Title: 2016: A Year of Determination
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: January 8th
Location: Gym
Show: Victory XLIV

2015: Not the best year for MVC.

2016: The year MVC will come to the occasion and rise.

Sure it could be a difficult task for her this year, but she always been up for the challenge in her near six year career. The year was going to start off against Santa Claus, but along the way, there would be challenges and bumps, but she was going to make the most of the year.

Marie was working out with one of the trainers she hired back a couple of weeks ago since her old one was not being a help in her career.  Sweat was rolling down her body while hitting the pads with her feet. Kicks were one thing she wanted to use more, and it worked back last week.

Trainer: Keep going, MVC, you’ve got this going down good.

Marie keeps kicking down at the pads as she goes more intense with the kicking. The trainer stops her after one last one.

Trainer: Very good. Those were intense and even more brutal then what we did last week. I’m sure the opponent last time around was feeling the pain.

Marie nods. She felt bad about kicking Jeff Andrews right in the lip and busting him open.

Van Claudio: Well, it did injure my opponent and split his lip right open. I felt bad, but I had to get the job done.

She keeps her eye on him.

Van Claudio: If you know what I mean.

The trainers holds up his hands as she looks at him with a confident look on her face. Knowing that this is the punch part of the training, she started to punch around.

Van Claudio: This week, I’m going against Santa Claus, who happens to be on the same skid I’m on with losing.

The trainer stops her for a second as he looks at her.

Trainer: Santa? I thought Christmas time was over?

Marie laughed a bit. Of course, it was over, but it was still a job.

Van Claudio: I know that, but he wants to be with us and wrestle like most of us. I don’t blame him for doing it. Traveling around the world would make him tired, but come on, would you get tired?

The trainer nod as she kept on pounding on his hands.

Trainer: I never thought in a million years, Good Ole Saint Nick would be in a ring.

Van Claudio: But he’s actually good. He had some feuds in the past that had everyone talking. He may not be the most talented out there, but he could get the job done.

She looks at him with a laugh, but her trainer is not amused by this.

Trainer: I see, I see, however, I do think that it’s time to get a little bit serious for this match.

The trainer stops her in her tracks.

Trainer: Now, I don’t know what happened last year with your old trainer, but I know the reasons you were going downhill. You were too wrapped up in one thing last year and got yourself in a mess.

Marie shakes her head. She knew. She knew what happened and doesn’t need to be reminded about this all the time.

Van Claudio: That was in the past. I look forward to a 2016 of success and happiness. I deserve it. I deserve everything that should come to me.

She goes to sit down in the ring with her trainer coming up next to her as he sits down.

Van Claudio: Since I’ve been back in this place for a while now, I had one goal and that goal was to finally hold a championship.

She flips her hair out of way.

Van Claudio: Last year, I told everyone that it was going to be the year of Marie Van Claudio and my domination. It didn’t happen because of bumps and road blocks.

She keeps her eyes on her trainer, not taking them off as he studies her face.

Van Claudio: I start off the year with Santa Claus. Said what I had to say about him a couple of days ago, and if he wants to hide behind a sleigh, that’s on him.

She still has her eyes on him.

Van Claudio: And if he doesn’t want to be in this match, then he doesn’t need to be here any longer. I’ve retired someone from this place before, but that was one person in my way. As much as I don’t want to retire Santa Claus, I have to do it. I have to get rid of him.

Trainer: I thought you didn’t want to go down the old “Marie” route like you did before when you first came to this place?

The old Marie? The old Marie went to Amy Harrison, but ten time’s worse. The “New” Marie wasn’t like this.

Van Claudio: That was the “Old” Marie that went into that little brat that’s walking around thinking she’s better than me. If she went against Santa Claus, she would be showing him disrespect as she’s known for doing.

Marie takes a sip of water.

Van Claudio: When I go into this match at Victory, I will give Santa my respect and I hope he takes it. He’s been here long enough and I hope after this match is done, he has time to rethink.

Her trainer looks at her, knowing that she wants to go in there and prove herself.

Trainer: I can understand what you’re saying, Marie.

He looks at her and stands up.

Trainer: Santa one task this week, the next one could be harder and then you have Amy coming your way. You need to win this match on Monday and prove that you’re here to stay. You hear me?

Marie stands up and looks at her trainer.

Van Claudio: Don’t worry. Don’t worry about it at all.

She stands up along with her as they both go back to work. 2016 was a new year for her with determination.

Goodbye 2015…..

Hello 2016!

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