Title: Make it or Break it
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: January 13th
Location: Albany, New York
Show: Victory XLV

Sabrina Baker was finally satisfied in with her career in UTA. After a display of anger and violence that came out of her against the Dibbions. She was glad that she did it. 2016 was starting off on the right note for her as it was time for the next victim. Angel Kash.

Baker: What did I tell everyone last week?

Sabrina flashes a smirk on her face.

Baker: I told everyone that I was going to BREAK the Dibbons brothers in half in the ring and show them that their fun and games in this place was OVER!

Sabrina keeps her eyes focused and looks straight ahead.

Baker: I hope that the next time they see me, they better run to the other side of the building and hide for dear life!

The icy smile returns to her face.

Baker: I will not only break their arms, but I will break their necks so they won’t compete. That’s what I will do.

Sabrina brushes her shoulders off and goes to the next person this week.

Baker: Now onto the next victim I have to go off against, and that is Angel Kash.

Sabrina rolls her eyes at the name and shakes her name.

Baker: And it appears that she knows everything about me. Really? Just freaking really?

Sabrina shakes her head and again rolls her eyes. Angel Kash doesn’t have a damn clue about her.

Baker: You know, while watching your promo about how you are going to take me down in the ring, saying you know my weaknesses and my lowness and going on how successful I am in other places. You’re right about one thing, they don’t matter, but looking at you and eating those fancy little grapes you ate.

She cracks her neck.

Baker: And mentioning about how Low Class doesn’t matter to the Upper Class. I can say this about you.

She fixes her nose up.

Baker: Nobody gives a shit about you being Upper Class and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about where you came from either. If you want to be in the UTA, you better WORK in your matches and show that you belong here.

She moves her hair out of the way.

Baker: My road in UTA hasn’t been the best so far, but as soon I was giving a chance to change my ways, I just done that, I showed the “real” side of Sabrina Baker last week where I got violent in the ring and nearly broke one of those Dibbons bastards’ arms!

Sabrina cracks her neck again before sitting down on the chair that is behind here.

Baker: So what makes you think I won’t do the same thing to you? What makes you think you’re going to get past me in the match? Is it because you are beautiful? Is it because you want people looking at you?

She looks at her.

Baker: Honey, if you try showing off your looks, everyone here is going to treat you like a piece of meat and whore shame you. That’s what you are making yourself turn out to be!

She crosses her legs like a lady.

Baker: And to tell you one bit, NONE of the current ones in the back will accept you right away. If you think calling everyone “low class” is going to get you far, than I DARE you to say that in front of someone that’s been here longer!

She stands up again and looks at her.

Baker: But since you said that about me, I will show you how “low class” I will be in that ring! I’m a fighter, I’m here to show that I belong here and I’m here to show that I deserve to have some success as everyone else!

She smirks again at the cameras.

Baker: As for you? You’re just nothing, but a wannabe mean girl. Coming in here bitchy and acting like someone owes you shit when we don’t!

Sabrina turns pissed off and goes back to speaking.

Baker: You want to make it far here “little girl?” Then prove it! Prove that you want to be with the rest of these hard workers here, prove that you’re not the arrogant bitch that deserves to be in the ring because if you don’t show that.

She makes a break signal.

Baker: I have no problem breaking every single goddamn bone in your body, I have no problem breaking your pretty little smut face in the ring and I have no problem DRAGGING that pretty looking weave out of your hair and hanging it up on my wall!

She lets out another evil little smirk.

Baker: Angel, come Victory on Monday, you will realize that coming into the UTA was the biggest mistake of you career! It’s one place that being a women in this place won’t get you the “favors” that you want the most!

She sits down again, still with the smirk intact.

Baker: We are just equal as the men in this place. They don’t take us easy, we don’t take them easy and if you think I’m going to be a “walk in the park” then you’re sadly mistaken!

She stands up one more time.

Baker: I gave the Dibbons a warning last week and now, I’m giving you one. Get ready for what is about to come to you AND make sure you have the hospital number ready because you’ll be calling that number WHEN I tear you apart in that ring!

Sabrina stands up and walks away. We saw “Violent Sabrina” last week and we could see it again this week!

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