Title: The Words Of Lisil: Accusation
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 1/22/2016
Location: A Diner Somewhere
Show: Victory XLVI

The scene opens inside of a diner. The camera pans around showing the many people sitting enjoying the meal they ordered. Lisil Jackson is spotted in a corner booth by himself sipping on a mug of coffee. The camera approaches Lisil who smiles. 

"Eyyy mon! Come on ova and take a seat!" 

The camera sits in front of Lisil Jackson and focuses in on him. 

"Now listen here bruddas fo dese be dee words o' Lisil Jackson!" 

Lisil clears his throat. 

"Abdul Bin Hussain! I hear bout dee words ya say and I don't know what ta make o' dem mon! Ya be all ova dee place!" 

He chuckles to himself shaking his head. 

"I mean look brudda ya wanna say I do drugs and nonsensical insults like dat? Ya be trowin round accusation wit no proof!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration takes another sip from his cup of coffee. 

"And den can ya believe dat he den decided ta say dat I be a fake Jamaican wit a fake accent?! Really mon?" 

The look on Lisil's face is purely dumbfounded. 

"Why would one make someting like dat up... Specially someone like me... But ya know I sit here and tink bout ya Hussain..." 

Jackson smiles as he clutches his mug of coffee. 

"Ya see ya sit dere and claim me accent be fake... Meanwhile when I hear ya talk ya don't sound like a true Arab! I mean ya use dee work mook! Mook!" 

Lisil lets out a laugh as word slips out of his mouth. 

"Mook... I be no expert on dee terminology o' Arab people but last time I checked mook is an Italian slang word... So what is it Mista big scary terrorist brudda? Ya be from Iraq or ya be from oh I dunno... Staten Island maybe?" 

The Jamaican lets out a laugh shaking his head. 

"Aight but really I know ya got dee scars cuz ya were involved in a bombin incident which dat indeed does show how tough ya really are! Unless o' course ya got dem scars from a terrible barbecue grill accident!" 

Lisil starts laughing but then the look on Lisil's face turns serious. 

"See mon? I can just as easily trow round worthless accusation too like ya do ta me! But I be mo intelligent den dat! See I know ya were in a terrible bombin accident and dem scars just show how truly tough ya are..." 

Lisil Jackson lets out a long sigh. 

"I can only imagine what it musta been like losin ya family... Dey must always be on ya mind Hussain! Perhaps people have ya misundastood. Maybe ya just be a mon wit a bleedin heart and not a shoulda ta cry on..." 

The Jamaican Inspiration pauses gathering his thoughts. 

"Dee ting is mon I can relate ta ya... Me grandfatha... Dee mon who always wore dee fedora I wear! Just walkin ta dee local market and he was shot... Killed right dere in dee streets o' Kingston!" 

Jackson pauses looking back at the moment before taking another sip from his cup of coffee. 

"Howeva dee way we diffa is dat ya anga has consumed ya and now ya go out dere and say dee most outrageous tings ya can tink o'! I could just as easily do dee same ting but I be tryin ta make a betta tomorra!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration takes a deep breath. 

"Ya see Hussain in Jamaica we are buildin... We are harvestin crops... We be doin tings ta make life good fo dee people o' Jamaica! Dat is why I started dee Betta Must Come foundation!" 

Lisil nods his head a smile creeping across his face. 

"But ya see Hussain ya complain bout ya lifestyle and hate on America... But tink bout it... When ya got dee potential ta make life betta what do ya do? Spend tousands o' dollas on machine guns and rocket launchas yet ya complain bout not bein able ta afford shoes!" 

He shakes his head laughing a little. 

"I try ta live dee life o' a good person cuz I already traveled down dat pat o' darkness... I just hope one day ya see dee light outta dat darkness Hussain! Cuz when ya live dat life ya find out dat it be a very lonely kinda life!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior says as the waitess walks over and sets a plate of eggs, potatoes, sausage, and toast in front of him. 

"Tank ya me lady... Eyyy do me a fava... See dat brudda ova dere?" 

Lisil says pointing to an elderly man wearing a Vietnam veteran hat sitting alone. 

"Add his bill ta mine! I won't take no fo an answa!" 

Lisil says before the waitress nods her head and walks off.

"It be dat simple Hussain! Ya can truly make a difference! Ya could be like dee Who Is Hussain organization..." 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior says before he shakes his head. 

"But really mon dee fact o' dee matta is dis... I be lookin fo dat win... If I beat ya den I can claim dat I knocked off three forma UTA World Champions! And I don't tink anyone in dee company can just say dat!" 

He takes a bite of his food nodding his head. 

"So get ya head inta dee game... Cuz brudda busted ankle or not I'm bringin a fight ta ya! When we meet in dat ring ya will know what bein strong means.... JAMAICA STRONG!" 

And with those words said Lisil casually proceeds to eat his meal as the scene slowly fades to black. 

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