Title: Blazing Spirit
Featuring: Ursula Areano
Date: 1/29/16
Location: In the town
Show: Victory XLVII

(Camera pans to Ursula outside wearing jeans, ugg boots and a coat. Ursula notice that there is still patches of snow from the storm that happened so time ago. We can see that Ursula exploring around the town. So far in Ursula career she was able to travel to so many places. But Virginia in the state it is now, was totally new to her. After some more minutes of looking around the area. Ursula begins to speak once more.)

“I am pretty everyone was wondering when will I address Sabrina Baker latest promo, am I right? Sure why not right? Even through Sabrina took so much to get her small point of cross as we care. But oh well right?  Sabrina you went in to address that “I had the ball to finally open my mouth.” As if I wasn’t going to point out that I was coming into this match with my hand raised high and make a statement in this company. Just like anyone that takes on a challenge; I will overcome it.

(Ursula begins to laugh flat out in front of the camera.)

“Oh, sorry it just that Sabrina said my bust out laughing. You said claim you are not impressed when I stated not to take me lightly. Which is something that a lot of people do when they look at me. Which let’s be honest here you were taking me lightly at first. I bet you thought I wouldn’t show up for another little dance. You thought that you had another win coming your way this week and now that I uploaded a promo. You know Ursula is coming into this match to fight. When you told people not to take you lightly is way different from my way of saying it. I plan to deliver on my words. If you don’t take me serious all it takes is three seconds and I could come out the winner in that match. I have the burning spirit to take the fight to any person I face. It is just that simple.”

(Ursula crosses her arms with her eyes closes and tilts her head back. You can see the winds blowing through her hair.)

“I will not take your warning on deaf ears. But the simple fact that you weren’t able to win your matches doesn’t mean I will suffer the same fate. But the thing that pissed me off was when talked about the years I been in this business. Which was some of the best years of my life. The time I spent traveling from place to place. The time I went to Mexico at a young age to learn about the art of Lucha is something nobody can take away from me. I never said such words as the word respect. I never stated I wanted respect because the years I have been fighting what so ever. You see earning people respect doesn’t support me what so ever. Of course I am all in it for the money either. But, why not get payed for something you love to do!?”

(Ursula smiles at the camera before parting her lips once more.)

“You claim I didn’t deserve those nicknames am I right? But you see I didn’t call myself anything! The fans gave me those names. The same people I perform in front every week I have a match. But not just fans! But people I faced off in the ring with multiple times have called me such names.  It is the simple fact that I earned those names. Because when it is all said in done I live up to every meaning of those names. But that wasn’t it at all, am I right? You even said that I wanted respected because of those names.”

(Ursula couldn’t help but have a face palm moment right then and there.)

“I see you enjoy putting words into my mouth to get your statements to said more ground breaking. But that is not going to work in the least. Because we see through your bullshit Sabrina and we are not amused in the least. You must really enjoy it don’t you? Trying to add words that where never even mentioned. Then you go on to talk about yourself of how you didn’t earn the respect of anyone here. But you see Sabrina there is where you fail the most respect is not something you can earn easily. If you want to earn respect you have to show respect for that person. When you take that person to the limit that is how you earn respect. It seems you haven’t been doing that. You must not be putting your all into your matches. Because I do! Every chance I get.

(Ursula walks around some more and after some seconds pulls a bag of M&Ms out of her coat pocket and pops on in her mouth.)

“Oh sorry, do you want some?

(Ursula seems to be talking to the camera guy at this moment. Which he declines.)

“I just love these things. You can never have enough.”

(After some moments of eating some more, Ursula finally notices she is still on air.)

“Oh shit! Sorry fans, when it comes to M&Ms I kind of lose my mind.”

(Ursula laughs before finishing what she was talking about before.)

“I could show you I want to be here, but will that prove anything? I could show you I want to be a house hold name here and tomorrow I could just leave like that.”

(Ursula snaps her finger)

“But I plan on being for as long as I can and I will walk down to the ring with an excited look on my face. Then in that ring you will see how much I want to be here you will know that Ursula will be here for years to come. This is not the only time I can impress people. In the other matches to come I can impress people. Everyone will know that if I could restart my last match over. The outcome will be way different than people thought. They will be shocked!”

(Ursula’s eyes begins to light up.)

“I will come out on top in our match Sabrina I want it more than you do. I want to have my hand raised up high in the air and let it be known that Ursula is here to stay and Ursula is here to be on top of the world. So show me what you got, let’s go out there and put on a match. But I know you will try to fight back. But when the time comes will you be able to put me away? Because when it is all said and down and the dust is clearly. It will be end because I have the fighting spirit to pull it off!"

(Camera fades to black as we see the intense face of Ursula Areano)

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