Title: A dream of a ladder (Part 2 of 2)
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 1/29
Location: Salem Va
Show: Victory XLVII

Continued from part 1

This headache has to be dealt with. He puts his cpu in sleep mode.  He removes his glasses and leans back in the chair.  A few moments of rest should help here.... He allows his eyes to close.

There is nothing but silence. The room is dark and it seems that there is sweet relief from the headache that was coming as a result of the concussion. Yet the only thought that seems to run through Ron's mind is "Damn this hurts. Why can't I get it to stop?"  In a moment, everything goes quiet, the wonderful release that only deep sleep can provide.

Yet this is not a normal nap, this is a living dream. One that seems as real as day. One that feels like Ron is actually awake and experiencing it. The nice part, there's no falling feeling with the frantic hope you don't hit the ground attached to this one.

Ron is standing alone in a wrestling ring, a ladder set up in the middle.  The lights, as bright as they may be seem to be cool, soothing to him. There is no roar from the crowd here, which leads to a very obvious question...

"Am I dead?"

A voice distinct, familiar calls back. "No. You're asleep. You have a concussion."

Ron takes a moment and looks around and then looks up.  A case slowly hangs above his head.  

"How do I...?"  

"You don't."

"But if I don't then what am I doing here?"  

"You're here because you need to be reminded."

"Reminded? Reminded of what?"  

The case falls and lands in Ron's hands.  

"Winning this isn't as hard as you're making it out to be.  There's a truth behind each opponent that will enable you to win. You just have to look for it.  Open the case."

Ron slowly opens the case, a bright light comes out along with a voice screaming "WAKE UP!"

Suddenly his eyes snap wide open.  The dream vanishes in a vapor trail. He's back in his office.  Everything was the way he left it.  The clock reads 2:46 pm. He was only asleep for about 20 minutes.  On the bright side his headache is gone.  The not bright side? The words from the dream are still ringing in his ears.  

He looks through what else he has to do... About 1 hour before that conference call.  Ron puts his phone on hold and pulls out his computer.  He has to do some looking.

1 hour later.  

Ron is looking into the camera. He's in the middle of the ring, he's dressed as usual in his white "Property of UTA Wrestling" t shirt and jeans. The camera pans out just enough to show a giant ladder in the ring next to him.  He walks over and leans on the ladder just a little.

"6 men, one match, one shot at the UTA World title at steak.  Ahh.. To be the one who wins that match. Who has that shot, but how could I, the UTA's old man, the resident has been, over come 5", he holds up 5 fingers to emphasize this, "FIVE hungry young lions?

I am here as mere window dressing to all. A mere stop on the way to a guaranteed coronation. In that gentlemen, you're all making a big mistake.  It's not about past glory or what I use to be is it? It then, as is now, is about what I'm willing to do, or how far I'll go to get the title shot I want."

A telling look comes over his face.  He slowly starts to climb to the second rung of the ladder.

"Well, first, as he holds up one finger, there's you CBR. The longest reigning champion with the Legacy Championship, the uncrowned World Champion. You beating me is a foregone conclusion right?  I haven't quite been able to solve you yet have I Claude?" He shakes his head almost resigned to the thought of not being able to do it when it counts.

"You remind me of another that I was supposedly never quite able to solve, but when I did, I became THE alpha male in the UTA.  I was never supposed to be able to solve Spectre, get over that last hurdle or win that world title but I managed both with him and Monday is a great time for me to solve you and reclaim my spot in the world title hunt.   What is it about history repeating itself?"

He climbs to the 3rd rung of the ladder and continues.

"Then there's the second man" as he holds up two fingers. "A man who vanished without a trace and reappeared just as quickly. Cecilworth Farthington, the man who would rule over the land of UTAH. The man who has returned from wherever he was taken by ninjas to add to his collection of briefcases.  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. It would be viable if any of us believed in you as a threat to more than yourself."

The 4th rung of the ladder but a brave cameraman is standing at the base and now shooting up to show how far you can climb, and how far down one mistake can bring you.

"Number three would be our flavor of the month. The little green sprout that can and does.  Yes The Wildfire champion El Treblor, I'm talking about you.  You are right, we are all the same size dangling in the air.  We are all the same size flat on our backs too. Don't worry about how or why I'm in this match, worry about that long empty handed drop you're in for sans the brief case.  It's a faster fall to the ground than it is to climb the ranks. Monday night, you learn that it's a long way down amigo."

The 5th rung and as tedious as his perch is Ron seems focused on the task at hand.

"Kendrix... It's not about me. It never has been, it never will be.  It's not about you either." A look of mocking shock crosses Ron's face. "Surprised?  No matter how many times you remind us that you retired Chris, it's not getting you up here any faster. You have to climb this ladder one rung at a time just like the rest of us."

It doesn't make the fall any softer. The landing isn't going to be more graceful.  There are two differences between me and Chris, other than I'm active and he's retired. The first is that I'm a lot harder to kill, the second? I have, can, and I WILL ruin your delusions of grandure."

One more step, close to the top but not quite at the top.  He looks up and looks around.  

"Then there's you Scott Stevens... You see, I still have this nagging pain between my ears. I normally have other names for it but as it and you have been all I can think about since you dropped me on my head with that Piledriver last week... Well, let's just say I've got something in mind as a thank you to make sure you don't get anywhere NEAR this contract or sniffing distance of a World title shot."

"You wanna talk that I brought this on myself? I need to butt out of your business with Cayle? We can hash over how you started this for whatever reason in Chicago, but I plan to get even here in Salem."

One final step, the top, all you have to do is reach up and grab it from here.  Ron calmly has a seat on the top of the ladder and looks around. He motions to the camera man for the camera, he slowly takes what shots he can from the top.  We hear him but can't see him.

As he pans out and shows what a long drop it is to the ring, let alone the floor he seems to remember the last time he was up here. "At International Affair, I was right here. I was so close" the camera pans to where the case will hang from, "This close to winning the match, but this time..." We get a full view of Ron's face.  

"I don't plan to fail."

He hands the camera back to the camera man who zooms out and shows Ron sitting on top of the ladder in the middle of the ring in Salem. A sign of things to come perhaps?


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