Title: This is it.
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: January 19
Location: Montreal
Show: Victory XLVI

This was it. This was the match that was about to put Marie on the map once and for all. After a win over Santa Claus, and her problems with Amy continuing to rise to higher level, it was time to put that aside and face off against Will Haynes.

Will is considered to be one of the top guys of this promotion. He has faced off against every top star you can think of, he has nearly become the World Heavyweight Champion on a couple occasions, but his opponents got the best of him. The list goes on and on regarding Haynes as Marie knew it was time to get serious.

The scene starts with Marie putting something away. Her face was looking at some of the stuff she was putting away before beginning to speak.

Van Claudio: My father always said this to my siblings and me.

She pushes her blonde hair off her shoulder.

Van Claudio: When you’re going against someone that paid his dues and is one of the top guys, you have to be ready to show that person you’re just on their level.

She smiles a bit. Her father did teach her a lot.

Van Claudio: And that’s what I have to do this week. I have to show Will Haynes that I’m on the same level as him.

She stands up and walks around her room.

Van Claudio: Out of everyone that I faced off against in the past. Whether it was an upcoming star or a champion, I always get the butterflies in my stomach that leads to nerves.

She goes to grab something from the closet.

Van Claudio: The butterflies happened when I was facing off against Cayle Murray….

She looks down before looking back up.

Van Claudio: The knots happened when I faced off against La Flama Blanca at the time for the world title.

She goes back to packing her stuff up.

Van Claudio: That’s how I feel about going in our match this week, Will. I have knots and butterflies in my stomach.

She puts something in her bag.

Van Claudio: The butterflies are flying around because I know that it’s an honor to throw down in the ring, but the knots are tying up because all eyes are going to be on me.

She zips it up.

Van Claudio: Out of everyone that was apart of the WTFC, I knew that you were going to be the bigger star out of all three. I knew that and you proved it along the way.

She smirks a bit.

Van Claudio: I admire the hell out of you for it. I admire the fact that you don’t take shit from anyone that comes in your way. That’s what I like seeing from you.

Marie puts shoes in the bag and more stuff in.

Van Claudio: However, we do need to put things aside for now. You with losing the World Heavyweight Championship match, me with Amy Harrison.

She zips it up.

Van Claudio: For this match, Amy’s not going to be on my mind. Her main concern is going against that one dude that’s going around with a teddy bear. My main focus for this week is on you and on you, ONLY!

She goes back into her closet and puts more stuff.

Van Claudio: You mentioned how you want to see the Marie Van Claudio that faced off against La Flama Blanca that made everyone impressed with me, you wanted to see the Marie Van Claudio that showed Jeff Andrews wrong and that made the fans get behind my side.

She puts the in her hands on the side.

Van Claudio: You got it!

She smiles a bit, but stops smiling for a second.

Van Claudio: But I’m going to give you a warning about that certain side.

She sits on the bed, unzipping the bag and putting her shoes in there.

Van Claudio: That side is the feisty side that everyone has seem to take notice. Jeff doubted me and looked what happened? It nailed him right in the lip!

She shakes her head. Still feeling bad about it.

Van Claudio: I felt bad for kicking him like that, but at least he knew I didn’t play around. However, I don’t plan on doing it to you, Will.

She stands back up.

Van Claudio: You want to know why? Because you and I are going to show everyone that we deserve to hold the top titles.

She kneels on her bed.

Van Claudio: We are going to show everyone that UTA needs to have a trust in us!

Marie stands up on the bed.

Van Claudio: And that in 2016, one of us, or the both of us will rise to the occasion!

Marie jumps back down on the bed.

Van Claudio: Will, like I said before. It’s going to be an honor facing off against you in the ring. We could, wait let me take that back, we WILL have the match everyone will be talking for weeks on end about.

She flips her hair and goes back to packing.

Van Claudio: You want to win this match and you don’t plan on losing it, I want to win this match, but I don’t plan on losing it either.

She sighs, but keeps a confident smile on her face.

Van Claudio: But one of us have to win this match.

She zips up her bag and puts it on the floor.

Van Claudio: I wish you the best of luck, and may the best person win.

Marie goes back to packing as the scene ends from here.

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