Title: Dinner Date
Featuring: Xander Hayes
Date: 1/22/2016
Location: Some place
Show: Victory XLVI

The camera fades up in a nice fancy restaurant, we see people sitting down eating their fancy dinners and what not, having conversations, glasses making noise, utensils making noise, wait staff rushing around dressed to the tee’s as the camera slowly pans around as we see some patrons giving disgusted looks as we finally see the Amy Harrison cut out standing near a table, but now the cutout is a lot worse for wear, there are stain marks from grease and other things and the edges are not so clean. And some areas have bite marks from a poodle. The camera pans around as we see X sitting across from the cut out drinking sparkling water from a glass or we would assume it is sparkling water. X has his pinky finger stuck out as he drinks. He starts to laugh.

X: And I said what I don’t want to wear that glove as a suit, it’s not big enough for me to fit in hahahahahaha.

X noticed the camera crew and waves like a fool as he stands up and motions to the cut out. The camera pans around to the cut out.

X: I’d like you to meet my date the one and only Amy Harrison. Heh we’ve been having a grand old time tonight. Now I thought it be nice that I’d take the time and talk about how I was wrong and unjust with the words I spoke a few days ago. To offer my opponent the proverbial olive branch, because I was being too hard on some random lady here. I don’t really hate her, and well I don’t think I can make assumptions about someone, I mean Amy where’d ya come, from where’d ya go, where’d ya come from cotton eyed joe hahahaha.

The camera pans back to X as he starts to dance a bit, then he smirks as a snicker is heard.

X: Now Amy how have you seen Teddy? How’d you see Teddy? Did you sleep with that vile charlatan Sean Jackson? Did you find Marshall Owens bathing with Teddy?

X shivers at the thought of some suit lathering up Teddy with soap and washing him.

X: Amy do you even research whoever you are facing? Or do you like to make assumptions. How could you confuse a mountain dew bottle named fluffy with a headless stuffed bear? I would think you even with some form of thoughts, would see the difference between a plastic bottle and a stuffed animal, but I guess you can’t even tell the difference.

X shakes his head and looks around visible disgusted by her lack of telling the difference.

X: Teddy isn’t a fade, nor something I.. Oh hell who am I kidding Teddy is my manager, he’s brought me good luck and what not…

X stops and looks at Fluffy who is sitting on the table dressed in a mini suit.

X: Yes, could I get a hamburger well done, with fries and a coke please? Look sir I don’t know you…. I don’t care if you think this is a bad idea, everything is a bad idea until it works, and you still suck as a manager...

X grabs Fluffy and tosses the bottle into a table across the room and laughs.

X: Stupid waiter… ugh…

X composes himself as he smiles.

X: Amy I won’t talk down to you. I couldn’t do that. You seem to be a part of the special class; you seem to need the little yellow school bus just to understand a small detail of your lack of knowledge. I find your lacking in the force disturbing hehe. Now Amy I have more going for me then you could even imagine, see since my return I’ve been doing very well. I have been on an unprecedented winning streak. I have my health, and I have…

X looks over as we see Fluffy back on the table with the hamburger and fries and a sprite. X looks at the drink and shakes his head as he grabs Fluffy and dunks the bottle into the sprite, the bottle just bobs there.

X: Damn it Fluffy…..

X then grabs the bottle and tosses away again as it randomly hit’s some lady in the head as X shrugs and snicker as he mouths the word sorry.

X: Sorry about that folks. Now where was I… Oh yea. Amy How could I be bad in the ring? I eluded to this a few moments ago. I’m on a shocking winning streak, and on paper it seems that I am better then you. So how do you figure I am bad in the ring? Maybe bad in bed hehe, but I wouldn’t know.

X smirks as he winks.

X: Amy how am I stealing your material? I must be some Dane Cook comedian or something like that, but yet.. You only see a similarity between yourself and the words I say? Don’t ya think it’s funny? Or perhaps you just wanna say things that make no sense.

X snickers as he looks at the cut out and winks.

X: Now Amy You might attempt to shut me up, you might attempt to do whatever it is you do, but What are you going to do with the lower IQ when you face me? Amy I think you are a walking conundrum. You like pulling random stuff out of nowhere.

X shakes his head as he stands up and walks over to the cut out as he places a hand on it and pat’s it.

X: Amy it’s ok, really, I think you live in a very special world, and hell I should know, I live in my own world of raves. You just don’t know it yet. I’ll help you understand Amy, just like everything else, we are here for the fans. We are here to give them a show unlike any other, and I will do anything in my power to do that Amy. And you can count on that.

X starts to stomp his foot and counts as he does that. X then finishes as he snickers.

X: Amy let’s dance, let’s see what you have. And I’ll bring Fluffy so you can actually see the difference between Teddy and a Mountain Dew bottle.

X shakes his head and picks up the cut out and starts to make his way out of the restaurant and waves his hand as the camera fades to black.

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