Title: A Blog Entry
Featuring: Lance Mikes
Date: 29/01/2016
Location: The internet
Show: Victory XLVII

The thoughts running through my mind go from absolutely stupidity and totally insane. I mean I know I'm pretty down in the sorrows with all the personal shit going on in my life but to think I thought of ending it all a couple of months ago and now I'm on a winning streak here in UTA. I've got a shot at the Hardcore Championship. Hardcore? These guys in UTA don't have a clue what the word hardcore truly means. 

Take for instances my match years ago with Matthews Davis, that sick son of a bitch. We had a Jail Cell Match, yes you heard that right. A fucking Jail Cell Match. Yes we fought in a jail cell. Two people locked inside a jail cell and only one walks out. Lets just say it took hardcore to a whole new level and I've been through all the craziest matches in my career. You name it and I've probably been in it. 

Now lets talk about my opponent for Victory XLVII. Duke Dibbons, brother of Luke Dibbons. I mean I've seen Duke wrestle and I've seen him around backstage and this guys, to me, seems a few fruits short of a picnic basket. That's actually putting it lightly too. 

Before I go any further, I'd like to send a message to Luke Dibbons. Lets call it a warning shall we? Luke, let me make this CRYSTAL clear for you. I'll make it short and sweet. If you are thinking of coming down to help your brother in his match up against me, don't even bother. I'll make sure you and your brother are left in a pool of your own blood. How you ask? Lets just say I have my ways of dealing with punks like the two of you.

Now back to my opponent - Duke. I mean who even uses that name anymore? Duke! I mean are your parents Duke Nukem fans? or are they just as retarded as the pair of you? The fact is your name is stupid and you are as well if you think for one second you are walking out of Victory with the Hardcore Championshio intacked. 

I mean come on, you tweeted about me when you found out we were wrestling? Is this high school or something? Do you find all this just a big joke? Because come Victory the only one laughing is going to be me, when I stand over your bloodied face holding MY Hardcore Championship in the air. 

Like I've said before, I've held championships in EVERY federation I've stepped foot in. The inevitable is going to happen in UTA. Lance Mikes is going to win a championship. I didn't think it would be so quickly. I mean, I'm one and one with my career here in UTA. 

Before I finish this blog, I'd like to take this oppurtunity to thank the UTA management in giving me this oppurtunity so quickly after joining the UTA roster. 

Yours Truly
Lance Mikes

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