Title: Hell Has frozen over
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 1-14-16
Location: Albany NY
Show: Victory XLV

(We open up in Albany New York. We are right outside the capital building. The day is sunny with a couple of wisps of clouds in the air. Standing outside the capital building is Dan Benson looking upon it’s grandness admiring the details and features.)


Dan: Wow, a very impressive looking building. It doesn’t resemble the domed style that we see in most other states in the union. New York is different, but yet classy.


(Dan looks at the camera with a real smile on his face.)


Dan: I like it!


Dan: Unlike some of our talent in the UTA or even in wrestling in general for that matter. Guys like Jason Cashe who makes 4CW look like a damn joke. There is a reason why they are a step behind the UTA, and all you need to do is look at their top dog over there.  I could go on and on all night ranting on this subject, but there are more pressing issues that I need to cover.


Like, perhaps, Duke Dibbins is worth mentioning. The mighty UTA hardcore champion.


Dan: Much like Jason Cashe he is nothing more than some backwards hick. Is that what the hardcore division of wrestling is now viewed as? Nothing more than a group of local yokels just kicking the crap out of some idiot?


What happened to the fear hardcore wrestlers would bring with a wrestling organization? Just thinking about guys like HAVOK, Snake Eyes, Jack Kraven, BloodBath.


(Dan shudders as he rambles out those names.)


Dan: Even thinking of those guys could be enough to give me nightmares tonight.


So, yeah Dibbins, you are a joke. Your nightmare will be against Sean Jackson.




Dan: Now I will take a moment to focus on.. ME! And well, Ron Hall.


(Big Sigh)


Ok, so you aren’t some out of shape douche bag eating KFC chicken legs all day.


(Dan holds out a thumbs up and keeps it there.)


You have been around the ring a bit, gained a championship or two. KUDOS! But now things are going to get interesting for you. It is time for you to face me.


(Dan’s turns his thumb down and glares into the camera.)


Most people who look into this match and see it as some standard ho-hum matchup with no pizazz. Well, I have to agree with them.


I have lost the star luster I once had. I’m not going to cry over spilled milk, because it happens. It has happened to me before, and all I need to do is wait it out. I will rebound. I always have, and always will.


I see our matchup I see it as an opportunity to break out.  I have been envisioning my path I am going to tread out here in UTA, and damn it, everything is starting to fit together.


I will give you some credit, we do have some things in common. First of all we are trying to rebound from retirement. Trying to re-create a small bit of what we had. The fame, the fortune, the glitz..


(Dan gazes up at the sky in almost a dreamily state.)


Dan: Anyways, we have proven ourselves in the Great Lakes area, we both had ownership of the deep south.


However, you will need to re-plan your path of success, because it won’t be through me. Reason is, I am from Minnesota, and it has frozen over. And if you have been in Minnesota, you would realize it is hell, and being hell has frozen over, it is time for me to beat you.


(The camera zooms in for a close up.)


Dan: And I will ‘Shock’ your world!


(Grins, scene fades to darkness.)

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