Title: Time Warp
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 1/15
Location: Albany New York
Show: Victory XLV

Albany New York, like many places, a home of some prior glory. A championship won, a big match forgotten by everyone but the hardcore fans. Seemingly the center of everything but far enough away from everything.  It's outside the Times Union Center we find Ron Hall.  He's away from the fans, pulled away for a moment from the business of being a minority owner of the company, seemingly away from the business of life and wrestling in general yet an amused smile is on his face. It seems like something has given him a desperate, much needed laugh.

It's not Scott Stevens or the recruitment trip James Wingate is allegedly on. It's not the mindless drones in the corporate office he has to put up with daily. Whatever it is, at least to Hall, it's laughable. It seems to be a welcomed break from the monotony of life, the everyday seriousness that some think life has to be but it’s not.

Ron is dressed in his usual attire of his black UTA wrestling jacket and blue jeans protecting him from the elements. A dark blue ski cap covers his head and ears, his glasses hide his eyes, his face isn't red or showing the elements.  Ron is leaning against a wall and seems so genuinely amused by whatever this is that the elements are the last thing on his mind. He notices the camera shooting the interview and realizes he actually might need to talk.

Ron: As he slowly, mockingly, cynically applauds something he starts to speak.  His head shaking side to side in disbelief.  Wow… Dan Benson… and people think I'm stuck in the past? People think I'm the one who can't let go of the past and accept the present? The applause stops, the look on Ron's face turns serious for a moment.

That can't be all you've got. Please tell me that's not the best you can come up with? Dan, if you're hoping to lure me into some false sense of security it ain't working buddy.

He thinks about Dan’s seemingly less than healthy obsession with Jason Cashe.

We seem to have something else in common don't we? I had some feuds that were blood sports, seemingly death wishes and yet I figured out how to get past them, how to move on not just with my business, but with my life as a whole.  Your obsession with Jason isn't healthy, it may be a diversionary tactic for the moment but you need to get your mind off Jason, get your head on right and focus on the task in front of you.

You know, right now? Here? In the present? And just so you're aware… Whispers, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he speaks. This isn't 4CW and it isn't the NEWA.  This is the UTA. We have a match Monday night on Victory. Try to stay in the moment would you?

Ron takes a moment and looks around. He's not sure what else to say or if he should say something else but there are other points to address.

You're right, at the moment we're not going to light up Broadway or set the world on fire with this match. As he motions to the camera You, with your cheap run of the mill variety of insults and put downs. Me with my… whatever this is.  Time has slowed both of us down, hasn't caught us yet.  We're both determined to prove that. Monday night could be fun if we're both a fraction of what we use to be. We're both at the point where nothing we say, nothing we do could “shock” the world, yours, mine, anyone's anymore. 

Ron notices something, he points the camera man to the street and has him showing some graffiti recently drawn. You can hear Ron’s voice as the cameraman keeps shooting the attempt at art work. 

Dan, this art… It reminds me of your so quaint and so cute attempt at referencing something.  Yes we've both been all over the country, we've both been stars all over the world. You're from Minnesota, I'm from another notoriously cold place, the Appalachian mountains. They've both froze over but hell hasn't.

The camera turns and faces Ron, his face now serious. So Dan, to help you out, maybe to help you get in the present, even help you get your mind right, I'm going to do it for you. I'm going to pull this out of mothballs one time, just for you. Tell me if this is what you were so subtly trying to hint at?  

Ron takes a deep breath and looks into the camera, suddenly all you can see only his face and the focus in his eyes and in a moment, we go back in time.  I am the Southern Rebel, The UTA Hall of Famer,  lose to me Monday night on Victory, BEAT ME, WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER! 



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