Title: Money Talks
Featuring: Angel Kash
Date: 1/25/16
Location: Hamptons, New York.
Show: Victory XLVII


The sound of a vase crashing into the wall can be heard, as the normally confident and coy Angel  Kash was raving and ranting  About her loss to Sabrina Barker on the last episode of Victory. It was a humiliating defeat in her mind, this was not a woman used to losing it was something she would never be used to as servants come in and get close but he holds up her hands.

Angel: Don’t even come near me right now just clean this damn mess up!

The servants begin their duty as the raging blonde was throwing a temper tantrum of the ages. Her bedroom was normally well kept, with no debris anywhere in sight. But after a big loss like this it’s a mess with glass on the floor.

Angel: Sabrina Barker…I lost to Sabrina Barker of all people.  Out of all the people on the UTA roster, Sabrina Barker? I should have had that match won, in fact, I had it won, and I blow it?  There is no reason I should have lost, not in the slightest.  And now, I just helped continue her damn winning streak!  But, you know something incompetency is all around me from that referee in that match to the damn help around here.

Angel’s face was still bright glowing red. Her bright blue eyes were cutting right through her staff who had managed to clean up most of the glass that had hit the wall. She soon rolls her eyes, dismissing their presence.

Angel: I bet all of you low life peasants are laughing at me aren’t you?

She shook her head before letting out an evil sounding laugh.

Angel: Really, you disgusting people are laughing at someone clearly better than all of you, Why? Because you’re such a waste of space that lives in their mother's basement and you push carts in the Walmart parking lot. At the end of the day, I would be jealous of me too if I was not me.  See in this business unlike most who just look at a minor loss as no big deal, I take all losses rather personally. You see, it's my money on the table on the line in the stock market in the properties I invest in or the projects I chose to support.  I know none of you would have any idea what owning a multi-billion dollar company is like nor will ever understand. But see I strive to be one hundred percent perfect on everything I do. In fact, I come close on that.

The haughty blonde bombshell still has the same enraged look on her face.  She flicks her long blonde hair which was begging to get into her face.

Angel: Now, every cloud has its silver lining, and that silver lining is that tonight I face Dan Benson as a chance to show everyone that Kash Inc. Is not a company that takes a loss and lies down. No, unlike all of those losers who complain they can’t get jobs because of the economy and they give up, this is a chance to crush a pretender who thinks in their mind that they can stop me from getting what I want. Because no one stops me from getting what I want...ever! Because what I want, I get. And what I don’t get. I take.  You might have more experience than me, but don’t mistake me for a rookie or a dumb blonde because quite frankly that will just make my job easier.

Angel let out a small chuckle. She had an idea on what he was thinking, and it amused her.

Angel: I get you have been all over the world, done things in this business, won championships and all of that. But let's frame things here for a second we are in 2016 darling.  You see I too have had my share of success, in fact not only in wrestling but outside of the ring I am a brand. A brand that will bring viewers and money to UTA. Which is the difference between us see where I come from we have a saving money talks, and well you know the rest. See I am money, and you well are clearly not.  I am a role model for all the peasants to try and strive to achieve what I have, but they never will. See at Victory it will be money talking, and money walking. Because Dan, bring your years of experience, your skills, and I will teach you a painful lesson a lesson, that the 99 percenters all know too well. And this is Angel Kash’s world and you’re just living in it.

The blonde’s face told the story as the scene faded to black. No arrogant blown kisses just her bright blue eyes glowing in intensity as the last thing the cameras saw. As the scene fades to black.

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