Title: Stepping into the big leagues
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 1/14/2016
Location: Cooperstown
Show: Victory XLV

The UTA has invaded Albany New York, the fans are swept up in the excitement of Victory on Monday night.  There are some stars doing radio announcements, others doing tv spots to plug the show and get the few fans off the fence to come to the show.  Today though, it's not in Albany where we find Ron Hall.  The recent happenings involving the Wildfire champion Scott Stevens are still on his mind, but today, Ron has taken a road trip about an hour and a half away to a small town you might have heard of.  It's a brisk and cold winter’s day as we join him at a baseball field of all places?

Ron is dressed in his usual black UTA wrestling jackets and blue jeans. A dark blue ski cap covers his head and ears, his face is a little red from the elements, his hands covered by black gloves and his eyes are watering a little from the cold wind.  Ron seems undaunted by the elements and looks into the camera.

Ron: You know, as I stand out here and think of Monday night and my first ever meeting with Dan Benson. As he makes the quote sign with his fingers, "It's a dream match", "two legends of wrestling", "first time ever..." I thought it would only be appropriate to come to a place where these kind of dream meetings happen every day.  

The camera zooms out to reveal that he's at Doubleday Field, not too far from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. Ron looks around the field for a moment, his mind reflecting and taking in all the history of the field he's on and the museum near by.

You see Dan, I'm aware of your name. I'm more than familiar with your reputation. It seems we have a few things in common.  He takes a moment and pats his right knee before he continues, long lay offs from injuries, a deep love of our chosen sport, glory and accolades wherever we've competed…  But that is where the similarities between us end. He slowly does a 360 from the pitcher's mound he's standing on and looks around the field, he turns back to face the camera. A look of amusement has etched itself on his face.

Dan, you've been content to play in sand lots like this your whole life. You remind me of what you might call a 4A player.  Ron smiles casually, trying not to laugh at the unasked question. What’s a 4A you ask?  A guy who might be good enough to get to the majors once in awhile, but they don't have the talent to stick, let alone make an impact. I know plenty of people who've played on the fields that you have, succeeded on the levels that you have and have the accomplishments you have. Then they wash out, just like you.

You, want everyone to believe in the local hero, the neighborhood legend, all the while the reality of what you're about to do hasn't quite sunk in yet has it? The camera turns to show the hallowed grounds of the Hall of Fame in the distance. You are about to jump from the sand lots to the major leagues. You're not facing some training camp washout, you're stepping into the ring with a Hall of Famer. A guy who isn't holding onto a roster spot, you're stepping into the ring with the measuring stick.

Ron pauses, a little reflective. The comeback for me might not be going as well as I'd like, but my accomplishments, my legacy, and my reputation are all well in tact. It's you who has to prove yourself to the UTA and to me. Time may have shown me down a little, but it hasn't beaten me and you Dan will not beat me Monday night.

His shoes dig into the mound, kicking up dirt.  The camera turns towards home plate, we see the batter's box but still hear Ron's voice despite the sudden howling wind that picked up. What you've done on these sandlots and public fields means nothing now.  Jason Cashe may be a worthy opponent for you, he might have been a great exhibition, but nothing on earth will prepare you for stepping into the ring on Monday night against a Hall of Famer in the largest promotion in the world under the brightest spot light you will ever be in.

Monday night, you're going to try to take your cuts so to speak against the UTA’s original big game, big money, big match player. Are you ready to see if your substance can match your hype or will you be blown away into history like so many others? The camera turns back towards Ron.

I can't wait to find out.


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