground finishing off his bottle of soda before he looks back up into the camera. 

"But now dey realize dat I not be goin anywhere! I beat one forma UTA Champion... It be time I beat anotha! And dis one will be a lot mo meaninful if ya ask me!"

Lisil walks over to the nearby trash can and tosses the empty bottle into it. 

"James ya wanna call yaself Perfection... Den prove ta me why ya call yaself dat name... Ya want me ta call ya dat? Den gimme a reason ta mon! Earn ya name! It be a new year so now be dee best time ta prove dat ya live up ta dat name! " 

Jackson slaps his chest.

"Best o' luck ta ya James Withahold! Ya will need it cuz when we get in dat ring ya will be battlin a tropical storm!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration nods his head and smiles confidently. 

"While I may not be perfect... But I know dat I be strong.... JAMAICA STRONG!" 

And with those words said Lisil walks into the sanctuary and the scene fades to black. 

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