Title: I Don't Gotta Tell You
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 1/18/16
Location: Athens, Georgia, USA
Show: Victory XLVI

There ain’t no sunshine at the current moment for Will Haynes. That much should be obvious at this point. Painfully so.

There is no World Title here. No one to blame but himself. All out of excuses the THRILL wipes the remaining sleep from his eyes as he begins preparing a simple breakfast.

Haynes: “Marie, you’ve been here. I ain’t gotta tell you how this feels.”

The words feel a bit different now compared to a week ago when he originally wanted to record a promotional video. The camera crew was out at Casa de Thrill and everything, but the THRILL killed it. Told them to pack up and go home. He wasn’t feeling it.

In the end he’s glad he took the time. Haynes pulls his robe closed, tying it shut. He checks his phone briefly before pocketing it in the deep, oversized front pockets. Underneath the robe he wears a plain heather gray v neck t-shirt. He wears black sweat pants to complete his casual wear.

Haynes: “I ain’t gotta tell you, Marie, how bad it sucks t’ come so close t’ winnin’ the World Title that you can ALMOST taste it.”

“I ain’t gotta tell you that it leaves a terrible taste in your mouth. I ain’t gotta tell you that you spend nights starin’ at the ceilin’, replaying your shot; askin’ what ya could’a done different.”

“I ain’t gotta tell you.”

Haynes cracks an egg into a class. He’s about to go full on Rocky with this thing.

Haynes: “I ain’t gotta tell you, Marie that your star is risin’. That people are startin’ t’ take notice. You know it. You know that you’ve been workin’ hard, diggin’ deep, givin’ it everythin’ you got.”

“You should be proud a’ yourself, Marie. But I ain’t gotta tell you that.”

Haynes cracks another egg into a glass because why not. He shakes his head; not believing what he’s about to do.

Haynes: “I ain’t gotta tell you about what I’ve already done in that ring, Marie. You already know. You’ve been around a while now.”

“I ain’t gotta tell you, Marie. I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna get you nervous, Marie. I don’t wanna get you excited.”

“Cause Marie I want your best.”

“I wanna see what you got. I wanna know if you had what it took to beat Blanca. I know wanna know if you could’ve been World Champ, Marie.”

“I don’t wanna HEAR it from you. I want you to SHOW me, Marie. I wanna see it.”

Haynes determined now brings the glass to his lips, he opens his mouth and the two eggs go down. Rougher than expected. Haynes closes his eyes but manages to keep the protein down.

Haynes: “Marie, I want you t’ march down to the ring on Monday night n’ show me why YOU should’ve been World Champion.”

“I don’t gotta tell you, Marie, but people use your Title shot against Blanca as a punchline. They throw it in Blanca’s face; use it t’ discredit his reign, use it t’ discredit his legacy.”

“Doesn’t that bother you? Don’t you wanna silence those critics? Don’t you wanna shut their mouths once n’ for all?”

Haynes shakes his head. He knows what it’s like to be counted out. Faded because of whatever the reason of the week was or is. In a way he’s found himself right back to those days.

Haynes: “I don’t gotta tell you this, Marie, but beatin’ me, would do that. Goin’ the distance with the THRILL, it would silence a lot of your so called heaters. People’s ears would perk up. You’d earn a notch in your belt; hell somethin’ you could over that twit Amy Harrison.”

“This is huge for you, Marie. HUGE.”

“But I don’t gotta tell you that.”

“You already know.”

Haynes turns on his kitchen faucet, he washes the glass out with a bit of water. He opens the dishwasher and finds a spot to place it, closing the dishwasher when he’s done.

Haynes: “I don’t gotta tell you that your head needs t’ be in this one hundred percent. I don’t gotta tell you that you can’t be worried about Amy Harrison. You need t’ be concentrated on me. You need t’ be prepared for me.”

“I’m gonna make you work, Marie. I saw what you did against Jeff Andrews n’ it impressed me. Surprised me even. N’ now, now I got a chance t’ see if that was for real. T’ see if you’re that good, or if Andrews is that rusty. Either way, headin’ int’ All or Nothin’ that’s valuable information to have.”

Haynes smirks, heading into the living room.

Haynes: “I don’t gotta tell you this, Marie, but I don’t plan on losin’. I ain’t gonna take it easy on you. I ain’t gonna lay up on you. I ain’t Chris Hopper.”

“You get in that ring with me n’ you get the best I got. One hundred percent a’ the time. No days off. No seconds off. Not anymore.”

“I got a goal, Marie. Had a goal from the second I walked in that door. N’ I’ve come close now, close a few times; n’ not you or anyone else in this place is gonna stop me.”

“But Marie…”

One more thing before he goes.

Haynes: “I don’t gotta tell you that.”


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