Title: A little light reading
Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 1/15/2016
Location: Albany, New York
Show: Victory XLV

Today is a horrible day.

The sun is hidden behind darkened clouds, and the tears of angels fill the grey colored sky and as they fall from the heavens they create a harmonic rhythm as they collide with the concrete and the cars below. People are getting out of their cars and running towards the store with their hoodies over their heads that are soaked with precipitation while the others with a brain are using umbrellas. As we escape the monsoon we enter into the sub-Artic temperatures of Barnes and Noble and we are quickly brought to life by the smell of coffee in the air and the conversations of the natives in the store.

After we shake out the cold, we stare at the vastness of reading material that your local public library is jealous of. To the right we have magazines that feature the latest edition of Empire magazine with everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth” Deadpool on the cover, and Sports Illustrated with Will Smith on the cover promoting the movie Concussion. If you look to the right you see your marked down items that includes classic books like Arabian Nights and Moby Dick to autobiographies like of rock band Metallica and of the Presidents.

As we make our way passed the half priced literature and the monthly rags and follow the aroma of Juan Valdez that feels the air as we pass up the romance section, and the graphic novel section until we see the UTA Wildfire champion quietly sitting by himself. Sitting on the table in front of Stevens is the latest issue of ESPN with Ronda Rousey on the cover, Hyperbole and a Half, and A Knight of Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin. Stevens slowly raises his head from his newly bought reading material and cracks his neck from side to side before speaking.

“El Trebol Jr. is right.”

Stevens says as he lets out a sigh.

“As you can see by my reading material in front of me you can see that sports isn’t the only thing of importance in my life. I am a connoisseur of various things and that does include things by George Martin.”

Stevens points to A Knight of Seven Kingdom that lays on the table.

“Recently he made an analogy to the Game of Thrones books in relation to the wildfire scene and my championship as he compared me as the big and intimidating Stannis Baratheon fleet being consumed by the unrelenting green inferno of the wildfire as he alludes to being that and defeating me in an blaze of glory by defeating me and becoming the new Wildfire champion. He also made the counterpoint for me as well, but the thing I agree the most with after everything he said is one simple word and that singular word is passion.”

Stevens says as he leans back in his chair and cross his arms in front of his chest.

“Passion is what drove what people call a midget in a frog costume to overcome the height and weight disadvantage and defeat the now world champion in Sean Jackson a few weeks back. Passion is what drove me to become the Wildfire champion. Passion is the common thing we as professional wrestlers share amongst one another because it drives us to be the very best in a profession that we love, and right now you are looking at one of the best UTA has to offer!”

Stevens says sharply as he leans forward in his chair.

“And some may laugh at the statement I just made, and say people like Will Haynes or Mikey Unlikey are better than me, but like an asshole everyone has their own opinion, and regardless of if I‘m better or if they are the fact is I‘ve won championship gold in UTA and they haven‘t. Having the Wildfire championship around my waist is proof that I am one of the best in UTA at this current time.”

Stevens says confidently.

“Forget people saying you may or may not deserve a shot at my championship after you lost to Kendrix because regardless of their opinions you did do something that’s rarely been done and that’s defeat Sean Jackson.”

Stevens says with a nod to acknowledge is opponent’s accomplishment.

“I couldn’t do it and that is why you’ve earned yourself another shot at redemption. I know you are going to bring everything you have, but I hope for your sake that you’ve truly learned from your first opportunity that you had with Kendrix. I understand you were probably nervous and the butterflies in your stomach were probably getting to you because it was your first championship match, and I know it’s difficult to win gold in your first attempt. Trust me, I failed many times before in my career especially in UTA.”

Stevens says with a nod as he screws the cap off of his Coke and takes a drink.

“While Monday night may be your second championship match in your young career it is my millionth, and the most important thing you need to realize is this……”

Stevens takes another sip of his soda before continuing.

“I’m the fucking UTA Wildfire champion!”

Stevens says with fiery passion in his voice.

“That championship means that not only am I one of the best in UTA, but in the entire wrestling profession as well. That championship is my entire world and I will do what ever I have to do to make sure I prevail over you Monday night on Victory! You said I attacked Ron Hall and Cayle Murray to assert my dominance over my fellow man, and you are correct because when you have people trying to take your world away from you how else are you suppose to react? I have no regrets for what I’ve done to Cayle Murray or Ron Hall, and why should I? You think I should’ve shown more respect to Ron Hall because he’s a UTA legend and Hall of Famer? You think I should’ve been nicer to Cayle Murray because he’s a swell guy? They poked the bear and everything that happened to them they had coming.“

Stevens says sternly.

“Ron Hall disrespected me by airing business that didn’t need to be made public and Cayle Murray begged for weeks for a title shot when he couldn’t get the job done in the eight months he was feuding with Colton Thorpe. You see, I originally ignored Murray until he started going to management and trying to weasel his way into a title opportunity or goad me into a verbal contract with his malicious tweets on Twitter. Cayle Murray tried to punk me and I punked him back with my title upside his head because that’s the closest he will ever get to it.”

A little bit of saliva flies out of Stevens’ mouth as he spews his hatred for Cayle Murray and Ron Hall.

“El Trebol, you enjoyed making analogies to my championship and the Game of Throne novels, and using the metaphor of yourself conquering a much larger opponent, but you fail to realize the analogy of Stannis Baratheon and myself.”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“Even though the wildfire engulfed and destroyed more than half of Stannis’ fleet he still marched towards the wall of King’s Landing. Stannis is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and he wasn’t going to let anyone or anything stop him from claiming what is his, and even though some of his actions maybe considered barbaric or questionable the fact remains that he is the true king of King’s Landing just like I’m the one and only Wildfire champion. Stannis Baratheon is the moral compass of the Game of Throne books, and every action he made had a reason; he killed his brother because he was trying to usurp his claim to the throne just like Cayle Murray is trying to do with me. Stannis burned people alive who questioned his actions and that’s is why Ron Hall was attacked because he openly questioned decisions I made with James Wingate.”

Stevens take a moment to collect himself before continuing.

“This Monday you have two roads ahead of you.”

Stevens says as he extends his index finger.

“One road is you’re the conquering hero named Tyrion Lannister as you defeat the evil Baratheon and save King’s Landing from annihilation, or two, you don’t do anything and are nothing more than Joffrey Baratheon taking the credit for defeating Stannis at the Blackwater when that wasn’t the case.”

Stevens says as he lowers his hand.

“Which one are you going to be El Trebol Jr.? Are you going to be Tyrion and prove that you’re a legitimate threat and that your match with Kendrix was a slipup or are you Joffrey trying to ride the wave of relevancy because you defeated Sean Jackson on an off day and Kendrix proved your victory was nothing more than a fluke?”

Stevens asks with great interest.

“You need to realize what you are come Monday because I know what I am and that’s the Wildfire champion. I’m the Wildfire champion right now and I’ll be the Wildfire champion when I step into that ring to defend it against you. All the pressure is on you El Trebol because if you win you proven you’ve taken that next step, but when you lose to me you will be lumped into the category of Cayle Murray and Will Haynes of talented wrestlers that constantly choked under the pressure.”

Stevens says harshly before going back to read his ESPN magazine as the camera fades.

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