Title: Blaze of Glory
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 1-28-2016
Location: Salem
Show: Victory XLVII

(Salem Virginia, one of the oldest cities in this country. A small city of around 24,000 people well known for NCAA basketball and football championships, and now the home of the next UTA Victory! We open up on main street in Salem on a calm winter day. Currently there is no snow on the ground, and the trees are bare and almost dead looking. We see a man walking down the sidewalk carrying a large stick resembling a staff. The camera team approaches the man. He pauses for a bit then pulls back his hood, reviling it is indeed Dan Benson.


Dan: Here we are in one of the oldest cities in the nation. A small quant city which should hardly be a blip on the radar. What makes Salem so famous you ask? Well, maybe it is the Salem VA medical center. Known as one of the best in the nation, or maybe the Roanoke College, the well-known liberal arts school. Or maybe we need to go further in history back to when Salem was attacked by the Union army back in the Civil war.


Or maybe not. Please follow me.


(Dan heads over to a skinny alley way which is so small a car can’t even fit down it.)


No, Salem has a history of trials that mark a bad stain in the history of this puny little city.


You see Angel Kash, this is the city you would have never enjoyed back in the early 1600’s or so. Back then a woman who acts a bit out of character is put to trial, and must prove themselves.


(At the end of the alley we see a pile of straw which looks like a dummy with a blonde wig right in the center.)


At the end of the trial the accused must pass a test, and if they pass this test they will keep the most precious thing that means the most to them, their LIVES. You see, the women of these times had to prove they weren’t witches, and in most cases if you were accused, more than likely you would find yourself burned at the stake.


Much like on victory when we meet up in the ring, you need to prove yourself against me in the ring, or you will be burned.




I know you are fairly new around here in the UTA, and looking you make your mark. And you need to pass the test. Now back in the old days for the trial, they figured a witch could would survive the fire. Now what they would do with the survivors is unknown, but the mortals would burn to their death. A tragedy indeed.


Now when Victory comes around you will be put to the test here in Salem. If you can manage to survive in the ring against me, you are something special, and you will have the power to rise above the others.


(Dan reaches into his robe and pulls out a lighter. He strikes it and tosses the fire right into the straw, and in a matter of moments it is up in a blaze. Dan stands there looking into the flames and you can see the reflection of the fire in his eyes.)


Now, if you don’t, survive and come out on top, this will be your career in the UTA, burning up in flames like many others before you.


So tell me Angel, are you special enough to survive the fire, or are you just a mere weakling that will just burn in blaze of glory?


Now, how is that for a ‘Shocker’


(Scene closes showing the fire burning)

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