Title: Merciless Debut
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 22/01/16
Location: Various Locations
Show: Victory XLVI



After the group had sat down, laughed and dined over a fine meal, Lew and Jordan put it to themselves to clean up, seeings as Hayley did all the cooking.

Hayley: Oh, lads. You don't need to do that.

Lew: Well, it's only fair. You went through all that work so it only makes sense that we clear up.

Jordan: At least a bit anyway. We're off to the gym.

Hayley nods.

H: It's been a while since you guys actually went to a gym and spoke about the match. Why don't you guys go now and I'll sort this.

L: We'll just put these here, and we'll be on our way.

Lew and Jordan place the plates and cutlery aside and head on out. They eventually reach a local gym, small town but cozy. They enter slowly to a near empty gym, the equipment untouched.

J: Looks like we got the whole place to ourselves.

L: Seems like it.

A rustling from the office out back sounds and an old man appears from nowhere.

Old Man: Oh, well excuse me gentlemen, heh, I didn't expect to have customers.

L: It's quite alright. I'm guessing this is a members only joint?

OM: Oh, no no, sonny. This place is being shut down. Yep. It's seen some good fighters come through these doors. Couldn't keep up with the payments so I'm just sorting out for people to take over it. And well, it ain't going so well.

J: Well, we just so happen to be a part of a wrestling fed. We can at least pay something to use this space for today?

OM: Nah, sonny. It's good. You guys go on and use this stuff for free. I've got enough in my back pocket to last me the rest of my days. If you need me, I'll be in the office.

The old man smiles and turns back into the office.

L: Poor lad.

J: Yeah...well let's get to work.

Jordan nods and walks over to one of the weight machines, pointing at it, calling Lew over. Lew, following quickly, moves into position. Jordan hanging above him, wipes the machine down with his finger, removing a chunk of dust.

J: Well, it doesn't look like anyone's been here in a long while.

Lew lifts the bar and the weights fall off the ends.

L: Nor safe...

J: Come on, Lew. Let's bounce. This place doesn't seem like the best of places to train.

Lew sits up.

L: Maybe you're right. Although I want to make the old guy feel good that we're giving his building of memories some attention. However, we honestly can't. Let's at least say goodbye.

The guys head up to the office and walk inside, to find a dirty mattress and a torn duvet in the corner. The old man using a portable stove to cook a tin of beans.

J: What's going on here?

L: sleep here?

OM: Oh...heh, yeah. After my house got repoed and the wife died. My gym was the only thing I had left. No one comes here because of my living condition. You can't be surprised really. This country's changing. Not financially or politically or anything like that. But morally. This country is dying.

Lew and Jordan turn to each other.

L: Well...that's unfortunate.

J: Sorry to hear.

OM: It's alright lads. Now, uh. Get going. I'm sure you'll find something better on your travels.

Lew speaks up.

L: No, it's alright. How about this?

The old man perks up.

L: I have a match, a wrestling match. This Monday. I'd like to invite you back to our hotel and clean yourself up. I'll put you up in a room and provide food. On one condition.

OM: Oh, that sounds great! But I can't take that offer, sonny.

J: It's absolutely fine, sir.

The old man sheds a teat and listens up.

L: If you come to the match, which I'll get you a ticket and a suit for, I'll give you enough to clean this place up.

OM: You'd really do that?

L: Yup! And if I win, I'll be sure to get you free tickets whenever we're in the area again.

OM: Heh! Sounds amazing. I can't thank you boys enough. Thank you.

J: Come on, lock this place up and we'll get going.

They all nod and make their way out.

J: Dunno what you're playing at, Lew. Not sure any karma stuff will help you at your match this Victory.

L: Whilst that's true, unlike my opponent P. T. Merciless, I have at least some mercy in me. And what it gets you is respect. This guy will need to be shown some if he's to make it in UTA.

J: I get ya now.

L: Victory! Here we come!



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