Title: Fighting Words
Featuring: Ursula Areano
Date: 1/28/16
Location: Virginia
Show: Victory XLVII

(Camera pans open inside an airport lobby. After so moments we see Ursula – who is wearing a grey hoodie, black leggings and some Nike trainers on her feet. It appears she is wearing a book bag and a purple duffle bag in her left hand. She begins to approach the nearest bench in the not so busy lobby and takes a sit. Ursula, begins to let out a big sigh as her eyes starts to close; and her head tilts back not being supported at all. After some minutes Ursula notices the camera. But you could tell by looking at her face, bags are forming under her eyes.)

“I pretty sure most of you are wonder who in god’s green earth am I? But, some of you could care less, am I right? Well if you don’t know who I am let me introduce myself my name is, Ursula Areano”

(Ursula begins to yawn which you can clearly see tears coming out of her eyes.)

“Oh, sorry about that but; I am so tired! I just had a match a few hours ago and now I am on my way to Salem, Virginia where I will be having my second match in UTA. If I don’t sound excited at the moment, I am really sorry. But I am really looking forward to this match. Sure in my first match didn’t turn out the way I plan it would. Due to something happening, but that sounds like I am just making excuses. Am I right?”

(Ursula smiles before continuing.)

“That is why in this second match. I will be fully ready for anything that will happen. I am pretty sure a lot of people are wondering if I will show up this week. Or some people think that I will not live up to my time here.”

(Ursula begins to shake her head.)

“You are sadly mistaken! I was given the chance to perform in this company and best and believe I will live up to my means here. I will move up in this company and no matter how long it take I will be a house hold name here that everyone will know fully well. That when it comes to a fight I know how to bring it! This brings me to the next person I will be facing……. Sabrina Baker!

(Ursula drapes left leg over right knee, shortly we see a smile form on her face.)

“I really hope you are not taking me lightly? Because when we step into the ring. If I was you I will be fully aware that this match right here. Will be nothing like what happened in my last match. I will show you why they call me such names. You will see that first hand.”

“Surely you can talk about my last match all you want. You can try and talk bad about me all day. But when it comes to this match. I will use you to make a statement here. Even though using your name, won’t be enough. But oh well right? It is a good start am I right? Everyone will know that my first match didn’t mean nothing and all that matters is the future. Our match Sabrina, I plan on showing up for and I plan on walking out the winner in this bout. If you didn’t know, when we face off I will come into this match fully focused to win.”

“You might have warned Angel Kash, about the way she was coming in. But I plan on going into every match with the simple thought of winning on my mind. I will not back down to anyone and the surely will not be someone like you either!”

(Ursula crosses her arms.)

“I am fully prepared for our match. I am looking forward to it. This company is another chapter I add into my wrestling career and just like the another’s to come I will make an impact and since that didn’t start in my first match it. I will have to settle for the second. I am going to be your biggest challenge so far Sabrina! Sure Angel Kash might have gave you a fight. But I am going to do something more than that, I will beat you in the middle of that ring and I will have my hand raised up after it.”

(Ursula moves the strand of hair from her face; behind her ear.)

“You claim you are going to make me work for the names I earned from my 9 years I been in this business which is not going to happen in the least. Instead you will see why I am a” Scrapper” and you will also see why I am named the “Iron Woman” just like the people after you and so on and so on. You think you will add my name to your list of people you beat. I am not sure if your stupid or not. But claim will not happen now or anytime in the near future.

(We see Ursula’s taxi pull up to the airport.)

“Everyone what’s to see what I am really made of in UTA. I will show everyone how much of a threat I really am when they witnessed Sabrina Baker on the mat after I kick her head off her shoulders. The same thing will happen at All or Nothing! Count on that!

(Ursula gets up from the bench and heads to the waiting taxi as the scene fades to black.)

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