Title: All or Nothing for Me
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: January 22nd
Location: Ashville Gym
Show: Victory XLVI

The scene starts with Marie Van Claudio working out for her match coming up. The adrenaline was pumping side of her and the motivation was at its high. Of course, Marie was going into this match as the “underdog” against Will Haynes, which led her to working out even harder for this match.

Van Claudio: This whole match has pushed me into the biggest drive of my life.

She peddles on the bike and looks straight ahead into the distance.

Van Claudio: I always knew that one day, I would be facing off against one of the big names of this company. I always knew that my work wouldn’t be so easy and most importantly, I knew this match was going to happen sooner or later.

She keeps wheeling on the bike before putting it down at an easy pace. Marie puts on hand on the water bottle and takes a zip of it.

Van Claudio: Will wanted me to be at my best this week. He wanted me to give him the Marie that’s been impressing everyone and leading to the support of the fans.

She goes back to peddling on the bike with the look of determination.

Van Claudio: Will’s going to get it.  He’s going to get the same Marie Van Claudio that went out there and proved everyone wrong in her title match. However, if he wants that, then I have to ask for something in return.

Marie looks around and cracks her neck.

Van Claudio: If you want THAT version of Marie, then I’m going to ask you the same thing in RETURN regarding the Will Haynes we saw when you faced off against La Flama Blanca for the Legacy Championship.

She stops peddling on her bike as she takes a sip of her water and gets off the bike.

Van Claudio: Granted, I was let go from the company back last year, but while watching at home. I saw a different side of you that I haven’t seen before. Back then, I was so used to the “comedy” side from you.

She steps off her bike and goes to sit on a bench.

Van Claudio: Times have changed and now we’re here. Two different personalities that were ever so different at one point are going to be facing off against each other.

She flashes a small smile on her face.

Van Claudio: That’s the Will Haynes that I want to see in the ring and just like the rest of the times since then.

She pats herself with the towel.

Van Claudio: But Will, you don’t know how much drive and determination for this match I have. Heading into this match is a REALLY big deal for me and this could be the biggest chance to impress management even more.

She flips her blonde hair back and wipes that down.

Van Claudio: You’ve been impressing people, you’ve had your shots at titles while I have been busting my ass trying to secure myself at the top.

She stands up puts the towel aside.

Van Claudio: I need to win this match, Will.

She wipes down her head.

Van Claudio: I need to win this match more than you. I need to prove that I’m worthy to have everything just like you’ve been getting as of late. I need to prove it, not you.

She sits back down.

Van Claudio: On Monday, all eyes are going to be on us. The both of us are going to bringing it to each other when we face off. I don’t expect this match going lightly, but something has to give in this match.

She goes back on the bike and begins to peddling for her work out.

Van Claudio: This is All or Nothing for me. This is my All or Nothing match where I’m going to put everything on the line!

She looks further ahead and looks at this.

Van Claudio: Will, I don’t need to repeat it, but I think you should know. I’m coming in this match with my worries of Amy being the least of my priorities as of right now. My main goal for Monday is heading into our match with a level head.

Marie goes faster on the bike.

Van Claudio: And getting that win I want the most.

Marie puts on headphone and listens to the music that blares in her headphones.

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