Title: ALAN NOTHING!!!!!
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: 2day
Location: ur mom LOL
Show: All or Nothing 2016

The scene FADES IN!!!!! and we r in a park but not just any park oh no it is a park full of men and women and kids and dogs and ducks and dogs and rats and grass and a pond and tress and jack Hunter has street fighted EVERYTHING IN IT!!!! Because he is the SUPERBEST!!!!!

Jack Hunter: “HAHAHAHAHAHA! It is me jack hunter AKA THE SUPERBEST aka the little bruiser aka the street fighter AKA HASH TAG THE NEW STEAK 34-0 UNDEFEAFIFICUTED!!!!!!!!”

Everythin around him has been street fighted so the new streak HASH TAG is really 205-0 if u count all da trees n stuff but jack is nice guy so it is HASH TAG NEW STREAK 29-0!!!!!

Oh btw his wife his there jack huntress

Jack hunter: “so THE HUNTER finally has a match and that match is called ALAN NOTHING well ALAN I am going to street fight you in the face and eyes and nose and bumhole!!!! I am going to HARDCORIFICATE u so bad because ho ho ho im a bad mofo and I have been 2 da store to buy lots of little bruises just 4 u you little piss

Suddenly a duck comes up to jack hunter

Duck: “omg u kill all my frends u shit”

THE DUCK STARTS PECKING JACK!!!!! And it even tries a MOONSAULT!!!! But jack kicks out obvs


Jack does da COW DDT to the duck and it dies even though it is not a cow it is a duck which shows how DEADLY the COW DDT really is okay mike bell?

HUNTER does a watch me whip watch me nay-nay LOL

Jackhunter: “ALAN NOTHING!!!! IM COMIN FOR YOU NINJA and after I will cash in my FIRE IN THE HOLE briefcase and fuck your bitch””””””””


Jack hunter: “bye bye”

Jack and jack huntress start doing flips and jack picks up a tree n eats it yum yum

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