Title: Angelic Arrival
Featuring: Angel Kash
Date: 1/10/2016
Location: Hamptons, New York.
Show: Victory XLV

The scene opens up in front of a fireplace the warmth seems to be radiating from it. As the camera pans it spots the Trillion Dollar Princess Angel Kash, the high society beauty is dressed to the nines wearing a tight fitting green dress, gold high heels, and a gold Gucci handbag right next to her.  As she sips her champagne she soon finishes the glass before letting out a loud scream.

Angel: Ugh, can someone do something useful and get me another glass of champagne.

Soon enough a group of servants come one takes Angel's glass, the other two jus stand there. As the high society blonde eyes them with a look of disgust, before rolling her eyes.

Angel: Since you two are here you can both make yourselves useful.  One of you get me some grapes, and the other I need a message, like hurry up I don't pay you to stand here and look stupid.

One of the servants begins working on the Hampton's socialite's shoulders while the other goes get her grapes. 

Angel: Now, yes I know you have all heard Angel Kash has signed to UTA. You should of all known it was just a matter of time before, that happened. Because, quite frankly I got tired of the small time because Angel Kash is not small time, no Angel Kash belongs in the big leagues And, for my debut on Victory on the eighteenth I face Sabrina Baker, now I know you have success elsewhere but that does not matter here. Tonight is my first impression, and Angel Kash always gives a great first impression.

She lets out a smug smirk flicking her long blonde hair. As, the high society brat keeps feeling the message enjoying it, she slinks back a bit more into it.  As the other servant comes back with a bowl of grapes and just places it there, as Angel looked down before holding her hand up stopping the message for the time being.

Angel:  Um you think I am just going to grab them with my priceless hands?  No, you are gonna feed me wearing gloves of course because, I don't want your poor people germs touching me.

With that, the man puts on gloves grabs the grapes and hand feeds one to the Trillion Dollar Princess. Who seems to enjoy to it as, after the grape, she slinks back into her massage. 

Angel:  You see, I make people bow to just a snap of my fingers, they tend to my ever whim as good little peasants should. But tonight Sabrina you are going to learn a few life lessons. Because I am such a giving woman. The first one is that no matter how hard they try the lower class never takes down the upper class, see people like me we make the rules that people like you follow. And you think we play by the same rules here? Not a chance sweetie, and I know you will say that is not fair. But is life fair I mean I have everything, and yet you stand there with nothing when compared to me. 

The arrogant rich blonde lets out an arrogant chuckle more than amused by her words. Keeping herself slinked back she soon takes another grape, this was just a day in her life.

Angel: Life lesson number two, all you have done means nothing tonight. Because, yes you have been here longer they know you better, but that gives me more time to prepare than you, see I been studying you, and you're tendencies. I know what makes you tick, I know your weak spots. But you know very little to nothing about me, don't worry you will find out on Victory XLV when you face me one on one but that might be a bit late for you. It'd be a shame if you're knee went pop tonight for good.

Angel made a pop noise with her mouth, laughing loudly pleased with her joke.

Angel: Now, life lesson number three what Angel Kash wants Angel Kash gets. Let's face it, the first thing you along with those "fans" in that arena are gonna learn, is that I always do get my way. I always have like with these three men they do whatever I say when I say because I pay them, but that is not the only way I mean look at me  a ravishing body, a face for the magazines then you? There is no competition here.

Angel smirks showing herself off taking a sip of her champagne once again. As she holds up the glass like she is toasting the camera, as she says arrogantly.

Angel: So get ready for an Angelic arrival as I come in, and show that while money may not buy happiness. It does buy one thing and one thing very well that is people, see people are fickle loyalties change with just a five hundred dollars, remember that. So I will offer you a toast for being the first person but most certainly not the last that falls to me, because tonight you are either gonna Kash in or get Kashed out and that choice is yours.

Angel then finishes off the last of her champagne before blowing an arrogant kiss toward the camera.  As the last image sees her returning to getting her massage on her shoulders, and back. Then being fed some grapes by hand once again.


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