Title: Fear
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 29th February 2016
Location: Washington DC Monument
Show: Victory XLVII

The scene fades into a handheld camera view of a close up in front of the Washington Monument. Neighboring the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln memorial, the Monument is one of the greatest symbols, if not the biggest, of American history. Walking into the shot, dressed in a Parker jacket, jeans and Timberland boots whilst adorning shades, is none other than Jesse Fredericks Kendrix, his hair tied back in a man bun, holds his thumb up towards the cameraman in questionable fashion;

Kendrix: Allllrriiiiiggghhhhtttt maaaattteeee???

The silence amongst the early morning sunshine is broken with the familiar and unique brash tones of the UTA’s Prodigy Champion.

Out of Shot Voice: Looking great bruv, you just need to lean back a bit,

Kendrix, standing to the side of the Monument which is situated far behind him in the background, adjusts his body as he leans his torso back slightly, presenting himself to the camera as he holds his hands out to his sides;

Kendrix: That better Mikey? You got the shot, bruv?!

Nodding the camera up and down in acknowledgement, the shot picks out Mikey’s thumb being held up at Kendrix:

Unlikely: I got it bruv…show off the merch and its perfect! Don’t move a muscle!

Undoing his jacket, Kendrix presents the latest #HollywoodBruvs t-shirt before holding his arms out by his side again grinning at the camera.

Unlikely: This is gonna be great! OK, one, two, three!


The shot is taken, the still shows Kendrix positioned beside the Washington Monument in a position which looks like he has an erection coming out of his pants.

The screen fades to black before fading back in, bringing Kendrix into view, sitting down at the reflecting pool, the monument standing tall in the background surrounded by a circle of US flags flapping proudly in the winter breeze. Leaning forward, his hands clasped together he looks at the camera, eyes widened and lips pursed;

Kendrix: Washington DC. Capital of the United States of America.

Sitting up straight he points his thumb over his shoulder;

Kendrix: The Washington Monument, a symbol of the country that JFK moved to, just over a year ago.

Turning to look back over his shoulder, he takes a moment to look upon the monument. Turning back to face the lens he holds his digits up in front of him;

Kendrix: three days. In three days time…JFK walks into Victory, into the Salem Civic Centre in nearby Virginia as YOUR…UTA Prodigy Champion…

He looks his belt, draped over his shoulder, proudly up and down before slowly turning his gaze towards the lens;

Kendrix: And walks out STILL…Prodigy Champion…and the neeeeeewwwwww…UTA Ace in the hole.

Confidently nodding his head a smirk appears across his face before he stretches his head side to side and stands up holding his arms out wide by his side;

Kendrix: Now, everyone knows, JFK has had an incredible year, his debut year not only in the UTA…but as a Professional Wrestler. But on Monday night, JFK faces off against five other men, each intent on climbing atop a ladder and reaching out high for the prize that virtually guarantees their place in history. Their place as the UTA World Champion.

He reaches his hand above his head following it with his eyes grasping thin air as he brings it back down, focusing his attention on the lens;

Kendrix: The Hall of Famer, Ron Hall. The former Wildfire Champion, Scott Stevens. Current Wildfire Champion El Trebol Junior. Former Manager of Wrestleshow, Cecilworth Farthington…

Stroking his beard, he looks away at the lens and returns his gaze with his eyes narrowed;

Kendrix: And the Canadian Superstar…C…B…R.

He holds his gaze for a few seconds before holding his hands out by his side;

Kendrix: Each man knows that claiming that briefcase virtually guarantees that they will become UTA World Champion. Just look at what the last owner of the briefcase, Sean Jackson…has done. For JFK to have climbed the ranks, to even be considered for this match just over a year in the business…is truly incredible.

Nodding in agreement with himself, he takes a quick look at his title before focusing back on the lens;

Kendrix: Incredible that a man from a middle class background, a wonderful, stable childhood, the best education…a degree from Oxford…as well as being blessed with devilishly good looks…

He takes a moment to wipe away an imaginary tear;

Kendrix: Would defy the cruel odds that life has thrown at him…and become the single most hottest commodity in Pro Wrestling today!

Tapping the title with the palm of his hand twice he turns slightly, taking another glance over his shoulder. He holds his arm out towards the monument whilst grinning at the lens;

Kendrix: Only in America, huh…THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!

Shifting his body square on in front of the lens, Kendrix rolls his eyes and dismissively shakes his head;

Kendrix: That’s what they say right? You know, it’s a little known fact that before JFK kicked everyone’s arse in the UTA…he had actually worked in DC for three weeks at the Naval Historical Centre as part of his History degree at University.

Slapping the top of his head he raises his eyes;

Kendrix: Oh, that’s right, you people don’t know what a Degree is. It’s not about how hot the weather is outside, it’s an accomplishment of studious studying for a prolonged period of acknowledgement, if you will, of one’s academic expertise in a particular field.

Shaking his head questionably

Kendrix: Still not with JFK? Nevermind…

Face palm;

Kendrix: The point is, JFK, for the first time walked amongst American soil and for three weeks he learned a hell of a lot about the American people. Whether it be the people he met at work or the folks he stayed with a few miles away in Virginia…JFK learned what makes each and every one of you people…tick.

He nods and strokes his beard with a cheeky grin splashed across his face. Pointing at the camera he continues;

Kendrix: JFK realised what drives you. What gets you all out of bed and what keeps you all from ending your shitty, ignorant little lives…

Pointing his index finger up by the side of his head;

Kendrix: Hope.

Sniggering to himself, he holds the palm of his hand out at the lens, gesturing for a moment to compose himself. Rolling his eyes, he faces the lens once more;

Kendrix: You see, the United States have done a fantastic job with their people. JFK stands before you all know and admits that you are without a doubt the single most patriotic people on the planet.

He holds his hand to his heart;

Kendrix: When JFK originally moved here he was shocked to see so many families with your stupid looking flag proudly hung outside your houses. JFK was shocked at the fact that your national anthem is sung from the top of each and every one of your lungs at the most mundane and meaningless sporting events that the rest of the world doesn’t give a damn about!

He mockingly taps the palm of his hand atop of his yawning mouth;

Kendrix: It took a while for JFK to figure it out back then…but it quickly dawned on him…the reason for your loyalty and love to your country is because you’ve all been sold this idea that you all live in the land of opportunity. That you all cling onto the hope that you…can make it. That you can become the very best that you can…and the only place you can achieve that is in the US.

He slowly and methodically claps his hands together;

Kendrix: If JFK was wearing a cap…he’d tip it towards the USA!

Shifting his body to his side he looks out at the Monument, breathing in and out, his shoulders rising and resting, he continues;

Kendrix: All your symbols, all your flags…

Turning to face the camera, his face turns to a scowl;

Kendrix: They’re nothing more than bravado. Nothing more than lies. Nothing more than exactly what they sell you…dreams.

He removes his title from his shoulder and leaning in towards the camera, proudly holds it out in front of him;

Kendrix: JFK lives in the real world. The reason, JFK had the year he had, defeating legend after legend, joining the greatest faction ever assembled in pro wrestling, retiring that guy, ENDING DYNASTY….and becoming your Prodigy Champion…

He looks over at his belt and then back out at the lens;

Kendrix: Is because JFK walked into the US, walked into the UTA…a wise man.

He jabs his index finger to the side of his head;

Kendrix: JFK walked into this business, read…because he lives in the real world. He understands how you’re all kept at the bottom and the very best, the most powerful…are at the top.

The camera zooms out as Kendrix arches his back up straight and rests his title over his shoulder before he sniggers;

Kendrix: Fear.

Gesturing his hands out in front of the camera, as If trying to get his audience to grasp his point;

Kendrix: Opportunity is just a buzz word thrown at you to give you hope, to love your country at whatever cost life throws at you. But fear…is what keeps you down. FEAR…is what stops you from becoming the very best. Fear, not love…is what keeps you all in line…

He spreads his hands out wide in front of him;

Kendrix: All in your place…where you belong!

Tapping the side of his head;

Kendrix: Think about it, the US has controlled world politics for so long because they got the rest of the world to buy into the fact that Communism, a different way of life, was evil. When they defeated Communism and had Europe singing off to the American hymn sheet and investing in their trade… they turned their attention to the Middle East. Terrorists! The lot of them. They are now your enemy…they also happen to have a lot of oil that you can take…

He rubs his thumb and fingers together before pointing at the camera before stroking his beard and cockily holding his arm out wide by his side;

Kendrix: It’s fear that you all buy into. And it’s fear…that JFK is going to use to his advantage, fittingly in the city where JFK learned the most important lesson of his life, long before he stepped foot in the UTA……to claim the Ace in the Hole briefcase in five days’ time at Victory…

He removes his belt from his shoulder and holds it up above his head;

Kendrix: And virtually guaranteeing that he will become the next UTA…World Champion.

He raises his head and closes his eyes, momentarily taking in the importance of what he’s about to achieve in his young career. Lowering his head he opens his eyes in front of the camera and drapes his title over his shoulder;

Kendrix: Stevens, you’ve proven yourself time and time again in other feds. A former Wildfire Champion is not to be taking lightly. But this ain’t no mediocre federation you find yourself in bruv…this is the UTA! You were champ and you lost your belt in your first defence…because you doubted yourself. You doubt whether you can do it at the very top level of the business.

Squatting down and pointing at himself and the lens a few times he continues;

Kendrix: El Trebol, the man who took the Wildfire Title. You talk about how you pushed JFK to his limits, how JFK didn’t have everything his own way when he defeated you in his first title defense. You’re damn right. But what you fail to realise is that JFK does whatever is necessary to win.

He holds the Prodigy title in front of his face, in front of the lens before draping it over his shoulder;

Kendrix: You won’t because you fear upsetting all the little kiddies and all the other freaks in the crowd who look up to you. Your fear…is staring you right in the face, Finn!

Standing upright he stokes his beard befoe continuing;

Kendrix: Ron Hall, legend of the business, UTA Hall of Famer. A man who has done it all…a man who did it…in the past. A man who carries the weight of the past…on his old shoulders. One of the countless legends that JFK has seen off in the past year…

Pausing for a moment, he mockingly ticks off the legends he’s already defeated off of his fingers;

Kendrix: Ron you will bring it no doubt but everyone knows your fear, your struggle…to remain relevant in this business will hold you back on Monday Night.

Rolling his eyes dismissively he lets out a deep sigh;

Kendrix: Cecilworth…where does JFK start?

He covers his face with the palm of his hand as he shakes his head before composing himself with a deep breath as he faces the lens;

Kendrix: JFK has to hand it to you, bruv…he admires you. You’re a man who knows how to influence others and get them to do your bidding. How you’ve manoeuvred yourself into this match is testament to that. JFK will be honest, he didn’t even know you still worked here! He thought you ran away embarrassed after you ran the flagship show into the ground? Fair play where it’s due.

He tilts his head in acknowledgement of his opponent;

Kendrix: If anything, you fear being taken seriously for a professional wrestler! Relying on others to and money to keep you in the limelight. Unfortunately for you Cecil, you don’t have your machine to help cover for your buffoonery this time.  You know that you can’t do it without them!

Holding his fist to his heart, he slowly and sarcastically pumps his fist twice in acknowledgement of his final opponent;

Kendrix: Claude…you are the most gifted, technical wrestler that this industry has ever seen. The brains behind Dynasty, the greatest Legacy Champion of all time, no doubt about it.

Pointing intently at the lens, his eyes narrow;

Kendrix: You fear Kendrix. You fear being surpassed by your prodigy. Because deep down inside you know that you’ve created a monster. You know the reason JFK has taken to this business so impressively and is on the cusp of becoming the UTA World Champion, something you have never done…is because he has no fear.

He slowly shakes his head from left to right before holding his arms out wide presenting himself to his audience;

Kendrix: The reason…JFK never stayed in his place at the bottom of the pile…the reason, JFK defeats legend after legend, foe after foe, champion…after champion….is because he has no fear!

Accompanying the trademark smirk across his face is his wagging finger from left to right;

Kendrix: That’s why you took JFK out on his way to the ring before our match at Victory almost two weeks ago. You knew that if the match didn’t start, you couldn’t lose to the future of this business.

He nods his head and silently mouths “it’s true” at the lens;

Kendrix: Well come Monday night, the bell WILL RING. Come Monday night, the match WILL START.

Arching his neck back, looking high above him, he reaches his arm up;

Kendrix: And come Monday night…JFK will grab the Ace in the Hole Briefcase atop of the ladder. And there’s not a thing you or anyone else can do about it.

Bringing his head level and his arm down he, he blows apparent dust off of his title and rubs it with his the side of his closed fist before returning his gaze to the lens;

Kendrix: The future has spoken.

Fade out


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