Title: I Hate.
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: January 15th
Location: Bedroom of her Hotel Room
Show: Victory XLV

“The High Class Hates the Low Class”

“The High Class care about their money, while the low class care about looking for jobs.”

“The High Class will look down on the low Class”

Those were the words that were going through in the head of Sabrina as she was writing down some stuff in her journal that she keeps with her. The thoughts came out in her mind as she was writing them down. She stopped for a moment and looked at her journal.

Baker: I hate Angel Kash.

Of course those were some strong words coming out of the mouth of the Ohio Native. The last time she uttered those words was against her strongest rival.

Baker: I hate her for plenty of reasons. One of them being that she thinks she’s going to come into this company and take my spot away!

She dabs her pen on the paper while having a serious still.

Baker: And I hate her for the fact that she thinks she’s better than anyone that comes in the ring with her. This is her first match in this place and yet, she’s already making herself like a star when she didn’t prove anything just yet.

She keeps on tapping the journal.

Baker: She doesn’t know what it’s like to be in the ring with people that crawl their way from bottom to the top, she doesn’t know what it’s like to be with some of the toughest people in this company and she surely doesn’t know what it’s like to feel pain right after.

Sabrina stops for a second as she takes a sip of water to water herself up. It was obvious that she was going to be in for it.

Baker: Explain to me this, Kash. Why are you really here? Why do you want to be apart of the UTA?

She cracks her knuckles and looks at her journal before looking back up.

Baker: Do you want your way to the top? If so, than it’s going to be a hard way to one and judging by the way you look, you won’t even last that long in this company!

She keeps on smirking as she goes back to writing something in her company.

Baker: Every women that came and went for this company, had one purpose and that purpose to be like the men. There was a women in this place and she didn’t take no-nonsense and eventually, she went into the hall of Fame for her career.

Sabrina looks at what she wrote.

Baker: And you really want to ruin everything that all of us women that came here before worked around. Angel, like I told you before, your personality of being a snob and trying to get your hot looks over in this place, won’t get you that far.

She stands up from where she was standing and begins to walk into her kitchen.

Baker: The women that’s currently in this place right now, busted their asses to get here and had to pay a price that was due. You just need to do something like that, Angel.

She shakes her head knowing that she’s not going to do something like that.

Baker: But knowing you, you just want things handed to you because you are “beautiful” and have money unlike everyone else here that earns their money by busting their ass!

She stops right there.

Baker: You know what? I have no clue why I’m being so passionate here. Fuck the ones that think I’m going soft for them because I’m not doing this for them.

She walks back to the place where she was before.

Baker: I’m doing this for the better of this company and showing everyone why this bitch doesn’t belong in the same damn ring as everyone else that’s here!

She smirks again and gets another evil look on her face.

Baker: And on Monday, everyone will see how much Angel Kash will regret by saying those choice words because once I’m done with her, nobody and I mean NOBODY will remember who she was!

Sabrina walks away and goes back to her room to write more stuff down and closes the door behind her. She wanted to each this chick some type of respect and put everyone else on notice.

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