Title: Going to make you work.
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: January 27th
Location: Virginia
Show: Victory XLVII

Baker: It looks like things are shaping up.

Sabrina said that with a smirk on her face. She wasn’t having that much luck as of late, but turning her attitude around was for the best career making move and she was finally in her place.

Baker: It started off with the hicks that don’t even belong in here.

The thought of Sabrina ending their careers made feel sick and twisted inside.

Baker: To proving that Angel Kash doesn’t belong with most of us.

Again, another thought of Sabrina ruining another person’s chances of going far.

Baker: All of them are a factor in my winning streak that I have going on. Who knew that I would be on a streak like this?

She lets out a cold, but satisfying smirk on her face as she rubs her hands together.

Baker: It feels good to be me right now. It feels really damn good to be me.

Of course, it feels damn good to be her right now. She’s on a winning streak and doesn’t plan on having it stopped any time soon.

Baker: Let’s see who the next victim’s going to be that will try and attempt to put a stop to this.

She opens up her little tablet and scrolls through the page.

Baker: The next victim on the Sabrina Baker ruins careers tour is….Ursula Areano.

Really? Just really? This girl didn’t show up last week.

Baker: And for someone that comes from a South American country and has a nick name that involves “Scrapper” and “Iron Woman” you sure as hell did not look like either.

Sabrina tosses her tablet to the side.

Baker: I actually had to put my head down while watching your match because it was so embarrassing to the point where the fans wanted to see Marie Van Claudio! That’s how BAD it was!

Sabrina lets out a laugh as she walks to the kitchen of her hotel and cracks open a diet soda.

Baker: And yet, my matches are the ones that put people to sleep. My matches are the ones that people want to fast forward and go to the next week. Hell, unlike you, at least I SHOW up for my matches!

Sabrina raises the can and sips her soda. She licks her lips for the taste and puts the can down.

Baker: Ursula, I warned Angel Kash last week about the same thing she was pulling. How she thought she was going to be walking in this place, thinking she would get everything handed to her because she was rich and so forth.

She moves the can back and forth in her hands, almost playing hockey with it.

Baker: And you saw what happened to her. Poor girl talked a lot of smack and didn’t know what to expect from me after I said everything I needed to say about her. However, at least she was the one that gave me a fight and took a beating like the girls in the UTA do to earn their keep.

At least Sabrina was giving Angel Kash where credit was due, but Sabrina doesn’t like her.

Baker: It wasn’t enough to keep me down and keep on rolling into All or Nothing, in which the both of us will be in to get a shot at one of the titles that UTA has to offer.

Sabrina takes another sip of her soda and downs it all the way. She crunches the can and tosses in the recycle bin.

Baker: YOU on the other hand just need to do the same thing like she did, but I don’t think you will, Ursula. I don’t think you are prepared for this match and prepared for what MAY happen when you and I face off for the first time!

She grabs another can of soda and cracks this one open. She takes a long drink of this one before putting it back down on the counter.

Baker: I warned those Dibbons boys back a couple of weeks ago about what I was going to do, they blew me off. Angel opened her mouth and looked what happened. With you….it’s going to be a different story.

She moves out of the kitchen and goes into the living room, with the can of soda in her hands.

Baker: You call yourself the “Iron Woman”, I’m going to make you work for it. You want to call yourself the “Scrapper” then I’m going to make you work for that name. Trust me, Ursula, you have to EARN the title of those names before you call yourself that.

Sabrina hopes on the couch and puts her can of soda down.

Baker: At the end of the day, whatever I make you work for, is not going to count as a victory for you at Victory. Your loss will just be another win in my winning streak as I will go to All or Nothing riding high.

She looks at her nail before pushing her hair back.

Baker: While you will just like be the rest of those opponents I defeated with their heads and looking in shame. THAT’s what you will be!

Sabrina stands up and walks back to her bedroom. Nobody is going to stop this streak and as of right now, NOBODY will stop Sabrina heading into All or Nothing.

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