Title: The Words Of Lisil: The Machete
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 1/21/2016
Location: Kingston Jamaica
Show: Victory XLVI

The scene opens in Lisil Jackson's beachside cabana where he's sitting with his bandaged up foot propped up on a chair. He's dressed in a black long sleeve shirt with the words "JAMAICA STRONG" on it, and his black track pants with yellow and green pin stripes going down the sides. He looks at the camera and smiles before taking a drink from his bottle of D&G Pineapple Cola. 

"Eyyyyyyy mon!!!!" 

Lisil says clearing his throat.

"First o' all I wanna just say dat regardless o' me ankle I will be at Victory! I won't miss dis match of anyting! And lemme just say dat Mikey... Ya may have hurt me ankle mon... But ya didn't extinguish dee fiya dat burn inside me!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration says with a bold smile. 

"So dis week I be facin a brudda named Abdul Bin Hussein! Prolly dee most controversial individual in dee UTA right now with dee tings he be belchin out!" 

Lisil lets out a laugh slapping his leg shaking his head unable to contain himself. 

"Brudda we get it. Ya hate America! Ya can only complain so much until ya start soundin like a baby dat got it toy taken away mon! But ya know I not be from America but I respect dee country! Fo dey welcome me wit open arms!" 

Lisil Jackson says before taking another drink from his bottle before continuing. 

"But really brudda if ya hate America so much den ya should be tryin ta make tings betta! I know how ya feel mon... I lived on dee streets o' Kingston Jamaica! I lived wonderin if I would see a tomorrow!" 

Jackson's expression turns serious as he continues thinking about his life. 

"Dee drug hustlas, dee thieves, and dee neva endin violence out in dee concrete jungle! But ya know what mon? I coulda became anotha part o' dee problem out in Kingston but I decided dat I need ta make tings betta fo me people!" 

Lisil smiles nodding his head. 

"And dat is what ya should be doin instead o' spewin out hatred mon! And befo ya say anytin bout us teamin up..." 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior can't help but burst into laughter almost choking on the cola he's drinking. 

"Brudda we be on opposite ends o' dee spectrum! I hear what ya be sayin mon... People talk ta me and tell me dat dey hear ya words. And ya be spewin nothin but ignorance..." 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior sighs. 

"Brudda I wanna tell ya somethin...."

Lisil reaches back behind his chair and pulls out a machete and sets it gently on the table in front of him. 

"I know dat ya be familiar wit dis tool... Dee machete... In fact ya may or may not know dat in Jamaica we carry dese round almost like it be a typical knife in America. Used ta harvest crops or ta crack open a coconut ta get ta dat sweet nectar inside!" 

Lisil says turning the blade over showing it to the camera. 

"Or even used as a butcher tool! Regardless dis be a tool dat dee people o' Jamaica use ta make dey lives betta! What do ya use ya stinkin machete fo Hussein huh?" 

A look of disgust creeps across Lisil's face. 

"Brudda I won't even go inta detail bout dat fo it make me sick ta me stomach! But dee fact is... Dis is a tool dat is used fo a purpose o' good... One tool but yet ya make it used fo evil..." 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior lets out a long sigh. 

"It kinda be like ya religion in general mon... I know dat dee Muslim people are good people... I know dat bumbaclots like yaself be dee minority... In matta o' fact Out in Flint where dey be havin dat poison wata issue an organization stepped up and sent dem ova 30,000 bottles o' wata!" 

Lisil smiles letting out an amusing chuckle. 

"Ya know who dee people were? Dey were an organization called Who Is Hussain? A Non Profit organization ran by great Muslim people tryin ta spread dee word Imam Hussain Ibn Ali! An Islamic leada who spoke out gainst dee violence and extremisim... Dee mon was killed bein denied wata fo days..." 

The Jamaican sighs shaking his head. 

"A brudda who sacrificed imself fo a greata cause... Meanwhile ya do nothin but make ya own people look bad!"

The Jamaican Inspiration shakes his head disgusted. 

"Afta all... Doesn't Prophet Muhammed teach ya neighba comes befo ya own household?" 

Lisil Jackson lets out a hearty laugh. 

"Ya mon don't tink I haven't studied otha religion! But ya know in dee end one ting will matta and dat is what happen in dat ring!" 

Lisil takes another drink from his bottle before continuing. 

"And lemme tell ya brudda... Ya may tink I be use ta losin and fiya off stereotype afta stereotype but one fact remain... I already pinned two forma UTA World Champions and I plan on makin it three!" 

The Jamaican finishes off his bottle of cola before he continues. 

"Best o' luck Mista Hussein... Cuz while ya be plannin ya next outburst o' hatred... I be plannin on a way ta beat ya! Dat is why I be JAMAICA STRONG!!!"

And with those words said the scene fades to black. 

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