Title: A New Outlook
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 22/01/16
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XLVI

Lew paces back and forth in his hotel room, humming to himself. Jordan and Hayley come through the door energetically with bags of food from the shop.

Lew: You guys surely took your time.

Jordan: Have you seen what we went to go get?

Hayley: We're prepared for tonight.

L: What's so special about to tonight?

J: Nothing special, just a good night.

L: For what?

H: Starting the new year!

L: But this year hasn't gone as how you or I expected.

J: That's fine. There's the rest of the year to improve.

H: Agreed! Although it was a unfortunate start, we need to get our act together. Starting with a good meal.

L: You think my performance is linked to my diet?

H: No, no. You eat right and you work out right. I feel that if we were to sit down and have a good meal and chat, we would be motivated to stick it to the others this year. Come out on top.

J: Well, don't know if on top but...

L: Ha! Screw it, cook it up! We'll kick ass this year!

They all cheer as Hayley takes the helm for food.

J: Right, whilst we prepare for the future, we must talk about the past and the present.

L: Agreed. Last Victory's loss was an unforgiving performance. Abdul is a beyond experienced wrestler. Going up against him had an inevitable ending for me.

J: Indeed, you put up a reasonable fight. But it wasn't good enough.

L: I know.

H: It's a good thing you're up to a newcomer this upcoming Victory.

L: A newcomer? That's nice! New year, definite win. Just like it happened with Kendrix. He joined, I beat him. Now his newcomer, no doubt, I'll kick their new butt. Who is it?

J: Someone by the name of P. T. Merciless.

Lew pauses a while.

L: Merciless? Oh, damn.

Hayley and Jordan let out a sound of question.

L: Now, a newcomer with a past or no past is one thing. But a newcomer with a deadly name? Now, am I going to have a bad time?

J: Heh. A name is just a name. Perfection isn't perfect. Ya know?

L: Hopefully, you're right.

J: You never know about your opponent when you combat them for the first time. Kendrix, you never knew about his skill. You beat him. Look where he is now.

L: Funny that. People who I beat in their debuts come to be one of the best. The person who beat me in my debut is nowhere around.

J: Well...Kendrix was one of those outcomes. Don't forget Orobin Thor.

L: Oh yeah...what happened to him?

H: Never mind lads, starters are ready. The main will be on it's way soon!

L: I suppose we can talk more about my opponent after food.

The lot all sit down for starters as the rest of the food cooks.



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