Title: Wrestling with Shadows - Be the Greatest
Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 1/28/16
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Show: Victory XLVII

The question that everyone has been concerning themselves with lately is where is Scott Stevens?

Some wonder if I’ve gone on another extended vacation while most hope I’ve taken my ball a went back to the promotion in Chicago so they can be finally rid of me, but sorry to disappoint the people that wish me gone because I’m here to stay.

Yes, I know how disappointing that new may be, and I’ll by you some Kleenex later, but right now there are more important things to discuss like why I’ve been silent lately, and the Ace in the Hole match. Some people have took it upon themselves to say the reason why I’ve been silent is because I’ve been sulking in a corner like an elementary student that has been stuck in the corner with the Dunce hat on his head. The truth is those people would be right.

Say what?

How would you feel if in the span of three weeks you lost two championships that you’ve busted your ass to obtain? You would feel fucking miserable as well. When I lost the Wildfire championship to El Trebol Jr. it was like a punch to the fucking gut. The way I lost that match when he head butted me in the groin and the referee clearly ignored it and didn’t disqualify the green goblin made me want to vomit, but I couldn’t because I was still grasping for air trying to come to terms with the loss.

Then a few weeks later I lose my HOW world championship to Scott Woodson. That’s like Eric Dane losing the UTA world championship to Lew fucking Smith. Not taking nothing away from Lew Smith or Scottywood because they are talented in their own right and are loyal to their respective wrestling promotions, but they are the permanent mid-card talent that can earn a shot at the top prize but you know they’ll never achieve it no matter how many chances they get. However that all changed last week when something that shouldn’t have never happened but did. Apparently, destiny must have been on the side of Scottywood as he was able to do the impossible and capture the one thing he had failed to accomplish in almost a decade wrestling in High Octane Wrestling and that was beat me for my world title.

As you can tell I have a good fucking reason for being silent, but if there is a silver lining to run of misfortune is that I back in title contention.

That’s right!

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of Scott Stevens competing for a title of any kind in Wrestle UTA, Michael Lorenzo does the right thing and grants me my rematch at all or nothing for the Wildfire championship against El Trebol Jr. as he himself thought a mistake was made and is doing his best to rectify the situation, and for that I applaud him, but it’s his incompetent officials who cost me my championship in the first place. If it wasn’t for the referee I’d still be the wildfire championship.

But I digress.

This Monday night in Salem, Virginia I face five opponents for the right to become Mr. Ace in the Hole which means I have a guaranteed shot at Sean Jackson, Eric Dane, or whomever might be the world champion whenever the Ace in the Hole winner decides to cash in their briefcase for a once in a lifetime opportunity that a lot of people don’t earn. Those five individuals that are trying to prevent me from becoming Mr. Ace in the Hole is none other than El Trebol Jr., one half of the Hollywood Bruvs, Kendrix, Claude Baptiste Ranier, Ron Hall, and the returning Cecilworth Farthington.

Sounds like one hell of a match up.

However, while I remained silent like Deadpool in X-Men Origins, I kept my ears open and I couldn’t believe some of the things I was hearing. Some people had the audacity to make the claim that everyone that is in this match is not deserving to be in it.

How the fuck are we not deserving?

You have the Wildfire champion, El Trebol Jr., in the match.

You have the Legacy champion, Claude Baptiste Ranier, in the match.

You have the Prodigy champion, Kendrix, in the match.

You have the HOW ICON champion, Cecilworth Farthington, in the match.

You have Hall of Famer, Ron Hall, in the match.

You also have the former Wildfire champion, Scott Stevens, in the match.

So what makes us not deserving?

Oh you didn’t mean El Trebol Jr. because he defeated Sean Jackson and Scott Stevens for the Wildfire championship? You didn’t mean CBR because he’s the Legacy champion? You didn’t mean Kendrix either because he the Prodigy champion? So you’re saying Cecilworth Farthington, Ron Hall, and myself aren’t deserving of this opportunity in competing in the Ace in the Hole match, is that correct?

Well by that logic then why is Eric Dane competing at All or Nothing for the UTA world heavyweight title when he lost to the championship to Sean Jackson and then he loses again to Cayle Murray? By your logic he isn’t deserving of a world title shot, and Cayle Murray should be in the match instead.

Every person that’s in this match is deserving. The three champions deserve to be in it. Ron Hall deserves to be in it because he’s fucking Ron Hall and a Hall of Famer that’s done more in his entire UTA career than the other five combined. Farthington deserves to be in it because he is coming back from a long term injury and he’s a champion in a rival promotion. I deserve to be in this match because the only person I’ve lost to was El Trebol Jr. and if the current Wildfire champion gets a shot than the former one should to.

Everyone in this match is still hungry and trying to prove something. Every single person in this match has won UTA championship gold at one point or another, but every single one of us are looking to take that next step on the ladder of success. Just like we have to climb the ladder rung by rung to capture that briefcase that’s how our UTA careers have been. We’ve slowly climbed the ladder, but for some reason or another we haven’t broken through to that next level of the Sean Jacksons, the Eric Danes, and so forth.

Take Ron Hall for example, the man has tasted UTA world championship gold before, but that was fifteen years ago. Ron Hall hasn’t had the same level of success that made him a Hall of Famer when UTA was relaunched in 2013. You don’t think he’s more hungry than anyone on this roster to become UTA champion once again? I know he is because once you win the top prize it becomes a sickness that infects you forever because winning it means for a time you are the best in the company. However, when you lose it that fever that makes your blood boil, and gives you plenty of restless nights drives you to win another to prove to everyone that the first time wasn’t a fluke.

What about CBR? The man who holds the record for longest reign amongst all the championships at 237 days. Huge accomplishment because it’s very hard to hold a title longer than the standard 30 days because most people lose in their first title defense, but not CBR has he proved he was something very special in his first reign as Legacy champion. Now you would think as dominant has he was during his Legacy championship reign he should’ve won the UTA world championship at least once, but he hasn’t. Is that because the talent level that hold the world title better than him or is he not that good and his 237 day reign as Legacy champion is because he’s just better than the people that face him for the title and everyone else is better than him hence why he isn’t in the main event?

What about El Trebol Jr.? A wrestler who made a huge impact in a relatively short time span as he not only defeated Zhalia Fears and Sean Jackson in a few weeks time but he also defeated me to win his first championship when he’s only held seven matches under his belt. that’s right seven matches. He’d be undefeated if it wasn’t for Kendrix. Some say El Trebol Jr. shouldn’t have gotten a match with me because he had lost to Kendrix when the Prodigy title was on the line but you only compete in the matches you are booked for and he made the most in his redemption match as he walked out as champion. As the Wildfire champion do you think he’s satisfied with just being that? Hell no. he’s looking to take that next step and be world champion because he’s already proven that he can beat Sean Jackson, and winning Ace in the Hole puts him as the solid favorite to become the new world champion if Jackson is the champion.

People that say Cecilworth Farthington doesn’t belong in this match is highly misinformed because Farthington is probably more deserving than anyone. The man is a former multiple time Legacy champion and the longest reigning HOW ICON champion, but most importantly he did James Wingate a favor when he lost to Ron Hall and was banished from UTA television and Wrestleshow needed an authority figure. He became the General Manager of Wrestleshow and took more responsibilities to help maintain and run UTA while he healed from nagging injuries.

While Farthington is deserving for his behind the scenes contributions while he was on injured reserved, Kendrix is foaming at the mouth to prove what a lot of people whisper that he already is, and that’s the best wrestler in the company. Kendrix has been dominant since day one. He wanted the Prodigy title and he fucking took it from Lew Smith after making him his bitch in the process. Kendrix was wasted in Dynasty because he got lost in the shuffle amongst CBR, Sean Jackson, and La Flama Blanca. Even though he was new to the company and he was lost behind more of the well known names his star shined the brightest because that being overlooked mentality is what drove him to be what he is now. Kendrix will tell you he’s better than Jesus and then he’ll resurrect our Savior just to kick his ass to prove his point. He’s cocky, but confident because everything he says he can back up in the ring against anyone.

We are all wrestling with shadows that we want to get out of.

Ron Hall is wrestling with his past success shadow.

CBR is wrestling with the shadow of where exactly does he fit on the UTA higherarchy.

Cecilworth Farthington is wrestling the shadow to prove that he isn’t a comedy show.

El Trebol Jr. is wrestling the shadow that his early success isn’t a fluke and that he belongs with the best.

Kendrix is trying to get rid of the Dynasty shadow that surrounds him and prove he is not just as good as former members of the group, but he’s better than every single one of them.

You ask yourself what is my shadow that I’m wrestling, and that’s simple because they go by the names Mike Best, Rhys Townsend, John Sektor, Cecilworth Farthington, Alex Beckman, and Samuel Owens. The so-called Chicago Six that came in at one time, and virtually disappeared within the same time frame as well. When I first came to HOW to compete in the Ring King tournament I was just another one of those HOW guys. I wasn’t even addressed by my own name because everyone thought I would go the way of Samuel Owens and Rhys Townsend once I lost my tournament match, but I stuck it out. Then they thought I would be long after the Ring King pay-per-view because that’s when Farthington transitioned to General Manager of Wrestleshow, Beckman was injured, and Sektor was having personal issues that was taking away his time from actively competing. I am technically the last remaining member of HOW actively on the UTA roster and even though I’ve sustained the level of success like Alex Beckman, John Sektor, and Cecilworth Farthington as we have all won championships the difference has been they left, retired, or is a part time special attraction while I’m an active competitor. This is the shadow I’m burned with because I was told I’m not as good as John Sektor or Mike Best yet I’ve done the one thing most people on the UTA roster can never claim and that’s beaten them both.

I’ve beaten Farthington.

I’ve beaten John Sektor multiple times.

I’ve defeated Samuel Owens multiple times.

I retired Rhys Townsend.

I beat the great Mike Best to win my second world championship.

Even though I have done those things the stigma of not being as successful as people hoped they would be plagues me because that’s how I am perceived. I may have been Wildfire champion, but I’ll not be anything more because I’ll be walking out the door and never return any day now. I not only want to win this match, but I need to win this match to prove that maybe the best person from the Windy City to compete in UTA wasn’t the ones with all the pomp and circumstance that was allotted by UTA and James Wingate, but the long shot that has stuck it out and slowly gained the respect of the locker room as he tries to accomplish his goal of becoming the first person to be hold both the HOW and UTA world heavyweight championships.

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