Title: This Is It!
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 14th January 2016
Location: New York
Show: Victory XLV

The scene opens to a view of the 5th Avenue and East 62nd Street sign, high rise buildings partially hidden by trees as the hustle and bustle of this busy street is picked up. As the camera pans to street level we see traffic at an almost at grid lock with the horns of many disgruntled drivers being pressed down aggressively opposite New York City’s very own Central Park. However, despite the noise, we are somehow able to pick up an all too familiar, loud and brash greeting;

“Alllrriiiiggghhhttt Maaaattteeeee!!!”

Panning across, the camera picks up none other than the UTA’s very own Prodigy Champion himself, Kendrix. Dressed in a warm looking parker jacket, shades and sporting a rather dashing woolly hat, he stands by a street vendor cart, his attention fixed on the trader;

Kendrix: Give me one of those famous New York Hotdogs JFK has heard so much about, yeah…and make it snappy, JFK ain’t got all day, innit bruv?!

The trader, seemingly used to such unnecessarily rude customers, grabs his tongs and gets to work on his customer’s request. As he does so, Kendrix turns his attention to the cameraman set up in front of him;

Kendrix: New York, New York…so good they named it twice.

Momentarily looking away in thought for a moment, his eyebrow raised;

Kendrix: Much like JFK was named your Prodigy Champion, for the second match in succession, when he defeated that green midget, El Trebol Junior, in his very first title defence…on the very last episode of Wrestleshow.

Looking at the camera as he wags his finger, a dismissive smirk is etched across his face;

Kendrix: Now, JFK knows what you’re thinking…beating a man, the size of a weird looking child is nothing to boast about.

Piercing his lips together in an apparent look of agreement he holds his hands out by his sides;

Kendrix: To the untrained eye, and lets face it, there are many of those around JFK just now, let him tell you!

He looks around his vicinity at the many bodies walking past him with a less than impressed look upon his face;

Kendrix: Of course, to the untrained eye, El Trebol would seem like a walk in the park for a man as good as JFK. However, there was a reason this little guy was undefeated prior to meeting JFK. It was surprisingly difficult for JFK to use his undoubted god given talents against an opponent whom JFK constantly had to bend down into an unnatural stance in order to attack!

He exaggeratingly wraps his arm around his lower back, apparently feeling the effects from his match with El Trebol;

Kendrix: But what made the match even tougher…was the instalment of the most BIASED…referee the world has ever seen. A JEALOUS…man. A man who hits on the world’s greatest entertainer…in the world’s girl. A man JEALOUS…of the fact that JFK beat him fair and square at Seasons Beatings, to win this very UTA Prodigy Title….

He opens his parka jacket to present the latest #HollywoodBruvs t-shirt but more importantly, the Prodigy Title sitting proudly around his waist;

Kendrix: ...Lisil Jackson. And JFK exposed the real Lisil Jackson to the world when the Jamaican Inspiration counted the slowest three count known to man in the history of professional wrestling. You bellends all saw it…and you wonder why JFK showed Lisil how to count to three in their match at Seasons Beatings?!

Shaking his head in disgust;

Kendrix: Jamaican Strong? Jamaican WRONG…more like! What should have been a great match between JFK and El Trebol Junior was turned into a farce. But despite the farce, despite the odds being unfairly stacked against him…

He points both index fingers to his belt;

Kendrix: …Jesse...Fredericks...Kendrix, as he always does…prevailed! AND STIIILLLLL YOUR UTA PRODIGY CHAMPION!

Chuckling to himself he holds his hand to his mouth, his index finger of his other hand held up by the side of his head, gesturing for a moment to compose his thoughts;

Kendrix: But that farce was nothing new to JFK. Despite proving to the world since he walked into the UTA that he is the hottest property in the wrestling industry today, defeating legend after legend after legend in this company, JFK started 2016 by being fed a man…

Dismissive chuckle;

Kendrix: If you can call Finn that…JFK was fed a man who wasn’t even fit to lace his oh so very talented boots! It wasn’t worth his time. How do you expect the Prodigy title to mean something if JFK has to defend it against a midget who belongs in a circus?!

He slaps the side of his head and sticks his tongue out inside of his mouth at the stupidity of that thought process.

Kendrix: Bloody Bellends!

At that moment he’s interrupted by the trader, speaking in a foreign accent of some sort, using pigeon English;

Trader: You lika the mustard anda ketchup on hota doga?!

Kendrix’s eyes squint at the trader;


Shaking his head disappointedly. He stops, eyes widening and taps the side of his head with his index finger;

Kendrix: However, JFK’s eyes lit up the moment he found out who his next opponent at Victory is. It’s what he’s been waiting for ever since he hit the greatest low blow heard around the world! THIS IS IT PEOPLE!

Rubbing his hands together in anticipation, he grins at the lens;

Kendrix: Monday Night in Albany, New York…JFK goes one on one with none other than the man who paved the way for him to join Dynasty. JFK goes one on one with none other than the man who showed him the ropes.

He holds his index finger vertically out in front of him;

Kendrix: JFK goes one on one…with none other than the Legacy Champ himself;

He jabs his index finger towards the lens accompanying the pronunciation of the next three letters;

Kendrix: C…B…R! Claude Baptiste Ranier. The man with the most wins in UTA history. The founding member of Dynasty…

Holding his hand to his heart in an apparent mark of respect;

Kendrix: Now, JFK and CBR ain’t exactly been seeing eye to eye lately, but JFK still respects you and everything you’ve accomplished, Claude. That’s why JFK PROMISES…to beat you nice and quickly at Victory. JFK PROMISES…he will bring everything he has, he won’t mess about Claude. JFK PROMISES YOU…it will be so quick…that you won’t feel a thing during our match!

At that moment the trader hands over Jesse’s hotdog. Upon taking a huge bite, Kendrix immediately and exaggeratingly, spits out the contents in his mouth at the trader prior to chucking the remains of the hotdog back at him;


Kendrix, slapping the traders open palm away from him, wipes his hand angrily across his mouth and gestures for the cameraman to kill the feed, cutting his index finger across his neck. As the cameraman begins to pack his things away Kendrix picks up the camera, still recording;

Kendrix: As quick as that Claude…in an instance, you’re time will be up…and JFK’s arm, as always…will be raised in victory…The Future has spoken!

Scene cuts.

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