Title: Pick One!
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: January 8th, 2016
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Show: Victory XLIV

Amy Harrison is watching back Cayle Murray’s promo on her and she can’t help but laugh and shake her head throughout the entire thing. Once it ends, she just wipes her eyes and calms herself down.

Harrison: Please tell me you’re joking. Please tell me that you don’t seriously believe any of that stuff you just said. Well, here we go again, I suppose.

Amy rolls her eyes

Harrison: First off, you say that you respect me? Boy, you’ve got a weird way of showing it.

Amy shakes her head.

Harrison: You say that all I’ll do is think up of “schoolyard insults”?

She fixes herself in her chair.

Harrison: Well, let me tell you why that’s just bullshit!

Amy opens her legs up and doesn't mind. Meant

Harrison: That is what everyone wants to believe that I do, everyone loves to say that I’m all talk but no action, but there are all blind and are oblivious to what I’ve actually been doing here……

Amy lets out a smirk on her face.

Harrison:......And that’s beating people up and dancing over their knocked out bodies.

Amy can’t help but laugh.

Harrison: I like that you’re just brushing me off as some sort of high school cheerleader brat, because that’s pretty much what everyone else has been doing before I slap them across the face and make them kiss the mat.

Amy slams the desk

Harrison: You say that it took you fifteen years for you to get your shot?

She opens her eyes

Harrison:  Oh, boo hoo, let me grab my violin and allow me to play you a sad song.

She makes a crying gesture and goes to playing an “air violin”

Harrison: Wrestling is in my blood! My dad wrestled all over the world, took on the biggest of names in the wrestling world and brought up eight children that all grew up, trained and lived wrestling for all of their lives!

She smiles at her father mention, but goes back fuming

Harrison: It’s taken me TWENTY SIX YEARS to get here!

She stands up and walks around

Harrison: But I get it. You still want to shake me off as some spoiled brat that wants to yell at people to get what she wants instead of actually getting it through hard work and all that. Keep trying to believe that, I really don’t mind.

Amy shakes her head again.

Harrison: Because if you keep thinking that, I’m going to make you regret it.

This is sounding familiar with this message

Harrison: This upcoming Victory, I’m going to show you that even if you say that you respect me, you’re still going to underestimate me. You’re just going to shake me off, but I’ll make sure that I’ll hit you where it hurts the most.

Amy punches herself in the gut to signal it's gonna hurt

Harrison: Cayle, you should listen to me for once and listen to this warning carefully…..

She sits back down in her chair and spins it

Harrison: You shouldn’t even think that you have a chance to beat me. You couldn’t get the job done against Colton, so there’s not a hope in hell that you can get the job done against me!

That might've been the icing on the cake.

Harrison: You, along with that girl you wish you could have, have woken up an evil side of me, one that won’t take any prisoners

She gets a devilish look on her face

Harrison: I’m going to make sure that I send you, Marie and everyone else a clear message that Amy Harrison is NOT someone that you want to just shrug off as some wannabe model trying to be a wrestler.

She keeps on smirking

Harrison: I am someone that will have no problem kicking your ass to prove a point and to get to where I want to be in UTA!

Amy stands up and walks out before giving a final warning

Harrison: Oh, and Marie? I hope you’ll be watching this, because I’ve got a little surprise for you lined up.

Amy walks out of her room, laughing as the scene ends

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