Title: Graveyards
Featuring: CBR
Date: 14th January 2016
Location: Unknown
Show: Victory XLV

We open in relative darkness, the light from a couple of street lamps giving life to an otherwise silent view.  Grass spreads out into the dark where it becomes less and eventually not visible.  The myriad of stone blocks, set up orderly but chaotically across the patches of dirt brought up to cover loved ones...headstones, this is a graveyard.  

From behind the camera the sound of fallen leaves crunching against footfall is heard as the figure of Claude Baptiste Ranier moves into view.  Wearing a thick blue jumper and a scarf hanging down either side of his neck, the Canadian Star has his hands sheathed into his pockets and his hair tied back.  

CBR: I know what you're thinking.  This isn't the usual setting for a Ranier promo.  

The smile vanishes on his face as his head slowly shakes side to side. 

CBR: Truth is, I don't want to be here, but it's a symbol.  The quiet is deafening, isn't it? 

He looks around himself expectantly, as if waiting for a sound or movement, but none come.  

CBR: This is where people...those who once knew you or I, end up.  This is where it ends, finishes.  This, Kendrix, is where Dynasty lies…

Claude leans into the lens.  

CBR: All...because...of you.

Ranier slowly backs away from the camera, his lips curled awkwardly into a semi smile.  

CBR: Everything you did, everything you've said. It all lead to this moment, didn't it? Like an unguided missile you entered the UTA, insulted the world and let things land where they may.  Chaos, Jesse...that's what defines you.  The chaos of not knowing what's around the corner, not preparing for the future and tumbling from one mistake to the next somehow squirming your way out of each bind you find yourself in.  

Claude slowly walks around the gate of the cemetery, running his hand over the metal.  

CBR: And well, it's worked, hasn't it? I mean, you retired Chris Hopper, didn't you? And you're making a statement over the longest reigning champ in UTA history, right? Wrong…

Ranier steps forward.  

CBR: See, unlike you, nothing about Claude Baptiste Ranier is chaotic.  Nothing about the Canadian Star is a fluke, or lucky.  Instead of spontaneity, there's methodology.  Instead of Chance, there's direction.  Instead of chaos Kendrix...there's certainty.  The certainty that this is where you'll lay once I'm through with you.  The certainty that effort, technique, persistence and hard work beats arrogance and cheats, every time.  

Claude leans in again.  

CBR: See you Monday Jesse...where this little run of yours...ends.  

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