Title: This Is It
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 1/22/16
Location: Wrestleplex, FL
Show: Victory XLVI

Nope, sorry. No brackets to be found here, just your resident THRILLmaker Will Haynes. He’s tired. Can anyone blame him. You try recovering from a World Title Match with Eric Dane when you aren’t afforded painkillers.

Haynes rolls his neck, throwing his shoulders backwards. He;s in the locker room down at the ol’ Wrestleplex. There’s a reason he’s here though, he’s work - building. Rehab is hard, and there’s still some things he needs to iron out. For one, his new finisher - Georgia On My Mind, an ode to his adopted hometown that everyone seems to have a problem with.

Haynes is in the process of changing. He’s wearing a ribbed black tank top.

Haynes: “You’re right Marie, this IS it.”

“THIS, right here, is IT.”

He nods his head as he reaches down and takes off his tank. The scar from his punctured lung at the hands of attacks from Dane and Unlikely rears its ugly head. Quickly Haynes reaches into his locker and slips on a black compression top, falling just above his elbow.

Haynes: “This is all you get, Marie. Today. Now. The present.”

“The future, the past - that’s all out of your control. All out of your hands. There ain’t no good that comes from dwellin’ on it.”

“It’s hard t’ leave the past behind in this business. Hard t’ shake off last month’s loss n’ slip the focus to this months gains. I get that. N’ I get that you n’ Amy got a history that goes back a long time, but Marie, if I’m gonna leave you with one thing - let this be it.”

“Be the bigger person. End it. It’s not worth losing a friend over somethin’ dumb. I get it gettin’ hurt by your friends is never easy, but be the bigger person. Trust me on that.”

“You can kinda say that I understand where you’re comin’ from on that whole Amy situation.”

Haynes reaches into his locker, pulling out some athletic tape. He quickly ties one wrist and then the other. He’s fast about it because apparently taking one’s time to tie one’s boots is serious business.

Haynes: “But here’s the rub, Marie.”

“I don’t understand anythin’ else about you. I don’t understand what it’s like t’ have a family, hell I don’t know what it’s like t’ really have money at all. I’ve been chasin’ money my entire life. Hell, the reason I’m still doin’ this. It’s all about the dollar signs.”

“Least with folks like you, like Eric Dane, n’ Colton Thrope - God rest his soul.”

Haynes closes his locker. He shifts his weight side to side, front to back on his feet trying to get his blood moving a bit. Once he steps out into the Plex he knows that Johnny Legend will put him through the paces.

Johnny Legend, he’s the road agent you all work with. Ya know, THAT guy.

Haynes: “I worked hard for every blood red cent I earned. N’ I t’ quote the great Jimmy Buffet, had enough money to buy Miami but pissed it away so fast.

Never meant t’ last.”

Haynes isn’t exactly a Jimmy Buffet aficionado or anything but he read Pirate Looks at Forty once upon a time on a vacation in the Keys.

Haynes: “This right here. This thing...wrestling. It is IT, Marie. N’ you can’t take it for granted. Not for one second. Not for one. Single. Second.”

“You take a wrong bump. You land on your head wrong. Eric Dane decides t’ use you as an example, Mikey Unlikely decides t’ try t’ break your ankle with a chair, ANYTHIN’ can happen in this business. ANYTHIN’.”

Haynes makes his way to the end of the locker room, to the hall.

Haynes: “Count your blessings for your health, Marie. Let that be the lesson I leave you with, if anythin’. Thank God for your health. Cause you don’t wanna be where I was. You don’t wanna have t’ go through the hell I went through just t’ get back here. You don’t.

Haynes shakes his head. The medical bills still come every few weeks, he’s paying them off the best he can.

Haynes: “I’m gonna push you, Marie. Going to test you. No two ways about it, none at all. Cause I wanna see it. I wanna see who pushed Blanca. I wanna see who pushed Jeff Andrews. I want you t’ hit me with all you got.”

“Cause that’s what I’m gonna do, Maire. I’m gonna bring all I got.”

“I mean it’s all or nothing, afterall.”

With that there is no more.

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