Title: Make me rethink
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: January 29th
Location: Cold Streets
Show: Victory XLVII

A slow clap is heard as the sound of the hands get louder and louder. As soon as the clapping stops. A voice is heard.

“I’m glad that you finally had the balls and opened your mouth, Ursula.”

That would be Sabrina Baker’s voice that boomed through the halls she was walking in.

Baker: I’m finally glad that you showed up and decided to speak about what I said on earning your name here.

She keeps on walking in the halls before folding her arms. It is clear as day that Sabrina is not impressed with something.

Baker: However, I am not impressed about the typical “Oh you shouldn’t take me lightly, I am tough as everyone as everyone else here”.

That was like the typical statement when a new girl or guy comes in a place. Don’t take me lightly, don’t take me like I’m some type of joke here. Think of something new for once.

Baker: Been there, done that, and it didn’t work for me! So don’t act like it’s going to work with you because it would be the LAST thing you want to do here!

Sabrina learned her lesson in the past about that type of stuff and it cost her against some of the toughest opponents that she faced off against. She wanted to get it through Ursula.

Baker: And another thing I don’t care about is the fact that you brought up that you’ve been in this sport for…nine years? Nine years of what?

Sabrina keeps on walking down the halls with anger in her eyes. Sabrina’s been in wrestling for six years and she doesn’t blab that she wants respect despite her years in the ring.

Baker: Nine years of calling yourself a name that you don’t even deserve?!!

Sabrina rolls her eyes. She was being dead serious about this.

Baker: You want to know something? There are wrestlers in this place that have nicknames for themselves.

She keeps on walking down the halls.

Baker: Most of them have been wrestling longer than the both of us, but do you see them go to each opponent and say “YOU NEED TO RESPECT ME BECAUSE I AM THIS NICKNAME!?!”

Sabrina shakes her head “no”

Baker: YOU DON’T! Most of them will just bash your head in and won’t give a damn WHO you are and what you are capable of doing! That’s what it is about!

She stops near the door and walks down the steps of the hotel.

Baker: I haven’t even earned my respect from ANYONE just yet and I don’t have a nickname that I would call myself, but you don’t see me going around bossing my peers around, do you?

She gets to the bottom of the steps and walks out into the cold night. She wanted to take a way and get her mind across for this match.

Baker: You know what? I don’t know why I’m getting worked up over something that so stupid. If you want to be that way, be my guest at calling yourself these ridiculous and stupid names.

She walks down the street to see if anyone is around in these places.

Baker: As for the match, you want to show that this match won’t be like your last match you had against Lance Miles? Then show that you want to be here! Show you want to be in the ring with me and the rest of these people.

Sabrina keeps on walking on the side walk with the cold wind blowing in her face.

Baker: I can say that you have TONS of impressions in your career here, but this is the ONLY time you will be able to impress everyone, but Ursula, this match is your ONE shot. Your one CHANCE that last week was just a mistake and you weren’t ready!

The wind is blowing hard, brushes her hair into her face as the icy cold glare that Sabrina gives comes across her face.

Baker: That’s the only props I’m going to give you. Nothing else!

The wind stops for a second, but the cold comes across her face.

Baker: Ursula, you better say everything that you meant before leaving on a jet plane to this place. You better prove me wrong and make me eat my own words I said about you. If you defeat me, I will reconsider everything.

The wind restarts as Sabrina stops on her tracks

Baker: But defeating me, won’t be EASY.

She goes back to walking.

Baker: You can ask the Dibbons and Angel Kash when you see them. They will tell you that Sabrina Baker is one of the toughest female wrestlers in the back.

She stops walking for a second. Letting the wind take a hold of her.

Baker: Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

She smirks one last time before walking down the street that leads back to the hotel and heads back inside.

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